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Mobile Beachfront Glamping that comes to you!

No extra costs, no surprises, no GST, no travel charges. Everything is brought to you and done for you, so you do not need bring or do anything!

Beachfront Glamping Campground Accommodation is designed and offered for children and kids, husbands and wives, friends and family on all sorts of occasions: Surfing, Paddleboarding, Sea Kayaking, Weekends away, BBQ's, Fishing, Holidays, mid-week getaways and much more...

Everything is included with Beachfront Glamping Campground Accommodation that you would expect from commercial accommodation, you simply need your own toiletries, clothes, etc. The Beachfront Glamping tents are 100% water, wind and mosquito proof. They also have excellent airflow should it get hot and humid.

Where can I go Beachfront Glamping in Auckland?

Auckland Beachfront Glampgrounds accommodation can be found below. But, book the Glamping tents with us directly.

1) Barn Paddock (Karamatura Farm) campground at Huia, Waitākere Ranges Regional Park. See more and book here

2) Karamatura Valley campground at Huia, Waitākere Ranges Regional Park. See more and book here

3) Ambury campground at Ambury Regional Park. See more and book here

4) Seaview campground at Tāpapakanga Regional Park. See more and book here

5) Beachfront campground at Tāpapakanga Regional Park. See more and book here

6) Blackberry Flats campground at Waharau Regional Park. See more and book here

7) Tainui campground at Waharau Regional Park. See more and book here

8) Brook campground at Āwhitu Regional Park. See more and book here

9) Peninsula campground at Āwhitu Regional Park. See more and book here

10) Cliff Top campground at Ōmana Regional Park. See more and book here

11) Te Haruhi Bay campground at Shakespear Regional Park. See more and book here

12) Piha Domain Motor Camp. See more and book here

13) Whangateau Holiday Park. See more and book here

14) Sandspit Holiday park. See more and book here

15) Tāwharanui campground at Tāwharanui Regional Park. See more and book here

16) Schischka campground at Wenderholm Regional Park. See more and book here

17) Sullivan's Bay campground at Mahurangi Regional Park (West). See more and book here

18) Ātiu Creek campground at Ātiu Creek Regional Park. See more and book here

Prices are charged per tent per night, not per person. Our tent sizes (diameter) are:

We have tents from 3 meters to 6 meters, sleeping up to 8 people.

We have many tents, so you can hire plenty.


Second night 50% discount.

All subsequent nights (3+) charged at 10% rate (90% discount).

All pricings are for fully-furnished, delivered, set-up glamping.

Empty tents, pick-up and self-erect are an additional 50% discount.

Pricing examples

- Click Book Now,
- Just click on any random date,
- Choose your duration,
- Then choose how many tents you want (keeping in mind the maximum pax.).
That will automate the prices for you as an indication.

No surprises, no bond, no deposit. Simply sign the hire T’s & C’s, pay the costs and it’s yours!

Please ensure your area is big enough (add two meters onto each tent size to allow for guy ropes) and that the area is flat-ish (a slight slope is OK; the flatter the better).

If you want heaps of space, you simply purchase a larger tent. Or, you can fit as many people in a tent to split costs. It's entirely up to you.

The tents will be pre-pitched and taken down for you, so there is nothing you need to do.

How do I book Beachfront Glamping Campground Accommodation?

1) book your campsite at a bach, regional park, friends house, etc.

2) let us know what tent size you want,

3) tell us how many people will be inside (so we can provide the correct amount of furnishings),

4) state the number of nights you (or others) wish to stay for.

Beachfront Glamping Campground Accommodation

Campsites and holiday parks are always busy and full with chaos. During peak summer seasons, New Zealanders head to the beaches for the glistening sands and expansive ocean vistas.

How does Beachfront Glamping Campground Accommodation work?

Easy. Let us know when you want our luxury accommodation and where you want us to set up the camping spot. We come around to your location, we provide all the glamping gear you need and want, set it up, tell you how to use it all, then when you are ready we take it all down again.


Check out our booking tab, click the book now button or fill an enquiry here.


Delivery and set-up of glamping

Take-down, removal and basic cleaning

Beds, pillows, linen, duvets, lights, decorations, tables, heater, ear plugs, hand towels, water

A-frames tent or teepees

Bedside table

Communal table for larger tents

Fairy lights

Floral decorations

Lava lamps

Ear plugs

Water bottle


Excludes (but can be arranged):

Power / electricity



You need a FLAT area and a diameter of at least 5m for the smallest 3meter 1-2person tent or 8m for the largest 6m 6person tent.

Our record is 15mins, but it takes about 30mins or up to an hour with lavish luxuries and depending on each location.

No, but it can be arranged, because the idea is to disconnect and be with each other and nature

No, our tents hold warmth that is generated from inside. We can arrange heaters, but with all the warm clothing, pillows and blankets, people find it OK.

180cm long, 75cm wide, 10cm thick. These can be double height, joint together etc. for various requests.

All but one; our 3 meter tents do not have centre poles.

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