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Flow Multisport Racing Kayaks

Flow Multisport Racing Kayaks are the superior choice for multisport racing performance. Boasting stability to speed ratios and manoeuvrability to length ratios like no other. Flow Multisport Racing Kayaks are CAD designed and the plugs CNC’d leaving us with not just stylish looks but also complete symmetry… with the exception of the Sharp 6… which is just a legend of a boat and still an Andrew Martin favourite that’s still loved today.

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A new benchmark in Multisport Kayaking for beginners. The Aspire set out to achieve a new benchmark in the beginner category. Designed to be stable without compromising speed, the profile of the Aspire is heavily influenced by the Andrew Martin creations that came before it. An endurance kayak that was designed for the bold beginner. It’s designed to match the characters that paddle it, stable but ambitious. This beautiful vessel Aspires to achieve more, just like those who paddle it. Known to be more comfortable, uber manoeuvrable and stable in a straight line and powerful on its edge, the Aspire is proving to be a favourite.

The Aspire Multisport Racing Kayak is the latest offering from Flow Kayaks and was designed for beginners and intermediates that love stability and those that feel like they want a little more space in the boat. Known to be more comfortable, uber manoeuvrable, stable and maybe a little faster than other boats at this level, the Aspire Flow Multisport Racing Kayak is proving to be a winner! But don’t just take our word for it, the best guides of the Waimak love them too!


Aspire Kayak Construction

Beginner/Intermediate Multisport Paddlers

RaceLite (Made for racing)- Carbon/Kevlar

Hybrid (Made for Training & Racing – Tough as) – Kevlar/Carbon/Fibreglass

An Aspire with the Hybrid Layup is design to “make the rocks cry” with a screech and a scratch, rather a grrrrrr and a crack! This makes an Aspire Hybrid the perfect beginner boat… as long as you have the drive to match it.


Aspire Kayak Dimensions:

Length: 5.7 metres

Height at cockpit: 40cm

Widest point: 53cm

Standard Seat and Wide Seat available

Paddler Weight Recommendation: 60-110kg


What will your Kayak be made of?

RaceLite (Made for racing), Carbon/Kevlar – 13kg +/- and made of a combination of Kevlar for toughness and carbon for stiffness.

HybriD (Made for training), Kevlar/Carbon/Fibreglass – 16kg +/- and made of a combination of Kevlar for toughness, carbon for stiffness and fibreglass for hardness.


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