Outdoor Rock Climbing

Outdoor Rock Climbing

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Welcome to Outdoor Rock Climbing in New Zealand.

Outdoor Rock Climbing in New Zealand is geologically diverse offering a wide variety of climbing styles on many rock types in stunning settings. From grottos to sea cliffs, city crags to mountain walls, there is something for every climber. Whether you want to clip bolts, wiggle in wires, slap slopers or punch it for a summit, there’s something here for you.

Outdoor Rock Climbing crags in New Zealand you can climb with us:

Some classic must-climb Outdoor Rock Climbing crags in New Zealand include: Ti Point, Auckland City, Te Ananui, Wharepapa South, Waitomo, Mount Maunganui, Mangorewa, Kinloch, Kawakawa bay, Whanganui Bay, Mangatepopo Valley, White Falls, Baring Head, Turakirae Head … currently there are over 12,000 recorded routes and counting!

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Real Rock Climbing Experiences!
Experience Climbing On Real Outdoor Rocks…
Rock climbing outdoors is a fast-growing adventure recreation sport, and for us it’s a passion! Even better, climbing outdoors is great! The thrill of our rock climbing experiences stretch your abilities (for the better) as you top-rope climb ancient cliffs! With amazing outdoor climbing views of the countryside, boulder valleys, and the extinct volcanoes of Auckland, it’s an awe-inspiring adventure. Your fully qualified and experienced guide(s) teach you the safest form of climbing there is and impart knowledge and skills necessary to participate and ultimately at some point go out there yourself.

Already an experienced and competent climber? Perhaps you are alone or a sole traveler? You may even just want to switch the brain off and climb while being guided around crags and climbs without wasting time? Let us know, we can help! Push yourself mentally and physically or take your climbing skills to the next level. Learn anything in the rock climbing world from bouldering, top-roping, lead/sport-climbing, multi-pitch or trad climbing with our passionate instructors.

We also do rock climbing combos
Learning the basics of rock climbing and movement techniques, you will be exposed to fundamental bouldering movements, then progress on to top-rope climbing and eventually lead climbing with basic transitions and abseiling to come down safely and retrieve your gear. Perfect for anyone wanting to get into climbing outdoors and be a proficient climber.

Experience rock climbing in a fun safe environment and learn the basics of this exciting sport. Ideal for novice to climbers or travellers wanting to see more of New Zealand’s sites or a seasoned veteran wanting to introduce friends and family to the sport but doesn’t have all the gear, then this is for you. We have packages, private groups and more!

Rock climbing with Social Nature Movement means quality instruction, guiding and climbing. We have a huge variety of climbing available, we start with the basics and progress you through all the essential skills. Rock Climbing is available for corporate team building programs, private courses and school groups. Contact us directly for details.

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Beginner Outdoor Rock Climbing

Lead Climbing

Trad Climbing

Multi-Pitch Rock Climbing

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