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Duke of Edinburgh Training

Delivering the Duke of Edinburgh award syllabus in a way that ‘makes sense’
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Duke of Edinburgh Planning

Our DofE planning sessions give you the knowledge needed to succeed on your practice and qualifying journeys
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Bronze DoE

DoE Bronze Practice Adventurous Journey

Designed to equip you with the practical knowledge needed for future DoE adventures
From $200

DoE Bronze Qualifying Adventurous Journey

The Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award is the first step in getting you out and experiencing nature
From $250
Silver DoE

DoE Silver Practice Adventurous Journey

Building on the learning you developed at Bronze DofE level, we’ll help you prepare for full expedition independence
From $300

DoE Silver Qualifying Adventurous Journey

You’ll face new and exciting DoE challenges and get to explore even cooler corners of the natural world
From $350
Gold DoE

DoE Gold Practice Adventurous Journey

The final frontier, Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award brings together all your hard work, persistence and dedication from Bronze and Silver DoE 
From $400

DoE Gold Qualifying Adventurous Journey

Tap into your adventurous spirit on a whole new level, it will be up to you and your teammates to plan and lead an extended DofE expedition in its entirety
From $450

Outdoor adventure DoE gear hire / rental

2-4 person Macpac tents $20/day, 3-4 person Trangia cookers $10/day and PLB $10/day.
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Duke of Edinburgh Award

The DofE award Duke of Ed Practice Qualifier International Hillary Award is an international developmental award launched over 60 years ago with more than 130 countries and over 8 million people having adventurously journeyed.

Train, Plan, Practice and Qualify your Bronze, Silver and Gold with Social Nature Movement.

The International Hillary Award DofE adventurous journey can take place on land or water. The team can travel by their own efforts (foot, cycle, paddle) with non-motorised means (tramping, cycling, mountain biking, stand up paddle (SuP) boarding, sea kayaking, dragon boating, rafting, multisport kayak, alpine mountaineering, boogie boarding and more…).

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is an internationally recognized developmental program that offers young people the opportunity to challenge themselves and develop important life skills. Social Nature Movement is proud to be one of the approved Duke of Edinburgh expedition providers and to offer training, planning, and practice for those working towards the Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award requirements and Duke of Edinburgh Award NZ wide.

Our experienced instructors lead Duke of Edinburgh NZ adventurous journeys through New Zealand’s breathtaking natural environments, using human-powered movement such as hiking, cycling, and paddle boarding. This allows participants to not only push themselves physically, but also gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the world around them.

At Social Nature Movement, we believe in the transformative power of the Duke of Edinburgh Award and are dedicated to helping young people unlock their full potential through this program. Whether you’re wondering “Where can I do Duke of Edinburgh Award?” or simply wanting to know “What is the Duke of Edinburgh Award?”, we are here to support and guide you on your journey.

DofE award Duke of Ed Practice Qualifier The Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award

Using New Zealand’s breathtaking natural environments as the classroom, The Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award offers young Kiwis an incredible opportunity to develop themselves, gain life-skills, and forge lasting friendships.


DoE Adventurous Journey NZ About the Duke of Edinburgh award levels

Open to anyone aged 14–24, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award includes three levels – Bronze, Silver and Gold.
Students can enrol for the Bronze award around year 10, progress to Silver around year 11, and go on to Gold around year 12. They have until their 25th birthday to complete all three stages.

DoE Bronze Award NZ Bronze: two days and one night,
Silver DoE Award Silver: three days and two nights,
NZ Dofe Gold Badge Gold: four days and three nights.

The Duke Of Edinburghs International Award What SNM offers for DofE

As approved activity providers for The Duke of Edinburgh Award, we create a fun, safe and engaging environment that encourages students to stretch themselves and embrace purposeful growth. From training and planning sessions through to practice and qualifying journeys, we support students through every stage of the Bronze, Silver and Gold awards. And our highly qualified International Hillary Award DofE instructors keep participants interested and motivated, so they can move to the next level with confidence.


DofE award Duke of Ed Practice Qualifier What is The Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award?

Open to anyone aged 14-24, The Duke of Edinburgh Award includes three levels (Bronze, Silver & Gold) and four sections. Skills, Service, Physical Recreation and an Adventurous Journey. At Gold level, participants also complete a Residential Project.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award equips young people for life and work, because not all learning happens in classrooms. Young people design their own International Hillary Award DofE, set goals and record personal progress. We facilitate opportunities for participants to stretch themselves and track their growth.

Proven to transform the lives of millions of young people, will you join the International Hillary Award DofE ?


Auckland Duke Of Edinburgh Award What is an Adventurous Journey?

The opportunity to engage in adventurous activities in a new environment provides participants with the chance to learn more about their wider environment, as well as develop their self-confidence, teamwork and health. The Adventurous Journey section of the International Hillary Award DofE aims to take young people out of their comfort zone but within a safe and secure setting achieved through suitable training and supervision.

The aim is to encourage a spirit of adventure and discovery whilst undertaking a journey in a group.

See us in action here…

DoE Adventurous Journey Duke of Edinburgh Ethos

This section of the International Hillary Award DofE seeks to provide participants with a unique, challenging and memorable experience. The venture, with an agreed purpose, should be undertaken in a small team in an unfamiliar environment, requiring determination, physical effort, perseverance and co-operation to complete. The key elements of this section are teamwork in planning and undertaking a journey against the background of the real challenges posed by an unfamiliar environment. The environment chosen should be challenging but within the capabilities of the team.


The Duke Of Edinburghs International Award History of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award was founded in 1956 by Prince Philip, Kurt Hahn (German educationalist) and Lord Hunt (leader of the first successful ascent of Everest).

Their idea was about developing youth and initially available only to boys, then two years later great demands launched a female intake.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award has been running in New Zealand since 1963. Today, the Award has expanded to target anyone wanting to develop themselves.


DofE award Duke of Ed Practice Qualifier Who delivers The Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award in Auckland and New Zealand?

Delivered in New Zealand by licensed organisations like us, we are Approved Activity Providers for The Award.

Social Nature Movement provides Adventurous Journeys by Tramping, Sea Kayaking, Stand up Paddle (SuP) boarding and Packrafting.

If tramping, journeys must be on formed tracks and those tracks should be in-line with the Department of Conservations (DoC) Walking track categories: Bronze = ‘easy’, Silver = ‘ intermediate’, Gold = ‘advanced’. ‘expert’ at SNM’s and DoE’s discretion.


DofE award Duke of Ed Practice Qualifier Are you a school wanting to partner with SNM?

Social Nature Movement facilitates The Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme as an extra-curricular activity. Students may enrol for the Bronze Award around Year 10, progress to Silver around Year 11 and Gold around Year 12. Although they do have until their 25th birthday to finish.

Social Nature Movement provides all parts of the Adventurous Journey, led by our skilled, knowledgeable and experienced staff. We have trained in many locations throughout New Zealand and have qualified International Hillary Award DofE staff able to go almost anywhere you need!

As accredited providers, we facilitate all stages and all levels of The Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme as an extra-curricular activity with your school.

With a deep pool of qualified guides that have trained in many locations throughout New Zealand, we have the experience and flexibility to provide the award almost anywhere. So, whether you’ve got a group of 1 or 100 students, we can help.


DoE Adventurous Journey Auckland How does The Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award work?

Activities happen under guidance of our Award Leader who manages the Duke of Edinburgh Award. They will supervise, discuss, encourage and motivate participants to reach their goals.

Our assessors – who have relevant knowledge, skills and experiences – help participants with each section of their Duke of Edinburgh Award. Once participants meet the International Hillary Award DofE requirements, Social Nature Movement writes a short report and signs their Online Record Book (ORB).

To start your Duke of Edinburgh Award, register here


DofE award Duke of Ed Practice Qualifier International Duke of Edinburgh Groups

We manage everything for your Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award and completing the Adventurous Journey and Residential sections.

If you are undertaking an International Adventurous Journey, the relevant International Hillary Award DofE section is 8.17 and found on pages 99 – 102. For more information, click here…

We can host many groups from around the world. Contact us for an itinerary specific to your group.

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NZ DoE Adventurous Journey Auckland Private Duke of Edinburgh Journeys

We cater for individual and unique needs. To book a private International Hillary Award DofE journey or for more information; contact us, we will help!

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The Duke Of Edinburghs Hillary Award Custom Duke of Edinburgh Explorations

We are always innovating futuristic explorations to acquire skills, knowledge and experiences. If you want to explore by walking, cycling, kayaking or anything else then you have explored the best company! To customise your curiosity or for more information; contact us, we will help!


DofE award Duke of Ed Practice Qualifier NCEA credits for The Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award participants

NZQA NCEA credits Social Nature Movement The Duke of Edinburgh’s (DoE) International Hillary Award Adventurous Journey Auckland New Zealand NZ Bronze Silver Gold International Award Training Practice Qualifier Qualifying Journey dofehillary


The Duke Of Edinburghs Hillary Award Auckland Benefits of the Duke of Edinburgh Award

• Working as part of a team
• Understanding group dynamics, the participant’s own role and
the role of others in a team
• Enhancing leadership skills
• Improving planning and organisational ability, and attention
to detail
• Learning to make real decisions and accept real consequences
• Obtaining a sense of achievement and satisfaction by
overcoming challenges and obstacles
• Developing self-reliance and independence
• Experiencing and appreciating the outdoor environment
• Gaining the appropriate knowledge and skills to journey safely
in that environment
• Exercising imagination and creativity by choosing their
own journey
• Improving their investigating, reviewing and presentational skills
• Enjoyment

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Duke of Edinburgh Award Credentials

SNM are NZOIA qualified guides and members.

Promoting excellence in outdoor instruction and guiding through qualifications for professionals since 1987. Our instructors can organise, instruct and lead multisport kayaking on flat water and moving water up to and including class II. Our team have awards in both whitewater and multisport instruction.

Duke of Edinburgh Award
SNM are DoE Accredited Award Providers (AAP)

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is a youth awards programme founded in the United Kingdom in 1956 by Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, that has since expanded to 144 nations.

Education Outdoors New Zealand
SNM are EONZ members

EONZ is a national professional organisation leading, supporting & influencing education outside the classroom (EOTC) and education outdoors in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Child matters
SNM are trained in Child Protection

Effecting change to prevent abuse and neglect. Child Matters works with all sectors including professionals, community organisations, families and whānau, to deliver training, provide advice regarding policy and procedures, and recommend resources regarding child protection issues.

Adventure Mark
SNM are externally audited in Adventurous Activities

AdventureMark™ is New Zealand’s largest adventure certification body. They work with over 200 operators here in New Zealand and in several countries worldwide providing our health and safety audit and adventure certification services across the globe.

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