Land-based Activities and Adventures

Our land-based adventures and activities cater to everyone and include everything you ever thought possible in more places you had ever imagined
Land-based Activities and Adventures

Hiking / Tramping / Walking

The best way to see beautiful tramping landscapes and explore vast wilderness hiking areas
From $89

Backyard Glamping

Birthdays, gatherings, boys/girls night, celebrations, weddings, we’ve got you covered; literally
From $199

Outdoor Rock Climbing

Sport climb to the height of your potential
From $89

Navigation and Survival

Find your way using map, compass, sun and moss. Survive with vegetation, fire, ways to collect water and knife skills.
From $89

Dark Sky Stargazing Tours

See beyond the light pollution and artificial illumination
From $99

Meola Reef Te Tokoroa

Auckland’s longest lava flow (11km) with its two kilometer long tidal tongue basalt reef
From $89

Caving and Glow worms

Discover natural underground passages and learn about cave formations; delve deeper with us
From $89

Foraging foods tour

Organic, free-range, fare-trade and abundant. Access edibles in your area by picking, pulling and plucking for your palate.
From $89

Guide and Instructor Training

Get knowledge, skills and experience becoming an NZOIA Bush, Rock or Cave Instructor
From $199

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