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Clutha Quest NZ

Clutha Quest is Social Nature Movement's flagship event, a once-in-a-lifetime annual endeavor for families, friends and colleagues. Clutha Quest is the New Zealand version of the Grand Canyon.


Clutha River turbidity as clear as the vision...

The details of this journey have been carefully curated similarly to the seemingly basic logo. The zigzagging to wavy lines imperceptibly showcases the mountains to sea journey centered around our modes of transport resembling a raft and dragon boat.

Social Nature Movement invites you on the Clutha Quest to discover dragon boating; understand why it is listed in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. This water adventure is a journey back in time venturing through spectacular Otago scenery. We designed New Zealand’s longest river journey around 260km on the South Islands longest river about 340km with the largest river discharge of 600 m3/s (on average 10 times that of Huka Falls).


Embark on a river journey made of memories

Our quest starts in the heart of the Otago Lakes at New Zealand’s fourth largest lake; Lake Wanaka, the near 22,000 km2 catchment basin for our river.

Through team building and health and wellness, your team of 20 + 1 drummer controlling the team’s heartbeat + 1 steerer who captains the boat, will uncover hidden talents. You will clearly see personalities not always obvious during everyday life and places from the Clutha not everyone sees nor knows.


Benefits of this river journey

The Clutha Quest participatory benefits are longer than the river itself: support social bonds, help form strong relationships with one another; build a successful team and strengthen reputational assurance, loyalty between friends-family-teams are highly sought after, foster communication, unite teams around common goals and demonstrate your human-side of leadership. Strong social connections make people happier and physically healthier, translating into higher-quality living.

This Clutha Quest has dedicated road-side staff  taking photos, video, health and safety, setting up camp and cooking food.

Study geological formations and literally reach out and touch New Zealand's heritage.


Dotting of the Dragon Boat Eye Ceremony

The ceremony called 'Eye Dotting' or 'Awakening the Dragon 'traditionally involves a Taoist priest dotting the protruding eyes of the dragon head carved on the boats, thus ending its slumber. Someone from the group will get the honor by doing this for us.


Other stuff you might see and do on Clutha Quest:

  • Millers flat bakehouse museum,
  • Alexandra clock,
  • Tuapeka Goldfields museum,
  • Wynard Estate Saffron,
  • Quartz reef point lookout,
  • Vineyards,
  • Luggate historic pub,
  • Alberttown,
  • Cromwell,
  • Clyde Dam,
  • Roxburgh Dam,
  • Beaumont,
  • Balclutha,
  • Nugget Point,
  • Aurora Australis,
  • See the gold miner’s sites and try panning for gold,
  • Riparian planting,
  • Dark sky star gazing,
  • Eat Zongzi; traditional dragon boating food,
  • And much, much more...



Four staff

Food (breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks), crockery and cutlery

Drink (water, tea, coffee, juice, kombucha, kefir, wine, beer, spirits)

Luxury Accommodation (8 nights, mattress, duvet, pillow, linen and more...)

Professional photography and Video

Finishing transport to nearest hub

Surprise finishers gift

Clutha Quest towel


Activity specific items:

  • Dragon boat
  • Raft
  • Paddle
  • Personal Flotation Device (PFD)
  • Sun hat


Staff carry:

  • First Aid Kit
  • Personal Locator Beacon (PLB)
  • VHF Marine Radio
  • UHF radios (between staff)
  • On-water motorised safety boat
  • Hot thermos
  • Knife and saw
  • Whistle
  • Emergency shelter
  • Repair kit
  • Split / spare paddle
  • Pump
  • Paddle float
  • Throw bag
  • Tow line



Flights / travel to and from Wanaka (we can help with logistics)


Check out our booking tab, click the book now button or fill an enquiry here.

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Day One

Pack your bags, get to Wanaka, meet the team

Day Two

Start in Wanaka, head to Albert Town, down the Clutha River and stop at Lake Dunstan

Day Three

Quartz reef point lookout,
Cromwell for vineyard lunch,
Rest at champagne Gully,
Continue to Clyde dam and camp.

Day Four

Through the Gorge, check out the miners huts, stop at Lake Roxburgh Village.

Day Five

Stop at Roxburgh for a drink,
Miller’s flat lunch,
Horseshoe bend drink,
Stay ay Beaumont.

Day Six

Lunch at Tuapeka Mouth, Stay in Balcutha.

Day Seven

Continue to ocean (yay you made it!),
Cycle (17km/1-2hrs) to nugget point for sunset/southern lights, dinner and drinks, sleep nugget point.

Day Eight

Highlights, photos, videos, celebrations, special gift, transport to nearest hub, travel home.

Day Nine

Unpack, clean, rest, recover

We won't be on the river becuase of our meticulous weather planning and communication with dam operators. Our contingencies are likely to be cycling along the Clutha River where you will see and experience it at most times.

Yes; it can be the most magical winter wonderland to go through. We wont deny it being cold, but we keep you warm with clothing and equipment as well as a few surprises like mobile hot tubs, saunas and camp fires.

Sign up! This trip is so popular, regardless of which date you choose, you are likely to end up on it albeit with random people.

Not really, it is a relative question so we have designed this experience for your 'average' person. In fact, people with disabilities can even attend!


  • Boots,
  • Running shoes,
  • Jandals,
  • Sunglasses,
  • Water bottle,
  • Head torch,
  • Personal medication,
  • Toiletries.


  • thermal top x2,
  • thermal bottom,
  • underwear,
  • swimwear,
  • fleece top,
  • woolen top,
  • synthetic insulation jacket (e.g. primaloft),
  • down vest,
  • waterproof and windproof jacket,
  • waterproof and windproof pants,
  • neck warmer / scarf,
  • beanie / balaclava,
  • warm gloves,
  • waterproof gloves,
  • thin socks x 2,
  • thick warm socks x 2,
  • Waterproof pack liner
  • Backpack to put all of the above in.

All of the above is available to rent / hire / buy

  • Pricing Name
    Group (Min-Max)
  • Pricing Name Individuals
    Start Wednesday October 20, 2021
    End Wednesday October 20, 2021
    1 - 20 Pax
    Available Seats: 20

    Adult ( 1 - 20 Pax ) $5,000.00 $0.00 /Person

    - +

    Child ( 1 - 20 Pax ) $4,500.00 $0.00 /Person

    - +
  • Pricing Name Groups
    Start Wednesday October 20, 2021
    End Wednesday October 20, 2021
    20 - 20 Pax
    Available Seats: 20

    Group ( 20 - 20 Pax ) $79,980.00 $0.00 /Group

    - +