Team Challenge Preparation

Unite to achieve more

Nothing cements people more than spending recurrent time together, making consistent effort to achieve a common goal.

Well, isn’t that what colleagues do at work? They may. But before they actually turn into a united, efficient team, they have much to discover about each other.

We know that being engaged in a corporate physical challenge (coast to coast, team races, triathlon…), and meeting a group in nature for preparation is the ultimate way to call them your team.

At SNM, we have a long experience of training corporate teams at trail running, kayak races etc. and we know no better approach to federate colleagues. We know how to help your people surpass themselves and nourish their confidence, eventually benefitting their overall performance at work.

Is this for my company?

If you are looking at putting a team up for a meaningful physical challenge, if you want to encourage wellbeing and comradeship within your teams, if you want to support a charity cause through a corporate challenge: Yes. This team challenge preparation is for you and your teams!

You might take your team to the Coast to Coast, Motu Challenge, Rodney Coast Challenge, Big Bang Adventure Race, GODZone Adventure Race or the Spirited Women Adventure Race.

SNM can help with kayak skills, grade 2 certificates, packrafting, navigation skills (map & compass), paddle boardingabseiling/rock climbing skills and much more.

What can I expect?

Whether we meet with you weekly, fortnightly or monthly, we will organise recurring team training from pick up, gear and drop off. Occurring in nature, the preparation will include mental and physical preparation, allowing your team to tackle the challenge in the best possible conditions and set them up for success.


Working hand in hand with your company

Mental Wellbeing

“We just felt so good.”

Participating in recurring physical activity, in a positive and supportive environment, motivated by a genuine and challenging goal, is one of the most rewarding experiences you can provide to your staff.

Not only it pushes them to surpass their physical shape, but also increases their mental wellbeing and strengthens their self confidence.


“Nature is simply the best coach. You get so much more from running in real mud!”

Training in nature is an exceptional experience. More intense than running in a park or along a road in any urban environment or at any gym facility.

Nature gives people strength, inspiration and a determination like no other.

Our nature immersive preparation sessions, because they are so unique, are a strong element in the teams’ full commitment to practice and, therefore, success.


Corporate teams who achieve physical challenges such as trails or races, create a fantastic bond, within themselves and with the company that allowed and facilitated the experience.

Among loyalty, credit and trust, engagement in daily tasks and long term advocacy will be part of your return on investment.

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Nature immersed team training

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