Weekend / overnight Tramping

Weekend / overnight Tramping

Campfires, drinks, stories, meals and camping under the stars makes it all much better

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Multi-day great walks

Multi-day walks

Aside from the Great Walks, there are plenty more overnight hikes to be enjoyed – independently or with a guide – offering deep exploration on trails dotted with huts, campsites and lodges. Exploring the wilderness of New Zealand on foot is immensely rewarding and is something that three-quarters of a million people do each year. However, it comes with some unique challenges. Our landscape is rugged, steep, remote and often covered in dense bush or is exposed to wild weather patterns. The weather can be notoriously fickle and changes can occur very quickly. Don’t be surprised if you’re caught in a storm in the middle of summer, especially if your intended journey takes you above 1000m altitude.


New Zealand’s Great Walks

The ten Great Walks are two to six-day adventures on well-formed and signposted tracks. There is plenty of easy walking, but some steep, challenging terrain means a moderate to high level of fitness is required for most of the walks.

Their length and topography combined with New Zealand’s unpredictable weather make it essential to understand outdoor safety. Each Great Walk has been selected for unique combinations of cultural significance, exceptional scenery, and accessibility.


Inspiration and ideas:

Kapakapanui Loop, Tararua Forest Park

Southern Crossing, Tararua Forest Park

Mt Holdsworth and Jumbo Loop, Tararua Forest Park

Mangahao Flats, Tararua Forest Park

Otaki River Gorge, Tararua Forest Park


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