May 1, 2022

Top 10 best glamping occasions

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Top 10 best glamping occasions

Glamping can happen any day of the year, for any occasion. Whether it’s for an anniversary, a birthday or a slumber party, glamping is the perfect opportunity to get together with others and enjoy sleeping the night away from your boring old bedroom. Marquee shelters are another way to bring everyone together and share lifelong memories. Everything is set up and done for you with glamping, so you do not have to do or bring anything, it is that easy! Book now and see what’s to love with backyard glamping. Below are the top 10 best glamping occasions that can work for anyone at any time even in the middle of the week.

Below we will cover Anniversaries, Romantic Nights, Birthdays, Study Nights, Sleepovers/Slumber Parties, Sports Night, Games Night, Clubs, Cacao Ceremony then Groups and Celebrations.

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Glamping Anniversaries

It’s time to celebrate your anniversary of ten years of marriage, your fifth year at a job or your one year of engagement with some luxury camping with a spacious marquee. Why not enjoy your anniversary milestones by hiring out a glamping tent and a marquee and reminisce with celebrations why you made it to this point. Glamping tents and marquees are the perfect way to honour how far you’ve come while not having to worry about too much planning. Your anniversary is on a weekday? No stress at all. Come home from a hard days work to a set up luxurious glamping tent and celebrate on the actual anniversary day. It will make the milestone even more special with lights, lavishings and other luxuries. Come together too under one big marquee and enjoy even more company.

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Romantic Glamping Nights

Is valentine’s day coming up or you feel like a dreamy getaway night with your partner? Want to surprise loved ones with a romantic night? Glamping is the perfect and passionate opportunity to do so. Set up and furnished by the dream team at Social Nature Movement, all you have to do is add your special finishing touches to really impress your significant other. Because set up is all done for you and can be done in your own backyard, or a local camping spot, choose any day of the week for a dreamy night under the stars. Celebrate your love together or show your love for your partner by hiring our romantic bell tents. What better way to spend a dreamy night with someone you cherish than in a luxury glamping bell tent?

Glamping Tent in Scenic Nature


Glamping Birthdays

Not sure how to spend your birthday party this year? Sick and tired of the same old dinner celebration? Why not hire a luxurious glamping tent and mix things up? It’s the perfect way to come together with friends and family to celebrate you on your birthday. You can play games, share memories, open presents and fall straight to sleep when you’re ready. Or not, if you want to be awake till the end of your birthday party at midnight. Don’t wait till the weekend to celebrate your birthday, enjoy your day in real time on your actual birthdate. Our backyard glamping makes this possible and so easy. A sweet 16th, 18th or 21st are birthday parties that need a little something extra and glamping can be just that something.

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Study Nights with Glamping

Want to have a study night with friends but not sure where to go? Our spacious bell tent could be the way to go. A perfect area to come together and share study notes any day of the week. The tent will create a space that is fun, novel and will have less distraction to ensure full focus to get schoolwork done. Being outside will provide soothing sounds of nature once again helping with calmness and concentration. You can study to whatever time you like without having to worry about travelling home, just hop straight into bed after a night of hard work.


Sleepovers/Slumber Parties

Your kids are wanting friends over for the night for a sleepover, but you don’t have enough space. No need to worry about that now when our glamping tents can fit everyone for a slumber party. Not only can your child now have all their friends over, but their sleeping area is unique and exciting. Along with that, you won’t even have to worry about a messy house and the clean up after the sleepover. Friends can come over mid-week, enjoy the night together garden glamping, having an overnight party and still be ready for school the next day, especially when it’s just around the corner. Maybe your kids are having a bad week or a hard time at school, why not surprise them with a pajama party in one of our extravagant glamping tents where they can spend the night with friends to cheer them up. Seems like a fun night to me.


Sports Night with Glamping

The Warriors or Black Caps are on TV during the week, and you want to spend the night watching and drinking with friends but you’re unsure of how you’re going to get home. Our glamping tents and marquees would be perfect for a sports night like this. Either watch the super12 with friends and fall asleep in the tent or make the most of the tent and watch the Blues inside it. Even come together outside and watch it under a marquee. Whatever you do, you don’t have to worry about yourself or anyone drinking and driving. You can enjoy each other’s company for longer, even after the sports game has finished. Celebrate the win, or __ the loss but whatever happens, you can ensure a fun sports night all while garden glamping.

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Glamping Games Night

Want to have a games night with friends or family mid-week but not sure where to do it? Want to bust out the old games that haven’t been played in forever? Why not hire a glamping tent for just that reason? It’s the perfect excuse to gather up some friends during the week and get your competitive side going. Disconnect from technology and enjoy every laugh and moment with friends while playing any game. Having a hard time with work at the moment? A games night in the middle of the week in a bell tent is for sure you going to cheer you up. We all know that board games can last forever too so, play the game and fall right to sleep in your glamping tent.

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Clubs and Glamping

Had a really good training night with your team or club and don’t want the high to end. How about spending the night together in our amazing glamping tents to keep that feeling going? A field or a turf would be the perfect spot for Social Nature Movement to pop up a tent or few for your team or club to enjoy. Debrief or celebrate your training in style mid-week while not having to worry about getting home afterwards. Spending the night in the area that you train could create a deeper connection too. Having a late-night training or an early morning training during the week? Why not have the athletes spend the night together backyard glamping to make travel easier and the training more beneficial. What about bringing teams or regions together for an event or game. Set up a sleeping area with a variety of glamping tents and a marquee to bring different teams together to bond and share their passion for the sport whatever day of the week. Seems like a cool idea, don’t you think?

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Cacao Ceremony Glamping

Our glamping tents and marquees would be perfect for a cacao ceremony on any section of land as they work with the same idea of being natural. Come together with others during the week who share the same passion and form a deeper connection with everyone around you while engaging in the ceremony. You’ll get a better understanding of the benefits of cacao, and you’ll get to spend the night in a bell tent with the people who will be experiencing those benefits too. The tent will create a calm, down to earth, open space for everyone to enjoy the cacao and what it has to offer. Any day of the week is the perfect time to experience this ceremony and a glamping tent would make it just that much better.

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Groups and Celebrations Glamping

Want to do something new and different but not sure what? Our glamping tents and marquees on a lifestyle bare land or private property are the way to go. Want to spend the night with the coffee group; have a wine or beer tasting night; have an arts & craft workshop or a day to night bootcamp, why not do so with our luxurious glamping tents even mid-week. What about a baby shower or wedding? Our tents and marquees will work perfectly too on a section. It’s an excuse to get together with friends and family, enjoy time together and celebrate no matter the day of the week.

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