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Lucas Creek Waterfall Tour

Not too many people know that Auckland has many waterfalls other than the iconic Hunua and Kitekite falls. In fact there are many waterfalls in Auckland, relatively speaking. Join the SNM paddle boarding team and see whatsup at Lucas Creek. We will teach you the basics of paddle boarding, get you standing up in no time then we’ll be open our way through the mangroves.


Tour to waterfalls in Albany

 This one-of-a-kind paddle boarding tour is only doable during high tides. We have all the dates and times so that all you need to do is check our booking calendar, align it with your availability then just turn up. We will kit you up with all the gear, just bring basic clothes and items and hope the weather isn’t too windy, that’s our biggest hesitancy when on SuP boards.


Albany SuP tours on Lucas Creek

No need for experience or water ability. We take our time at a slow and educational pace, teaching you about the gear, the techniques and the places we are passing by. Invite your friends and family or go on a school student learning adventure.


Paddle boarding made easier through SNM

SNM has the best touring SuP boards on the market. We use hardboards that are more responsive and more stable. They are also designed and shaped as touring boards, meaning you go further, faster and for longer with the same comparable effort.

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Meet at the end of Wharf Road, Albnay

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