Foundational training groups

Maintain your technique and fitness, because the best way to train is to do it! Seems simple but if you want to fine tune your skills or just spend more time with your activity, join our training and coaching club.

Join us every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings for a feel-good pre-work workout. If you are stuck for a partner, come meet other athletes and learn from each other. Let your endorphins flow with the ‘athletes high’ lingering well into the work day.

Higher Performance Coaching
This service is available for confident and competent people. Do not doubt yourself, you are one, our job is in nurturing it but just remember to be humble…with fury!

We train you in smarter thinking; identifying challenges and performance gaps solved through logical solutions and measurable improvements.

We supplement your training program to peak higher efforts.

We provide you with physiological and psychological abilities to produce podium-worthy performance.

We find ways to reduce chances of injury and illness, put your gut on the right path to optimum intake and intervene before you make that consultation from yet another performance-related cause.

You will discover our industry-leading philosophy and modern teaching methods specifically designed to help you break barriers.