Health & Safety

We work in natural and sometimes 'wild' places making for truly unique atmospheres of opportunity. Social Nature Movement has delivered quality outdoor adventure programmes in a safe and supportive manor. Health and Safety is ingrained in our business and it’s something that we take very seriously in all our destinations. It's the primary reason we're still operating after more than 15 years. Our activities are all facilitated by qualified, experienced and friendly outdoor instructors who provide safe, fun and educational sessions. Our approach to identifying and managing risks and hazards "so far as is reasonably practicable" and foreseeable: Plan-Do-Check-Act As a safety audit certified operator, we meet rigorous standards in safe travel, qualified adventure activities and provide acknowledged event safety:Health and Safety Adventure Mark Social Nature MovementOur audit report is publicly available to view here:   Our audit is registered by WorkSafe New Zealand under the Adventure Activities Certification Scheme:Health and Safety WorkSafe Social Nature Movement Our emergency preparedness and response plan is publicly available to view here:   Our certification is approved by the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ) which helps markets work better by providing internationally recognised services that create economic benefit:     Advanced First Aid and Emergencies; our team are trained and fully qualified: Health and Safety Peak Safety First Aid Social Nature Movement Preventing child abuse: Health and Safety Child Matters Social Nature Movement   River Rescue and Water Safety trained: Health and Safety River Rescue and Water Safety Social Nature Movement   All our field workers maintain strict industry standards as members of the New Zealand Outdoor Instructors Association (NZOIA): Health and Safety New Zealand Outdoor Instructors Association (NZOIA) Social Nature Movement Staff are approved to work with young people by the New Zealand Police Vetting Service: Health and Safety Police Vetting Social Nature Movement Compliance We have a comprehensive safety management system to ensure our clients have opportunities to experience the great New Zealand outdoors without being exposed to reasonably foreseeable risks and hazards. It is important to us that you have all of the information you need to make an informed decision about participating. We work closely with other leading organisations in this industry to help regulate it further and tighten up on processes to lift New Zealand outdoor safety standards   Are landowners and workplaces responsible for Recreational Access and the Health and Safety at Work Act (2015)? Click here to find out...   Do you cover all legal requirements for running activities? We have a current AdventureMark Audit with annual surveillance and a complete renewal every three years. This is a national outdoor independent audit programme ensuring organisations are operating above the industry safety standard. We develop place, people and activity management plans for all our activities and sites we work in. Our comprehensive health and safety policy covers all aspects of our internal and external operations.   “Safety and EOTC” (Education Outside the Classroom) In 2002 the Ministry of Education published a document clarifying schools’ responsibilities regarding EOTC and the expectation of schools to meet the emerging requirements. We recognise those guidelines reflected in our out-of-school needs checklist and when partnering with schools we have a comprehensive mutual agreement contract.   Our objective Social Nature Movement is committed to the provision of a safe and healthy workplace for everyone. As a holder of ‘AdventureMark’ our Safety Systems and Operational Procedures are some of the best in the industry, and our safety record is a point in which we pride ourselves. Your safety is paramount to us. We are proud of our untarnished track record and operate under a comprehensive set of operational and compliance guidelines.   How we manage risks and hazards Instructor Handbooks are carried at all times by Instructors working in the field. This handbook contains policies, briefing points, crisis response information and hazards. The Instructor Handbook, SMP's and AMP's collectively comprise our risk and hazard register. This Handbook focuses on documenting hazards that apply to particular outdoor environments and specific activities. Fundamental Principles of Health and Safety at Work make up the over-arching tier of our managerial systems. Expert staff are integral to health and safety. We select only the best for the job. We look for people who have the right combination of skills, knowledge and experiences. New instructors go through a rigorous training and induction programme and continue to be mentored. Social Nature Movement uses modern, well maintained safety and emergency equipment. We have routine inspections, pre-use checks and scheduled replacements. Scheduled internal reviews of activities.