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Bethells Beach Boogie Boarding
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Bethells Boogie

Coming soon… Discover the ultimate journey through archaeological history and the worlds’ second longest sea caves, then boogie back catching waves to shore. We carefully crafted a world-first in New Zealand, never done or seen before adventure, a sea experience with a spin of adventure taking you where few people venture, safely. Do something truly new, New Zealand and discover…

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Bioluminescent Kayak Tour

At night waters come alive in bright glowing hues Experience Bioluminescent Night Cruising. Be one of the few to see this natural phenomenon known as ‘Sea Sparkle’. This bioluminescence kayak tour in Auckland is an inspiring night paddle. Watch as your kayak leaves a glittering wake behind you. Dip your hands in and see the sparkles latch to your hand as…

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Rock Lead Climbing Outdoor
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Lead Climbing

This course introduces you to Outdoor Lead Climbing in New Zealand It is and intermediate form of Outdoor Rock Climbing known also as ‘Sport’-Climbing. Clipping bolts with a quickdraw and leading the rope up as you go. These courses are ideal for people with some previous climbing experience who want to take the sport to the next level. Maybe you…

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Mystery Breaks in Auckland
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Mystery Adventures

Take a chance, get an adventure, and guarantee an unforgettable memory. Have a Social Nature Movement Mystery Adventure and discover where in New Zealand you could go, what you might see and what you can do. Any one of our popular covert destinations or secret seclusions is sure to tantalize you, mixed with our amazing experiences and captivating tours. Mystery…

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Private property garden camping
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Backyard Glamping

We make magical Auckland Backyard Glamping memories and provide a full setup and styling service by the SNM dream team. Second night 50% discount. All subsequent nights (3+) charged at 25% rate. Empty tents, pick-up and self-erect are 50% cost. All pricings are for full-furnished glamping. 50% deposit. All costs must be paid in-full before job. Bond (10% of total…

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Rolling a Eskimo Kayak Lesson
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Kayak Rolling Courses

Rolling your kayak upright is an essential skill all kayakers must learn through structured kayak rolling courses. But if you’ve ever tried teaching yourself rolling or with friends, you’ll know it’s a dark art… one that we’ve expertly demystified. So, Kayak Rolling Courses entail calm waters alongside one of our qualified guides, learning how to eskimo roll your kayak confidently…

From $75.00