Team Nature Experiences

Bond to thrive more

The Team Nature Experience is a customised day in nature, organised around your choice of arranged outdoor physical activities.

Based on your needs and objectives, we’ll lead your staff through better team understanding, collaboration and mutual support, engaging them in a unique experience.

This amazing off site day is all-inclusive, meaning that SNM takes care of everything, from transport and gear to lunch and comms content production.

Is this for my company?

If you are dedicated to enhancing your staff commitment through trust and well being, if you want to improve your stakeholders collaboration, if you want to foster an existing positive culture: Yes. These experiences are for you and your teams!

What can I expect?

Not one of these experiences are the same. But they surely all bring on the fun, the care, the respect and the soul invigoration that physical activity in a natural environment provides.

Working hand in hand with your company


Adventurous experience

“The kind of activities that really build teams”

Team days including rafting, climbing, kayaking or paddle boarding are the ones people will remember.

The ones they will refer to.

Recalling them as “this exceptional time” they were given to live with who they now call their “team”, and are still grateful for.


“Nature allows you to “feel” what your forget to see in your daily life”

Gathering as a team in a forest, near a lake, in the mountains, working towards the same adventurous goals…

… during a full day, away from routine and stress.

Is there any better way to reconnect with your colleagues, get to meet them again and look at your job differently?


“We are in this together. We move

Movement is at the core of what we do.

Our Team Nature Experience offer focuses on driving positive corporate culture through physical challenges, inviting your staff to transcend themselves and beat their limitations beliefs as a team.

SNM Walking

Nature immersive day out

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