Bell Tent Glamping

We designed your eight hours of every day sleep with a comforting boutique experience in our stylish bell tents
Slumber party teepee sleepover

Backyard Glamping

A novel night in nature under the stars with friends, family and loved ones
From $199

Weddings and Private Events

Lodging packed with personality, this is accommodation with soul; breathtaking views straight from your pillow
From $199

Corporate functions

Christmas parties, business celebrations, conferences and workshops
From $199

Sporting events

Adventure racing, multisport, triathlons, running and more…
From $199

Adventure Activity Accommodation

On your next SNM adventure, choose our glamping options beside your activity; no more roughing it in small tents or splashing-out on lodging
From $99

School Camps

School grounds sleepovers, Education Outside the Classroom, extended field trips and more…
From $199

Bell tent and marquee gear hire / rental

‘Glamping’ tents $199/night empty, $399/night lavishing’s, Geodesic dome tent $299/day, 13m marquee (70 people ‘standing’) $499/day,, 17m marquee (140 people ‘standing’) $699/day,
From $199

Need something special?

 For an introduction to possibilities; contact our consultants for a world of bespoke

Bell Tent Glamping

We have curated a collection of special places, surrounded by nature, off the beaten track. Many of our havens are handpicked, utterly unique or secret hideaways. We do the hunting for you, seeking style in those special places ranging from breathtakingly grandiose to raw and rustic. Wherever your comfy boutique luxury accommodation retreats, there is always a little magic, certain charms and an unsurpassed connection to nature.

What is Bell Tent Glamping?

Dictionaries define glamping as a “form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping”. Glamping itself is a portmanteau of glamourous and camping. Backyard glamping is often exactly what you need; the supreme blend of nature and luxury, a micro adventure, a wilderness retreat and some disconnect to help you reconnect. Read more about it here.

Glamping canvas bell tents avoid guessing which pole goes where and whether you have enough pegs. Roughing it no more, nor tripping over guy ropes and inconveniently pitching it inside out. We raise the lodging luxury factor with more comfortable and spacious living after an immersive nature experience.

We pre-pitch your glamping canvas bell tents up for you in beautiful locations, often somewhere private and secluded; a real recreational retreat! Places – seemingly in the middle of nowhere – await your home away from home with all the creature comforts. You can classify this as boutique by their intimate size, a homely haven.

We harmoniously design our recreational retreats in capturing the landscapes beauty overlaid with luxurious layers. We are becoming the stylish benchmark for integrating luxury glamping bell tents with our adventure services – a game changer!

At Social Nature Movement, we understand embellishments. So we take rough camping and upgrade it to contemporary stylish safari-inspired experiences with ‘wow’ factors balanced in modern comfort.

You will be comfortably cradled in a beautiful natural environment with carefully curated spaciousness allowing you to embrace each other and nature that little bit more in our lodging.

Glamping is all about bringing glamour to camping. Spend your holidays relaxing in luxury and style in a glamping tent pitched at one of NZ’s secret scenic spots. We’ve got a great range of glamping tents from bell tents through to much bigger semi-permanent camping tents built like a home away from home.


Where can I go Bell Tent Glamping?

Our locations are distinctly New Zealand, you will find your escape nestled in rich scenery surrounded by flora and fauna.

Overarching everything we do is the full-circle experience. Our professional staff and genuine interactions take care of you from booking to goodbye, the transport, service, luxury accommodation and even food is part of our complete concierge.

Let us show you down-to-earth sleeping experiences, with the trees and canopy camping in sophisticated and elegant style. We welcome everyone with open arms and take pride in a quality, valuable and long-lasting experience.

Often in the evening you will contemplate under the stars, enjoy Venus’s girdle, be far from light (and noise) pollution, and possibly even hear a kiwi, then dose off to sleep in your fresh linen and plush mattress. Start your morning by opening your doors to the world of flowing rivers, a rising sun, never-ending hills, valleys and the smell of nature.

The sound of rain on canvas is soothing. But our cotton cottages are also made from sustainable cotton, the low-impact material of choice for premium canvas tents. Cotton is sustainable, renewable and one of the most biodegradable fabrics on earth. Camping damp is no fun. So our cotton cottages allow moisture particles to escape while keeping you dry and comforted. All our glamping canvas bell tents are “pro” editions, meaning you get the highest professional grade and experience. See more about our tents of choice here.

Our glamping canvas bell tents enable you to choose your lodge size and occupancy, fully loaded with features, versatile, windows equipped with mesh walls and 360° ‘ Pro-Tech-tion or roll them up/down to your desire. These details provide you the best possible experience, no matter the landscape and climate you choose when creating memories and exploring the world.

Take time before and after your adventures to slow down, reconnect, indulge and just enjoy luxury accommodation in some of New Zealand’s most picturesque surroundings.

We make magical Backyard Glamping memories and provide a full setup and styling service by the SNM dream team.

You can be sure that Social Nature Movement will provide an abundance of joy, laughter and memories for years to come.

Take away the hassle of your next sleepover by hiring your very own private glamping retreat.

Enhance you garden with our comfy boutique luxury accommodation retreats.

Your backyard glamping locations are distinctly kiwi, you will find your escape nestled in rich scenery surrounded by flora and fauna. Overarching everything we do is the full-circle experience. Our professional staff and genuine interactions take care of you from booking to goodbye, the transport, service and luxury accommodation is part of our complete concierge.


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