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NZ Auckland Outdoor Adventure gear rental / equipment hire

Your next camping adventure and overnight excursion with friends and family is within reach with our high-quality Outdoor Equipment and Clothing specialties.

Land-based rental gear

Water-based hire equipment

Snow-based rental gear

Overnight camping hire equipment

Safety rental gear

Equipment Rental and Gear Hire

Water-based hire equipment

SUP board (Starboard 12’6” x 31” Touring Hardboard) + leash + paddle + PFD + dry bags $109/day,

Single sea kayak (Barracuda) $89/day,

Double sea kayak (Mission Eco Niizh 565 XLT) $129/day,

Wetsuits $29/day,

Universal PFD’s $5/day,

Drybags (watershed) $9/day

10-person raft  $99/day

Pack raft $79/day

Pack raft paddle $29/day

Kayak spare split-paddles (White Water & Sea Kayak) $29/day


Snow-based rental gear

Transceiver $9/day,

Shovel $9/day,

Probe $9/day,


Overnight camping hire equipment

2-4 person Macpac tents $19/day,

3-4 person Trangia cookers $9/day,

‘Glamping’ tents $199/night empty, $399/night lavishing’s

Seven-meter geodesic dome tent $299/day,

13m marquee (70 people ‘standing’) $499/day,

17m marquee (140 people ‘standing’) $699/day,


Safety rental gear

PLB $9/day,

Emergency shelter $19/day,