Schools & Students

Using the great outdoors as our classroom and playground, we offer a range of fun and safe outdoor education experiences that positively challenge and inspire youth to seek more and learn more.

Outdoor Education for Schools

Using Mother Nature as our teacher aide, we run various outdoor education programmes during term time for primary schools across Auckland.

Through place-based education and by bringing awareness to the interconnectedness of communities, culture and nature, we encourage the children to develop a deeper understanding of the world around them. And facilitate an environment that celebrates personal growth and lifelong learning.

We believe in using human-powered movement to get to places, so our outdoor learning programmes usually involve walking from school to our destination and back. And if your teaching team want to integrate specific subjects or themes into our outdoor educational experiences, we have the resources and knowledge to make this happen.

Here's some of our school and holiday programmes...

Before School
After School
Duke of Edinburgh Award
One Day Nature School
School Holiday Programmes
School Camps