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Strengthening teams
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Strengthen corporate culture
Experience nature adventures
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From our founder…

I know that outdoor activities provide better socialisation.
Enjoy the adventure, the team building will happen naturally.

SNM Canoeing

About our offer

We are creating customised memorable experiences in nature, for corporate teams who want to strengthen their bond.

People are at the core of any business

We’re here to help you look after them. We propose experience packages to organise and encourage connection, bonding, creativity and wellbeing.

Nature is our most precious asset

Our nature immersive offers are designed to take your teams on a journey to reconnect and enjoy the splendour of the outdoors. We believe it certainly is the most powerful way to discover more about yourself, your team, your goals.

Ready for a customised experience?

Chris Lacoste builds teams

Chris Lacoste

All our adventures are led by our founder Chris. With a Masters and 18 years of experience in the industry, he is recognised as a passionate and reliable instructor, who keeps your team’s growth at heart. With a background of centre instructor, polytechnic tutor and secondary school teacher, Chris is dedicated to making your team’s experience memorable and generating a sense of true and mutual belonging. 

Pat Harrison, Managing Director, Woods Glass
"As culture and people, wellbeing is one of our main company values, I was feeling we were starting as a team to become disengaged. I was fortunate to be introduced to Chris Lacoste and after discussions, I felt Chris and his team have something to offer our staff.They are highly organised and very professional operators. We are very pleased with what Chris and his team have achieved to date, they continue to have groups of our people attending off-site days together.”
Mike Sullivan, Executive Director, D&H Steel Construction
“As part of our company drive to encourage staff to be active and improve their all round wellbeing we embarked on an adventure to take on the Coast to Coast challenge as teams and individuals. We engaged Chris initially to train our kayakers in the white water skills and certify them for grade 2 rivers. Our relationship with Chris has grown since and he has organised various adventures including bush tramping, snow caving, rock climbing, coastal kayaking, whitewater rafting and kayaking at WERO. We have made most of these adventures available to staff and their families. The benefits we gain from these initiatives are immeasurable and we highly recommend Chris and his team for their skills and professionalism in their outdoor offerings.”
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Working hand in hand with your company

We specialise in delivering team building activities Auckland wide, catering to businesses seeking to enhance collaboration and unity among their employees. Our diverse range of group activities is what Auckland businesses use when they aim to break down barriers and improve team dynamics in a fun and engaging way. Recognised as the go-to for team building Auckland business owners rely on to boost morale and productivity, our events are meticulously designed to meet the specific needs of each organisation. From outdoor adventures that challenge and inspire, to tailored corporate team building events that focus on developing key skills and competencies, we are committed to providing memorable experiences that have a lasting impact on your team’s performance and cohesion.


“Only strong teams can genuinely endorse company culture”

At SNM, we are committed to get your staff engaged in the experience you book.

The more engaged participants are towards the goals you want to achieve as a company (better bonding, stronger support culture etc.), the better your results, and the more convinced your team will be.

We are offering an open time to your teams, to reconnect to themselves and relate to others, building a common goal, together.

Nature Immersion

“Being in nature pushes you to open up and discover so much more”

Our nature immersion method has proven to provide better socialisation and higher personal satisfaction.

We know how experiencing team adventures in the outdoors can be an incredible way to discover more about one’s self abilities and to improve team dynamics.

Only natural experience can bring up solidarity, leverage confidence and generate mutual trust the way companies need it for their teams.


“A healthy mind in a healthy body.”

Here’s to productivity through wellbeing

Getting active has proven health benefits such as serotonin or endorphin secretion which helps with reducing anxiety or focusing issues.

Letting your people own their physical skills and figure out their body balance, even more so in an outdoor environment, will lead to unleash and maximise their mind potential.

SNM Walking

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