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Social Nature Movement dedicates substantial resources to the development and protection of its intellectual property. In addition to seeking registration of its trademarks, logos and wordmarks in New Zealand, Social Nature Movement enforces its rights against people who misuse its trademarks. 

These guidelines are for Social Nature Movement licensees, authorized resellers, developers, customers, and other parties wishing to use Social Nature Movement’s trademarks, service marks or images in promotional, advertising, instructional, or reference materials, or on their web sites, products, labels, or packaging. Use of the Social Nature Movement Logo and wordmarks for commercial purposes without the prior written consent of Social Nature Movement may constitute trademark infringement and unfair competition in violation of laws. Use of Social Nature Movement trademarks may be prohibited, unless expressly authorized.

Social Nature Movement’s trademarks, service marks, trade names, and trade dress are valuable assets. In following these guidelines, you help us protect our valuable trademark rights and strengthen our corporate and brand identities. By using an Social Nature Movement trademark, in whole or in part, you are acknowledging that Social Nature Movement is the sole owner of the trademark and promising that you will not interfere with Social Nature Movement’s rights in the trademark, including challenging Social Nature Movement’s use, registration of, or application to register such trademark, alone or in combination with other words, anywhere in New Zealand, and that you will not harm, misuse, or bring into disrepute any Social Nature Movement trademark. The goodwill derived from using any part of an Social Nature Movement trademark exclusively inures to the benefit of and belongs to Social Nature Movement. No other rights of any kind are granted hereunder, by implication or otherwise.

Authorized Use of Social Nature Movement Trademarks

Advertising, Promotional, and Sales Materials: Only Social Nature Movement and its authorized partners and licensees may use the Social Nature Movement Logo and wordmarks in advertising, promotional, and sales materials. Such authorized parties may use the Social Nature Movement Logo and wordmarks only as specified in their agreement with Social Nature Movement and any associated Guidelines and such use must always be in conjunction with the appropriate terms that define the relationship authorized by their contract with Social Nature Movement. For example:

Authorized Partner

Authorized Service Provider

Authorized Wholesaler

Social Nature Movement’s trademarks — including the Social Nature Movement wordmark, the “SNM” monogram, Advensure, Mystery Adventures, Clutha Quest and Bethells Boogie are owned by Social Nature Movement and may only be used as provided in these guidelines or with Social Nature Movement’s permission. A list of some of Social Nature Movement’s trademarks can be found here. You may not use or register, or otherwise claim rights in any Social Nature Movement trademark, including as or as part of any trademark, service mark, company name, trade name, username or domain registration. You should not use or claim rights in face or book in a way that is confusingly similar to or dilutive of Social Nature Movement, including as, or as any part of, a trademark. Do not use Social Nature Movement’s trademarks for anything that would be inconsistent with Social Nature Movement’s terms or Community Standards.

Company, Product, or Service Name: You may not use or register, in whole or in part, Social Nature Movement ®, Advensure ®, Mystery Adventures ®, Clutha Quest ®, Bethells Boogie ®, Aotouroa ®, Hire n Hike ®, Astroventures ®, Southern Glamping ® or any other Social Nature Movement trademark, including Social Nature Movement-owned graphic symbols, wordmarks, logos, icons, or an alteration thereof, as or as part of a company name, trade name, product name, or service name except as specifically noted in these guidelines.

Variations, Takeoffs or Abbreviations: You may not use variations of the Social Nature Movement logo, wordmark or text for any purpose. Third parties cannot use a variation, phonetic equivalent, foreign language equivalent, takeoff, or abbreviation of an Social Nature Movement trademark for any purpose.

We may revoke permission to use Social Nature Movement’s trademarks at any time. Social Nature Movement reserves the right to withhold approval of content that it considers inconsistent with the Social Nature Movement brand.

Your use of this Website
You agree not to use this Website for any purpose that is unlawful or to engage in any conduct that is likely to impair or cause damage to the operation of this Website whether by way of a virus, corrupted file, through use of any software or program, or otherwise. Furthermore, you agree not to alter, modify, reproduce, communicate to the public or otherwise deal with the content, software, text, graphics, layout or design of this Website except in accordance with these terms of use.

User content
This Website may from time to time enable you and other users to submit content [‘user content’] that may be made available through the Website for the purpose of promoting New Zealand as a tourist destination. You must ensure that you have all necessary rights [including appropriate licences] to submit or supply the user content to the Website.

By creating, modifying, transmitting, uploading, or submitting any user content, you: grant us a non-exclusive, royalty-free, fully paid-up, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, licence to publicly display, communicate to the public, and make the user content available [by all means and in any media now known or hereafter developed] to other users of this Website and other users of our services in such manner as we may permit from time to time; and acknowledge and agree that no royalties or other remuneration will be paid or payable to you for your user content, or for the granting of the rights described above.

You are solely responsible for the user content that you make available through the Website. You represent and warrant that any user content you make available: does not infringe any copyright, privacy right, or any other right of any third party; and does not contain any matter that is defamatory, offensive, unlawful or that may damage the reputation of SNM or the New Zealand tourism industry.

You shall fully indemnify and hold harmless SNM for any loss, damage, claim, cost or expense [including legal fees on a solicitor/own client basis] which may arise as a result of any action or claim that may be made or initiated against SNM by any person making a claim in relation to your actions or the user content that you make available.

We have no obligation to you to make this Website or any user content available. User content may be identified by users of the Website as being ‘inappropriate’. In such event, and SNM may on a case by case basis review and decide, in SNM’s absolute discretion, to remove such content. We may at any time edit, refuse to display, or remove any part of this Website [including your user content] as we deem appropriate.

Embedded content
Embedded content [including embedded images and embedded video content] from a third party hosted site is subject to the licence terms of the location at which such content is hosted or the licence terms imposed by the owner of such content. Embedded content may be used or linked to only in accordance with the terms of the relevant licence. You are liable for any consequences of failure to comply with those licence terms.

Intellectual Property
The materials displayed on this Website are protected by copyright and other laws of New Zealand, and under similar laws and international conventions abroad. You acknowledge and agree that all copyright and other property rights that may subsist in this Website including text, illustrations, photographs, video, music, sounds, layout, designs, source code, belong to us or to our licensors [together, ‘our intellectual property’].

Except as permitted in the ‘embedded content’ or ‘copyright clearance and permission to use’ sections or with our prior written permission in other cases, you may not in any form or by any means: use, copy, modify, adapt, reproduce, store, distribute, print, display, perform, publish, communicate or otherwise deal in any way with our intellectual property; or commercialise any information, products or services obtained from any part of this Website.

Copyright clearance and permission to use
Images on this Website that are not ‘Embedded Content’ may be used or reproduced only with our express consent in each instance. You can request consent by applying to us by email.

You may from time to time request our consent to use certain material or other content that appears on this Website. If we grant such consent it shall be subject to the following conditions:

The materials or content must not be altered, modified or added to in any way; and
The copyright notice wording “Copyright © 2021 Social Nature Movement [or its licensors]. All rights reserved.” must appear on all copies of such material or content.
Trade marks
The trade marks appearing on this Website belong to us, our suppliers or our licensors. You must not use or reproduce or allow anyone to use or reproduce those trade marks for any reason without, in the case of our trade marks, our prior written permission or, in the case of third party trade marks, the written permission of the owner the relevant trade mark.

Software licensing
All software and accompanying documentation [‘Software’] that is available to be downloaded from this Website is protected by copyright. The ownership of such Software is retained by the copyright holder and is not transferred to you. You are licensed to use the Software in accordance with the terms of the relevant licence agreement for such Software. You must read and confirm your acceptance of the licence agreement that accompanies each item of Software prior to downloading that Software.

Feedback and unsolicited submissions
If you give us feedback about this Website or our products or services, you grant us the right to use that feedback for the purpose of improving our Website or services [and for any other purpose we deem necessary or desirable] without being obliged to pay you any compensation in respect of our use of that feedback. If you do send us unsolicited ideas: they will be treated as ‘user content’ in accordance with these terms of use; and they will be deemed to be non-confidential, and we will not be required to provide any acknowledgement of their source.

Electronic communications
You consent to receiving communications from us electronically and you agree that all agreements, notices, disclosures and other communications that we provide to you electronically satisfy any legal requirement that such communications be in writing. You agree to be bound by any agreement reached through electronic communications in terms of the Electronic Transactions Act 2002.

You consent to receiving electronic messages and information sent by us [or on our behalf] for any purposes described in our privacy policy. You agree, pursuant to section 11[2] of the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007, that the person sending any such message need not include a functional unsubscribe facility in that message.

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Malicious code
Although we endeavour to prevent the introduction of viruses or other malicious code [together, ‘malicious code’] to this Website, we do not guarantee or warrant that this Website, or any data available from it, does not contain malicious code. We will not be liable for any damages or harm attributable to malicious code. You are responsible for ensuring that the process that you employ for accessing this Website does not expose your computer system to the risk of interference or damage from malicious code.

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We reserve the right to add to, modify, or remove this Website or any information, feature, specification, or other part of this Website [at any time and without notice to you]. We reserve the right to change these terms of use from time to time by publishing the changed terms on this Website. You should review these terms of use periodically to be aware of such changes. Your continuing access or use of this Website following such publication shall be deemed your acceptance of the revised terms of use.

Governing law
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