Our story

At Social Nature Movement, we go beyond learning by doing and just running guided outdoor activities.

A discovery experience with us has you realising there is always more SNM leaves you wanting to come back to; that is essentially our brand.

Moving away from traditional activities, we seek out hard-to-find experiences and immersive educational journeys and bring them to you. As explorers ourselves, we know first-hand the power that human–nature synergy holds. Being at one with nature is inspiring, empowering and moving. It unlocks memorable experiences that shape us.

But the most enriching experiences aren’t solely about the destination; they’re also about the journey. We do something each time for the environment and the community, making every SNM outing bigger than ourselves and the activity.

SNM is a proud member of the Tourism Industry Association, helping raise awareness of travel and tourism as one of NZ’s largest industries, supporting 225,384 jobs and generating $115 million per day. (pre-COVID).

Social Nature Movement

Our Mission

Helping New Zealanders live better lives by connecting them to each other and nature

Our Values

• Knowledgeable Passionate Attentive Authentic Purposeful

Our Goal

Offering our partners value and quality in outdoor experiences through innovation and curiosity

Our Vision

Sharing and discovering more journeys through nature-based experiences and human-powered movement

From our founder...

“We're on a mission to help people connect with nature and each other in a more conscious way, we take you on more journey-based adventures that are waiting right around your corner”

— Chris Lacoste

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SNM’s love for the great outdoors and thirst for discovering more is what inspires us, empowers us, and makes us feel alive. But in today’s modern world where most of us work in offices and live in urban areas, we’re distanced from nature (and ourselves) more than ever. Facebook wants to give you power to share your experiences with others. We’re here to change that. What people really need are the tools to connect to their own experiences, understand what happens to them and how others see it.

Working in and around New Zealand, we offer a huge range of land, snow and water-based nature experiences for every age and ability. Whether it’s the physical journey up the mountain or the internal journey of stepping outside your comfort zone, actively connecting with nature alongside other people invigorates ones existentialism.

So we’ve made it our mission to help people discover better ways of living and working by delivering outdoor experiences encouraging and nurturing human–nature relationships. Are you ready to discover more?

Behind SNM

Social Nature Movement: more than a tripartite name.

Being active outdoors with others is good for our health and wellbeing. We take that deeper and broader with Social Nature Movement in one idea meaning in Greek “Hendiatris” (one through three). We liken that to the Latin phrase “omne trium perfectum” (everything that comes in threes is perfect) emphasising what we do; engaging more people with more places and more movement. It’s good for our bodies, it’s good for our souls, and it’s good for our sense of community.

SNM is what some interpret as an actual movement: what Wikipedia describes as “a loosely organized effort by a large group of people to achieve a particular goal”. Movement itself is important as with the other two, think about the best things in life: being with friends, free-air living and physical activity.

So, by taking a holistic approach to the great outdoors and bringing awareness to how everything is connected, we delve deep into the soul of a place and reconnect. So you can get lost in the moment and immerse yourself in a journey you’ll never forget.

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Our difference...

Teachable moments, unforgettable learning

The best outdoor experiences are all about the journey. And the best journeys start with awareness.

Whether it’s a bird flying by, a fallen tree we need to scramble over, or an historical site we encounter, we bring awareness to the details. These teachable moments allow you to make memorable connections between the people you’re with, the place you’re exploring, and the nature surrounding you.

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Agency over your adventure

At Social Nature Movement, you’re not just another number. Even though we go out into nature as a group, we respond to you on an individual level. By getting to know you and bringing you on board at every opportunity, we create an environment where you have agency over your experience.

Discover natural wonders on your doorstep

We’re so fortunate in New Zealand. Even in the most built-up urban areas, there are adventures waiting around every corner. In parks, by the rivers, at local lookout points… the great outdoors is closer than you think.

The sky’s the limit

From tramping and rock climbing, to kayaking, paddle boarding and everything in between, we offer a whole range of land and water-based outdoor activities in and around Auckland with even more New Zealand locations coming soon.

Legendary guides

Our network of qualified guides facilitate immersive nature experiences that inspire you, empower you, and straight-up move you. And because they’re Kiwis themselves, they give you true insight into the landscape and culture that makes New Zealand so special.

Explore your way

Because our guides have so much experience exploring New Zealand’s natural playgrounds, we can customise (almost) any adventure. We are always here to inspire you with the trips we’ve been on. Just ask.

We welcome everyone with open arms

At Social Nature Movement, anyone and everyone is welcome. We create a friendly, safe environment where you can have fun and be yourself. And we guarantee that you’ll leave with new friendships, a sense of adventure, and a burning desire to come back.

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