Stand up Paddle (SuP) Boarding

Stand up Paddle boarding
Immerse yourself in our water-based services, go with the flow
Stand up Paddle boarding is for everyone to enjoy and helps you experience nature.


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Stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) journeys
Going beyond the beach on a SUP, we’ll meander some of Auckland’s 40+ mangrove inlets and explore the untouched hidden bays we encounter along the way.

It’s not quite walking on water, but it’s close. And what a unique vantage point you get from up here.
Gliding on the calm waters of Auckland’s tidal inlets, join us on a stand-up paddleboarding journey where we’ll discover stunning scenery rarely seen by the average Aucklander.
After going through essential safety skills and paddling techniques that will help you get the most out of your experience, we’ll set off in search of mangroves, hidden bays, and any marine wildlife that decides to come along for the ride.

A great full-body workout, keeping you fit while promoting balance, coordination, core strength and endurance.

We have over 40 places around Auckland alone to Stand up Paddle board; most involving journeys and what happens between is magic. Join us, come explore all the spaces you do not know about and get to know your place better.

Going through different techniques to navigate through water, you will learn the knowledge and skills to turn and maneuver with ease:
– paddling techniques; conserve energy and paddle faster for longer,
– use muscles in your whole body; not just your arms,
– learn water safety skills; build confidence to go further.

Stand up Paddle boarding Auckland New Zealand

Social Nature Movement is an environmentally-conscious Stand up Paddle boarding company. We emphasise a ‘leave no trace’ attitude and ‘sustainable coastlines’ approach. Through environmentalism, we empower you in making big differences making simple choices. With the help of our clients, in 2018 we removed over 200kg of rubbish from our Auckland waterways and beaches!

We value our environments and feel strong responsibilities ensuring active improvement and preservation through Stand up Paddle boarding. We reach remote places and are always looking at ways to minimise our impact on the wider-world.

Stand up Paddle boarding Auckland New Zealand

Types of Stand Up Paddle boarding
We invest in buying quality Stand up Paddle boarding equipment ensuring use for as long as possible to reduce adverse effects.

Stand up Paddle boarding comes in many forms; one reason the sport has gained such widespread popularity. Each has its enthusiast and with one board and paddle you can do all the following: Cruising – Surfing – Racing – River Riding – Exercising – Fishing. Get outside and on the water with this pursuit designed with everyone in mind!

Stand up Paddle boarding Auckland New Zealand

Clothing and Equipment list for Stand Up Paddle boarding
First Aid kit

Books, Guides, Publications and Videos

Apparel / Clothing

Dry Suits (Winter)
Dry Tops (Autmun & Spring)
Paddles Jackets (Summer)
Thermals and Insulation
Hats and Headwear
Pogies and Gloves
Footwear / Shoes

PFDs / Buoyancy Aides / Lifejackets
Safety / Rescue and protection

Dry bags / Packs
Roof Racks and accessories
Boxes and storage
Care, Spares and Repair
Deck Grip / Traction / Wax
Camera, Video & Media
Foiling Accessories
Sun Protection
Sunglasses & Accessories
Towels & Ponchos
SuP Boards

All-Round SuP
Inflatable SuP
Surf / Wave SuP
Touring SuP
Adventure SuP
Race SuP
Foiling SuP
Cruising SuP
River Riding SuP
Exercising / Yoga SuP
Fishing SuP
Second Hand / Sale SuP
SuP Packages
Kids’ SuP
Board Bags

Adjustable length
Fixed length
Paddle Accessories
Paddle Bags
Va’a / Oc
Stand up Paddle boarding introduction lessons
Learn from the best. Our Stand up Paddle boarding instructors are International Surfing Association (ISA) certified. Whatever your experience, we have lessons to suit your needs.

Group Price: $49 / hour

Private / 1-on-1 Price: $59 / hour

I have never been Stand up Paddle boarding before. No worries! Our introductory session will leave you feeling confident to stand up, paddle, turn and simply enjoy flat water SuPing. We’ll start with a ‘dry run’. On the water we go through different paddle strokes you can use to navigate through the water. Lessons run at your own pace.

I have been Stand up Paddle boarding and want to improve. We teach you paddling techniques that you can use to conserve energy and paddle faster and for longer. You will learn how to use the muscles in your whole body rather than just your arms, and even how you can use the SUP to strengthen your body. You will learn water safety skills that will build your confidence to go further out into the ocean.

Stand up Paddle boarding Auckland New Zealand

Stand up Paddle boarding parties
If you are looking for an amazing time for your next group party, work function or outing, look no further than Stand up Paddle boarding! A paddle party is guaranteed to be an experience for everyone to remember.

Hens and stag parties, company or club functions, team building, birthdays, end of year celebrations…

Social Nature Movement can tailor everything for your Stand up Paddle boarding party, transport, meals, drinks and even live music.

Price: $49 / hour

Stand up Paddle boarding Auckland New Zealand

Stand up Paddle boarding ecological tours and wildlife encounters
Explore new places with others. The Hauraki gulf – and beyond – offers a diverse ecosystem hosting much flora and fauna.

You may encounter the most endangered bird in New Zealand while Stand up Paddle boarding; the 40-50 remaining Fairy Terns (‘Tara Iti’). It is not uncommon for us to encounter stingray, jellyfish, seals, dolphins, orcas, bioluminescence, fish, glow worms though we shall not spoil the rest…

Specifically on our Stand up Paddle boarding ecological tours and wildlife encounters we invest 10% of your booking to wildlife protection in local places!

Price: $89 / hour

Stand up Paddle boarding Auckland New Zealand

Stand up Paddle boarding Yoga and Fitness
Stand up Paddle boarding functionally trains the entire body. Gain balance, strengthen your posterior chain and stabilise your legs. Stand up Paddle boarding Yoga is fun and much easier than you think! Join a scheduled class or book a private session for you and your mates, team or colleges.

Join us for a fun and original way to enjoy the water. Stand up Paddle boarding Yoga improves your focus and sense of balance, and it’s a perfect idea to treat yourself to some relaxing time out.

Price: $29 / hour

Stand up Paddle boarding Auckland New Zealand

Stand up Paddle boarding wave surfing
Stand up Paddle board surfing is our passion. We have many coastal spots with waves perfect for your first or final ride. Surfing a wave is an exhilarating experience. Our surf sessions aim to increase confidence taking paddlers to the next level.

These Stand up Paddle boarding sessions cover preparation, safety, wave knowledge, rules and etiquette, crossing white waters and of course catching and riding waves. You will learn proper surf etiquette important for personal safety and other surfers that may be in the water with you.

Price: $69 / hour

Stand up Paddle boarding Auckland New Zealand

Moonlight and bioluminescence Stand up Paddle boarding Tour
Stand up Paddle boarding Auckland New Zealand

Primary and Secondary Schools
Students love learning adventurously through Stand up Paddle boarding elements of authenticity, agency, mystery and mastery. We design Education Outside their Classroom (EOtC) with the New Zealand curriculum and include fundamental features of Health and Physical education.

Social Nature Movement is experienced teaching students years 1-13 and we deliver NZQA education qualifications at levels one, two and three for Stand up Paddle boarding. Below is an example of an assessment form for NZQA 91330 “perform a physical activity in an applied setting”.

A2 Regular physical activity,
A3 Safety management,
B1 Movement skills,
C3 Interpersonal skills,
D2 Community resources.
Price: $59 / hour

Stand up Paddle boarding School Holiday Programmes
Stand up Paddle boarding is great as a holiday activity for school children. We run a programme every holiday. The emphasis is on fun, skill development and exploration.

Price: $149

Stand up Paddle boarding Auckland New Zealand

Safety is first for us while Stand up Paddle boarding. Our instructors are International Surfing Association (ISA) certified, first aid providers and police vetted. Our equipment is tested and maintained. Our ‘Water Safety’ programme has three main learning outcomes:

Self; on, in and around water,
Others; inclusion, team building and leadership,
Place; fostering a respectful relationship with our watery world.

Design and Deliver Stand up Paddle boarding
We know you are unique, therefore we do not have set itineraries for our tours. We will work with you, designing supreme journeys and delivering amazing Stand up Paddle boarding experiences!

Stand up Paddle boarding Auckland New Zealand

Stand up Paddle boarding discounts available for group and multi-lesson bookings.

Stand up Paddle boarding tour locations
Goat Island
Orakei Basin
Auckland Mangroves

Clothing and Equipment for all Stand up Paddle boarding
Wetsuit (winter)
Warm change of clothes
Snacks and drinks
We are members of New Zealand Stand up Paddle Boarding:

Stand up Paddle boarding Guide and Instructor Training
Learn skills and attain knowledge to demonstrate your experience for others:

Stand up Paddle Boarding SuP in Auckland New Zealand NZ, Guide and Instructor Training Outdoor Recreation Guide/Instructor with Social Nature Movement

Stand up Paddle boarding Higher Performance Coaching
Transcend your passion and go further with us

These performance training sessions will prepare you for more advanced aspects of Stand up paddle boarding and bigger challenges. We help you become a more efficient paddler and build your overall knowledge and skill set. Sessions could include: refining specific paddling techniques, paddling efficiency, essential skills (buoy turns, moving on board etc), beach starts, nutrition and developing a training strategy, practice drills (“homework”), paddling out through waves, wave catching stances, riding bumps, open ocean safety, surf etiquette and much more. You will learn the latest secrets and how to train more effectively, become prepared for high demands of racing and establish realistic and challenging goals.

“Enjoy all the small things along the way”.

Casper Steinfath

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