Land-based Activities and Adventures

Land-based Activities & Adventures

Our land-based adventures and activities cater to everyone and include everything you ever thought possible in more places you had ever imagined
Land-based Activities and Adventures

Hiking / Tramping / Walking

The best way to see beautiful tramping landscapes and explore vast wilderness hiking areas

Glamping accommodation

Birthdays, gatherings, boys/girls night, celebrations, weddings, we’ve got you covered; literally

Outdoor Rock Climbing

Sport climb to the height of your potential or take on the strength and style of bouldering

Caving & Glow worms

Discover natural underground passages and learn about cave formations; delve deeper with us


Land-based sunrise, sunset, full moon, stargazing and cosmic experiences

Meola Reef Te Tokaroa

Auckland’s longest lava flow (11km) with its two kilometer long tidal tongue basalt reef

New Zealand is an extraordinary land-based landscape.

Not only does NZ have every dream-scape you can think of crammed into an area the size of California (but with about 34 million fewer people), it also offers many land activities, adventures and experiences, most of which are easily accessed from a city (or even luxury) base. SNM offers some quintessential New Zealand land-based adventures, with something for every level of ability.

Not only is New Zealand an adventure capital and outdoor playground, it is also extremely important to the people of the land who work with it, live from it and bascially depend on it in many ways; spirtual connecition is one of many. So, we must ‘play’ properly, respect all places and spaces in a sustainable approach.


The Best Land-Based Experiences in New Zealand

Our purpose is to make the connection with our customers, through our people, to our place. We are a small, respected growth-company in Aotearoa (New Zealand), hosting customers from various places.

We take pride in warmly welcoming visitors to our earthing experiences. Ground yourself with mother earth’s energies, dig your toes into earth soils and do more than listening to the guide and looking to where they point. Hospitality is one of SNM’s core values driving the way we do business. As hosts, we care for our customers and our team as our own family.

Our landscape tourism roots extend back to guiding and instructing on mountains, from caving to rock climbing and everything beyond. Tourism allows us to reconnect with mountains and other substrates; providing lasting landscape memories for our customers.

Through our geographical interpretations and geological story-telling based experiences, we share our most precious treasures – the stories of our people and customary traditions.


Scenic Adventures and Countryside Activities

New Zealand is among the top-3 adventure capitals of the world. Home of many firsts, an innovative spirit and a love of thrills. We invite you to share our passion of the land, try something new and embark on an unforgettable land-based adventure.

New Zealand’s landscape has been shaped by many different people, cultures and lifestyles from its earliest days—but it’s the kiwi’s pioneering spirit and sense of adventure that leaves a lasting impression on those who walk our soils.

Home to the latest and greatest adventures, there is no shortage of adrenaline activities for anyone looking to test their limits. Get the heart pumping and immerse yourself in our natural surrounds with outdoor adventures from mountaineering and climbing, hiking and mountain biking.

If living life full-speed isn’t quite your thing, the cruisy side of New Zealand is also easy to find, and it’s full of leisurely experiences with the wow-factor. Embark on a beautiful sightseeing expedition or a breath-taking scenic tour on land.

Choose your New Zealand adventure and experience something new.



SNM land-based experiences

SNM has carved out a name for itself as a comprehensive resource for travellers seeking eco-friendly experiences in New Zealand. Through its website and travel guides, SNM has provided travellers with an abundance of travel and tour information.

But SNM’s efforts have gone further than just informing travellers about the variety of eco-friendly bush experiences available in New Zealand. It has also helped raise international awareness of New Zealand as a visitor destination.

SNM eco-tourism land experiences feature on many international visitors’ holiday plans and that will only increase relevance to visitors and local eco-tourism businesses.

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