Skiiing and Snowboarding

Ski & Snowboard New Zealand's Winter Wonderland

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11 days, $5,000 NZD

Start Queenstown, Finish Christchurch

Thrilling Ski & Snowboard Adventure: All-Inclusive Guided Winter Snow Holiday Tour in New Zealand’s South Island

Embarking on an all-inclusive guided Ski & Snowboard winter snow holiday tour through New Zealand’s picturesque South Island promises an exhilarating and seamless experience tailored to snow sports enthusiasts. This remarkable journey encapsulates the captivating allure of winter in New Zealand, inviting travelers to embrace the mountains, slopes, and snow-covered landscapes. Addressing key inquiries about this specialized tour enhances the excitement and anticipation of the adventure.

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Slope-Centric Itineraries

Guided Ski & Snowboard winter snow holiday tours offer meticulously curated itineraries that place the spotlight on the South Island’s premier snow sports destinations. Whether you’re a seasoned skier or a novice snowboarder, these tours ensure every day is filled with opportunities to hit the slopes and experience the thrill of gliding down powdery trails.

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  • All food and drinks (mixture of cafes, restaurants, artisan meal packs)
  • Private transport
  • Private accommodation (mixture of Airbnb Kiwi-Homes, high-end Hostels, Motels, Hotels and Resorts
  • Lift passes
  • Tour guide

Winter Wonderland Escapes

Venturing into New Zealand’s South Island in winter introduces travelers to a captivating winter wonderland. The majesty of snow-draped mountains, serene alpine villages, and pristine landscapes creates an ambiance that’s perfect for indulging in your favorite winter sports. Skiing and snowboarding take center stage, accompanied by the magic of après-ski relaxation and warm hospitality.


  • Flights to and from New Zealand
  • Optional and additional activities
  • Clothing and equipment hire
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Comprehensive Inclusions

An all-inclusive approach to this guided winter snow holiday tour means that every aspect of your adventure is meticulously planned and provided for. From lift passes to equipment rentals, accommodations, and even meals, your focus remains squarely on the slopes and the joy of skiing or snowboarding, while the details are seamlessly taken care of.


Experienced Guides and Safety

The presence of experienced local guides ensures that safety remains paramount throughout your Ski & Snowboard winter snow holiday tour. These experts possess an intimate understanding of the region’s ski resorts, mountain terrain, and ever-changing weather conditions. With their guidance, you can confidently navigate the slopes while receiving insider tips for maximizing your snow sports experience.

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Extra delights:


  • Hotpools
  • Stargazing
  • Aurora Australis
  • Camp fire
  • Night skiing

Embrace the Adventure

An all-inclusive guided Ski & Snowboard winter snow holiday tour in New Zealand’s South Island invites you to fully embrace the thrill of winter sports in a breathtaking setting. Through meticulously crafted itineraries, comprehensive inclusions, and the guidance of experienced local experts, you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the magic of skiing and snowboarding. As you ponder the appeal of such an adventure and consider the logistics of a winter sports getaway, rest assured that this guided tour is designed to elevate your experience and leave you with cherished memories of your snowy escapades in the stunning South Island landscape.

2024 NZ-Winter tour dates:

  • June: 17-27
  • July: 1-11, 15-25
  • August: 29(Jul.)-8, 12-22, 26-5(Sep.)
  • September: 9-19, 23-3(Oct.)

2025 NZ-Winter tour dates:

  • June: 16-26
  • July: 1-11, 14-24, 28-7(Aug.)
  • August: 11-21, 25-4(Sep.)
  • September: 8-18, 22-2(Oct.)

Alternative dates

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11 days, $5,000 NZD

Start Queenstown, Finish Christchurch