Sea Kayaking

Sea Kayaking

Sea Kayaking is one of the best ways to explore thousands of kilometres of New Zealand’s magnificent coastline and inland waterways

Auckland Sea Kayaking Tours

Riverhead Pub Paddle

Riverhead Pub Paddle

From $89

Mahurangi Harbour

Mahurangi Harbour

From $179

Gulf Harbour Whangaparaoa Peninsula

Gulf Harbour Whangaparaoa Peninsula

From $179

Auckland Central Circumnavigation

Auckland Central Circumnavigation

From $359

Te Ara moana Kayak Trail

Te Ara moana Kayak Trail

From $629

Waiheke Island Circumnavigation

Waiheke Island Circumnavigation

From $629

Kayak Rolling Courses

Rolling your kayak upright is an essential skill all kayakers must learn through structured kayak rolling courses

From $75

Outdoor Adventure gear hire / rental

Single sea kayak $85/day, double sea kayak $130/day, 2-4 person Macpac tents $20/day, 3-4 person Trangia cookers $10/day and PLB $10/day.

From $10

Visit coves, caves and canyons, beneath rocky cliffs where only kayaks can reach by Sea Kayaking. Feel the freedom, relax and let your spirit soar as we paddle in Auckland onto the Pacific Ocean. Swimming, rock hopping & empty shell collecting are all possible along with constant photo opportunities.

The first thing you will notice when you come to SNM ‘s sea kayaking tours is our enthusiasm and pride in our work, and the areas we call home. Safety audited and Department of Conservation concessionaire’s, SNM make sure they are always up to and beyond all industry standards.

SNM caters kayak tours for a wide variety of groups ranging from Schools, Polytech, Armed Forces and Outdoor Clubs, through to every kind of traveler you can think of. They can put together school packages within the EOTC guidelines or even run a Duke of Edinburgh trip. At SNM, we love to put together special kayak packages to suit anyone.


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Origins and developments

A sea kayak or touring kayak is a kayak developed for the sport of paddling on open waters of lakes, bays, and the ocean. Sea kayaks are seaworthy small boats. They trade off the maneuverability of whitewater kayaks for higher cruising speed, cargo capacity, ease of straight-line paddling, and comfort for long journeys.

The term “sea kayak” is said to have originated with the 1981 publication of a book by John Dowd, who said “it wasn’t called sea kayaking until my book came out, it was called kayak touring or sea canoeing or canoe touring, blue-water paddling, coastal paddling, all those things.”


In fact...

Contemporary sea kayaks trace their origin to the native boats of Alaska, northern Canada, and Southwest Greenland. Inuit (formerly Eskimo) hunters developed a fast seagoing craft to hunt seals and walrus. The ancient Aleut name for a Aleutian kayak is Iqyak, and earliest models were constructed from a light wooden frame (tied together with sinew or baleen) and covered with sea mammal (sea lion or seal) hides. Archaeologists have found evidence indicating that some kayaks are at least 4,000 years old. Rotomolded plastic kayaks we use today first appeared in 1984.

Sea kayaks are used around the world for marine (sea) journeys from a few hours to many weeks, as they can accommodate one or more paddlers together with room for camping gear, food, water, and other supplies. A sea kayak usually ranges anywhere from 3.0–5.5 m for solo craft, and up to 8.0 m for tandem craft. Beam width may be as little as 53 cm, and may be up to 90 cm.


Kayak Tours

Do it all: Kayaking, Camping, Snorkeling, Sunbathing, Amazing scenery, Beautiful beaches, unique NZ Flora and Fauna all combined to make our sea kayak tours some of the most unique in New Zealand.

Experience New Zealand at its best with our range of Kayak Tours to inspire you. SNM are specialists in all things kayaking since 2016. Get the correct, independent expert advice from experienced and qualified staff to show you Auckland’s best kept secret gems.

Our amazing sea kayak tours are for those looking for the iconic kiwi adventure, needing look no further than Auckland sea kayaking. Every trip is unique like each of our clients.

Perfect for families and those wanting a short sea kayaking experience.

We have easy ocean paddles for families and those looking to explore the Hauraki Gulf and Waitemata Harbour. Explore with your guide the coastlines of Auckland. Check out sea caves, learn about the shag (Coromorant) colony and explore small islands before returning to shore. There is plenty of time to take that perfect picture of the skylines, before enjoying an afternoon snack and refreshments on the beach.

Most of our kayak tours are set up for people with no sea kayaking experience. Days out on the water, away from crowds and getting in touch with nature again. Auckland Sea Kayaking explores the remote areas of the Hauraki Gulf and gives paddlers the true sense of adventure.

Treat yourself to memories you’ll cherish for life. Our fully-outfitted kayak adventures take you along coastlines. Completely immerse yourself in the natural wonders of the Auckland. Experience it all from paddling with seals, penguins, relaxing on numerous beaches, exploring lagoons, islands and Maori Pa (village) sites to learning about local history and lore. Be wowed by the night sky, the milky way is truly amazing from where we camp. Enjoy drifting off to sleep listening to the waves before waking up to hear bird song.

It’s a relaxing, content rich guided kayak and camping experience, fully catered with food. You can rest and recharge with a snack before returning to your kayaks and paddling home across the mighty Waitemata.

Join us if you are new to the sport and keen to learn. You will become familiar with setting up your kayak and how to paddle effectively, as well as learning how to rescue yourself or someone else in the event of a capsize. Enquire now for dates and times for the next available courses.


Sea Kayaking in Auckland

Our trips serve up everything that is special about the Manukau and Waitemata Harbours. The Hauraki Gulf is also home to some of New Zealand’s best sandy beaches, clear waters and sheltered bays making it a stunning place to paddle.

Auckland city lies within the Hauraki Gulf which is home to over 50 islands. Many of the islands are natural sanctuary’s which is free of animal pests and home to the endangered New Zealand dotterel, saddleback, kakariki, kiwi, shore skinks and bellbirds. The diversity of rare birds, its location and natural beauty makes the Hauraki Gulf a kayaker’s dream destination.

Auckland has some of the world’s most unique sea kayaking destinations; from the heart of the city to volcanic islands, sandy beaches and an abundance of wildlife. The sheltered waters of the Waitemata Harbour make it a sea kayaker’s paradise waiting to be discovered.


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Adventure Mark

SNM are externally audited in Adventurous Activities.

AdventureMark™ is New Zealand’s largest adventure certification body. They work with over 200 operators here in New Zealand and in several countries worldwide providing our health and safety audit and adventure certification services across the globe.


SNM are KASK members.

KASK was initially set up to promote and encourage the sport of sea kayaking, promote safety standards, develop techniques and equipment, deal with issues of coastal access and protection, organize a biennial sea kayaking forum and publish the New Zealand Sea Kayaker Newsletter.

Boating Education Coastguard

SNM are Day Skipper trained.

An introductory Coastguard Boating Education course for all members of the family or crew, including those new to boating. It is particularly suited to those who are new to the responsibility of being a skipper on their own vessel.

Manukau Harbour Restoration Society

SNM are Manukau Harbour Restoration Society members.

The Manukau Harbour Restoration Society (MHRS) was formed in 2011 by Auckland residents living around the harbour committed to improving the condition of the harbour and its environs.