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Our multisport instructors and assessors help you gain grade two river skills and confidence through planning and preparation for kayak stages
Kayaking Grade Two Certificate

Kathmandu Coast to Coast Race Day Countdown


10th and 11th February 2023

Multisport adventure racing
Social Nature Movement

SNM Multisport River Training and Grade Two Certificate Dates 2022/2023 Summer Season:

September 23-26.

October 7-10, 12-14.

November 11-14, 18-21.

December 2-5, 16-19.

2023 January 14-16, 25-27.

Grade 2 certificate courses

River training, certifying and combined packages for your Grade 2 Kayak Certificate

Multisport Kayak Training Course

Two-day Multisport Kayak Training Course with our kayak school Coast to Coast kayak training

Multisport Kayak Grade Two Certificate

Two-day Grade 2 Kayak Course Coast to Coast Kayak Stage prerequisite

Training and Grade 2 Certificate Package

Four-day combined river package. Reduce doubling-up on travel time, logistics and get it done on one epic trip
From $850

Grade 2 Multisport Kayak Re-Certification

Expired? Come for a one-day river trip and show us your skills and knowledge 
From $250

Multisport Kayak skills courses

From frequently kayaking rivers, performance kayak coaching, kayak rolling, kayak intructor training and more…

Keep kayaking...

Already grade 2 certified? Get extra time on the river with more skills, more knowledge and experience
From $150

Multisport Kayak Coaching and Training

Kayak Technique Coaching, Courses, trips, training, skills courses and more…
From $90

Multisport Kayak Rolling Courses

Rolling your kayak upright is an essential skill all kayakers must learn
From $75

Multisport Kayak Guide and Instructor Training

Get knowledge, skills and experience becoming an NZOIA Multisport Kayak leader
From $200

Multisport Kayak extras

From boat transport, kayak rentals and tailor-made experiences…

Coast to Coast kayak & bike transport

C2C assistance aside your support crew, our boat & cycle transport helps your gear get there
From $200

Coast to Coast kayak hire / rental

Kayak rental & hire booking for race preparation; our multisport fleet has your C2C covered
From $100

Need something special?

For an introduction to possibilities; contact our consultants for bespoke experiences

Multisport Kayaking

It’s time for a multisport kayak NZ adventure!

You might be thinking “Where can I find kayak classes near me in Auckland?” Social Nature Movement has the answer!

Social Nature Movement has been multisport kayaking as long as rivers have flowed. Our firm foundations in the kayaking industry have seen thousands of people successfully kayak. Our clients adventure race the Kathmandu Coast to Coast Grade 2 in large numbers because we help many in gaining their grade 2 certificate.

Want to do better on river trips?

Perhaps this is your first time kayaking down a river or you might simply be a nervous beginnner multisporter. Or, you are on the fast-track to your personal race best, this adventure racing service will extend your ability. Many individuals, serious C2C competitors and athletes are coached by us after they have completed their certification, need to refresh or simply want more multisport kayaking water time.

Our multisport instructors have a thirst for improvement through training and preparation and our business has only strengthened. We coach and train primarily on flat and moving waters close to your home, school or work. The Mohaka, Waioeka and Rangitikei rivers we know best! Contact us for more info about kayak lessons, we will help!

Guidance for first-time Coast to Coast Multisport kayakers

First: Attend our Kayak Coaching and Training; gain fundamental kayak skills and knowledge, helping you get started for the C2C.

Then: Book our Multi Sport Kayak Course; get further into moving water and real rivers like the Mohaka, Waioeka and Rangitikei. Find a boat, paddle etc. you need to race with. Getting suitable gear that works for you is essential. Visit our shop for more clothing and equipment.

Later: Enter our Kayaking Grade Two Certificate; your grade 2 certificate is required for the Kathmandu Coast to Coast Kayak section. Build river experience by attending our river trips. Our weekends away continue improving your kayak training.

Where do we multisport kayak?

Mohaka River:

Click the graph for past and current Mohaka river flows (max operating flow 100 cumecs/1,200mm)

Mohaka River flow NZ  


Rangitikei River:

Click the graph for past and current Rangitikei river flows (max operating flow 120 cumecs/3,600mm @ Mangaweka)

Rangitikei River Flow NZ


Waioeka River:

Click the graph for past and current Waioeka river flows (max operating flow 60cumecs/2,000mm @ Cableway)

Waioeka River Flow NZ

Taupo Multisport Course Kayak Auckland

SNM are the North Island’s premier multisport kayaking instructors and guides

Adventure racing and multisport kayaking is ‘up there’ as a fantastic kayaking experience. APPROVED Coast to Coast race Provider; our instructors are multisport-endorsed!

Adventure racing the Kathmandu Coast to Coast? SNM is a preferred multisport kayaking training provider in the North Island for the Coast to Coast race. Come and join our team on the Mohaka, Waioeka and Rangitikei rivers!

If you are training for the Kathmandu Coast to Coast and living in the North Island then we are the option for you. Join our talented Kayaking Specialists for training and adventure racing. Spend days on the Mohaka, Waioeka and Rangitikei river sections.


Multi-sport kayaking in a safe and simple manner

SNM multisport will teach you all the essential C2C river skills you need to compete successfully in the Coast to Coast race. Our kayak instructors share their river paddling expertise with you as well as useful tips and skills for river racing.


Multisport Kayaking Coast to Coast Gear and Nutrition

Want to know what all the Top 10 and Elite Athletes use when competing? Click our photo to link to Bobby and Anna’s blog: 

Multisport Kayak Course Taupo


Your Kayaking Grade Two Certificate is just the beginning

This C2C course will help you improve both your river reading and paddling skills, with the aim of growing in both confidence and ability. This is a great couple of days on the river and we cannot recommend it enough, in fact do the trifecta with us on all three of the Mohaka, Waioeka and Rangitikei rivers.

Custom Multisport Kayaking Sessions

Multisport boat or White Water boat, Beginner or Advanced, we have the kayak instructors and resources to make you a better kayaker on any water or the river.

These are custom designed multisport kayaking sessions that will take you to the next level and beyond. Choose from 1 hour through to multiple days on the Mohaka, Waioeka and Rangitikei rivers. See the rivers and rapids as you have never seen them before.

If you’re about to do your first Coast to Coast Race, gaining solid grade 2 kayaking skills and confidence will be one of your most important steps.

Prepare yourself for the Kayaking Race in February. Everyone can learn to kayak and compete in the Kathmandu Coast to Coast.

SNM is about preparing new beginner multisport kayaking paddlers for the Coast to Coast race river section in the best possible way. Our aim is to provide a fresh, modern approach that is both unique and positive for our kayak stage clients.

We are super passionate about what we do, and we’re always looking for ways to improve the teaching methods we deliver to our C2C adventure racing athletes.

Learning to multisport kayak can be a huge challenge for many people, but SNM are confident that we can help any paddler become competent and confident on the river.


Already signed up for the Coast to Coast race?

Our team can provide you with the support and expertise you need to tackle the C2C and multisport kayaking with confidence.

Learn about our Workshops, our kayak camps on the Mohaka, Waioeka and Rangitikei rivers, Training Sessions and Grade 2 Certificate.

With our comprehensive Kayaking Grade Two Certificate package designed to build your kayaking skills in a safe and progressive manner, we help you become a safe and self-sufficient paddler capable and certified to race in events such the Kathmandu’s COAST TO COAST Multisport competition. Starting with the basics of kayak knowledge, progressing through white water techniques and finishing up with river running, this course will cover all the areas and skills that you need to know for multisport adventure racing. This multisport kayaking course includes all training and assessment and you will be awarded a Kayaking Grade Two Certificate.


Kayak Coaching & Certification

Increase your multisport kayaking speed and safety. Kayak training and grade 2 certification as well as tailored coaching programs for Coast to Coast, multisport and Ironman athletes.

On this course we help you navigate your journey from being a complete beginner to a competent grade 2 certified kayaker with the knowledge, skills, technique, and equipment to not only take on the Kathmandu Coast to Coast race, but to feel you belong on your adventure across the South Island of New Zealand.

By taking SNM on as your multisport kayaking instructor and mentor you will have the confidence of having someone at your side who gives 100% on the water and who has travelled the same road as you are about to take yourself, who knows that trepidation one feels at the beginning of their multisport and kayaking journey. 17+ years of multisport and kayaking at all levels provides SNM with the foundation of experience to help you become the best you can be as efficiently as possible.


The Coast to Coast – a rite of passage

It’s true for multisport athletes from around the world with over 20,000 people having completed the event in the 39 years to date. Held every February, the adventure race starts on the West Coast, at Kumara Beach and traverses the width of the South Island, crossing the main divide and finishing on the East Coast with the finish at the Pier on New Brighton Beach in Christchurch.

The adventure race is one of the world’s longest running multi-sports events. From similar roots, Robin Judkins founded the event in 1983 when just 25 hardy souls took on the 243km challenge over two days.

The One Day race was introduced in 1989 and has the title of the World Multisport Championship with the top athletes covering the entire course in close to 11 hours. The other end of the field sees some competitors in the Two Day race taking closer to 24 hours.

The mighty Waimakariri River. 70kms of braids and a stunning gorge, the multisport kayaking river section is for many both the highlight and the crux of the adventure race. The water flows swiftly in places and mixes long calm sections with rapids up to grade 2 in size.
It takes competitors from the heart of the Southern Alps out on to the Canterbury Plains.

If you have done all the above then we also arrange Kathmandu Coast to Coast gear transport and kayak hire / rental.


Train with us for the following kayaking events:

Motu Challenge
Rasdex Classic River Race
Rodney Coast Challenge
GODZone Adventure Race
Rangitikei Adventure Race
Kayak HQ Multisport Triathlon Race
The Waikato 100
Cambridge to Hamilton Kayak Race
The Clutha Classic
Ruamahanga River Race

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Multisport Kayak Endorsements

SNM are recommended and endorsed, by Kathmandu Coast to Coast.

Since 2017, SNM has helped 100’s of people train for kayaking and achieve river certifications. We are Endorsed NZOIA Grade 2 Multisport Kayak Instructors.

SNM are externally audited in Adventurous Activities.

AdventureMark™ is New Zealand’s largest adventure certification body. They work with over 200 operators here in New Zealand and in several countries worldwide providing our health and safety audit and adventure certification services across the globe.

SNM are Whitewater NZ members.

We are members of White Water NZ, helping protect and restore Aotearoa’s whitewater rivers and to enhance opportunities to enjoy them safely. 

SNM are NZOIA qualified kayak guides.

Promoting excellence in outdoor instruction and guiding through qualifications for professionals since 1987. Our instructors can organise, instruct and lead multisport kayaking on flat water and moving water up to and including class II. Our team have awards in both whitewater and multisport instruction.

SNM are water safety and river rescue qualified.

Our staff have the Rescue3 Whitewater Rescue Technician Professional (WRT-Pro). The qualification is designed for professional river users who require a rescue capability in a whitewater environment, e.g. safety kayakers. This course is recognized by Maritime New Zealand and the New Zealand Rivers Association as an appropriate qualification to work as a river guide.

SNM are approved Kayaking (River) operators through:

WorkSafe is New Zealand’s primary workplace health and safety regulator. Our audit is registered by WorkSafe New Zealand under the Adventure Activities Certification Scheme