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Are you fit enough?

At least a third of our endeavors involve ‘movement’, but not many of them require you to be an athlete.

We have activity levels, rated from 1 (low) – 5 (high) depending on the challenge. Most of our trips are flexible and customised based on your preferences. Our guides are great, and they’ll be on hand every step of the way to help you achieve as much (or as little) as you’d like.

Our comprehensive exercise guide helps you prepare for each level. If you’re after more information or a customized plan you can get in touch with us directly and we will get you on the fast-track.

SNM Fitnesslevel 1 Activity Levels

Get fit for your adventure

Our training programs are optimized for your trip itinerary, level of fitness, medical history, and availability. We have MORE THAN 1000 CRAFTED FITNESS PROGRAMS.

Used for 300+ unique itineraries

We’ve helped hundreds of people train for hiking, running, cycling, swimming, kayaking, rock climbing etc.

Used local and abroad for trips in over 30 countries, for a range of goals.

Our fitness training programs are optimised for your trip itinerary and level of fitness and include both a resistance and an endurance training component. Customisation for fitness programs are based on these personal factors:

 Medical History
 Activity Profile
 Available Training days and Available, Equipment
 Itinerary or Trip Details 

• Endurance training

• Strength and Conditioning training

• Resistance training

What’s included?

Easy access to training programs and profile information
Program charts to track your progress
Detailed instructions and videos
In-depth videos shorten your learning curve

Check out our booking tab, click the book now button or make a trip enquiry.

Need something special? For an introduction to possibilities; contact our consultants for a world of bespoke. 

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Have questions? 

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Training and workout plans

We can create a tailor-made plan just for you. We have higher performance coaching available anywhere, either digitally or distant coaching. Click here to engage with our coaches.

SNM Fitnesslevel 1 Beginner
Beginner Plan $29/week, includes:

• One e-mail per month
• Monthly training plans
• Monthly training plan update
• Monthly device file review

SNM Fitnesslevel 1 Intermediate
Intermediate Plan $49/week, includes:

• Monthly phone call
• Two e-mails per month
• Twice-monthly training plans
• Twice-monthly training plan update
• Twice-monthly device file review

SNM Fitnesslevel 1 Advanced
Advanced Plan $69/week, includes:

• Twice-monthly phone call
• Four e-mails per month
• Weekly training plans
• Weekly training plan update
• Weekly device file review

SNM Linear Patterns Snow Copy

*Each monthly coaching service comes with a 30-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee, a SNM Premium Athlete Edition account, a start-up consultation, goal planning and an individualized plan. NO start-up fees!

Get fit for your adventure today!


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