Caving & glow worms

About the activity


The most popular activity in New Zealand, hiking (or tramping) is the simplest way to connect with nature. With just a backpack and some comfortable footwear, you can experience boundless beauty in just a few steps.

Who is it for?

Everyone! Schools, corporate groups, individuals.

What skill level?

All levels.

when does it take place?

All year round.

where does it take place?

In and around Auckland. Close to home or work. We usually practice in a swimming pool. And when it’s warm, we use Mother Nature’s pool.

How long does it go for?

1–2 hours


  • See what clothing & equipment you’ll need for this adventure
  • See how we can tailor the fitness level for you
  • See Inclusions, Itinerary, FAQ’s for this trip


We also offer guide and instructor training for this activity.Enquire for further details or call us on 0800 76 62 66


Glamping is also available for this activity.

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