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At Social Nature Movement, we go beyond learning by doing and just running guided outdoor activities. We facilitate immersive natural experiences; connecting you with nature and each other in a more conscious and meaningful way.

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Outdoor Adventure Guide & Instructor Training in New Zealand Nature exteriences that move you
Sea Kayaking, Stand-up Paddle Boarding, Pack Rafting NZ Outdoor Education Courses

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With a huge range of land, snow and water-based New Zealand activities and nature tours, our adventures include everything you ever thought possible in more places you had ever imagined. Offering day discoveries and extended expeditions, we help people of all ages and fitness levels, so you can discover more in the ultimate playground; Mother Nature.

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Our why: we enable you to discover more

Taking a holistic approach to the great outdoors, we bring awareness of connections between humans and nature through physical activity. "Discover more" is our brand essence; we help you delve into the soul of a place, so you can engage on a deeper level and rediscover our intimate bond with the natural world. Every SNM outing is bigger than ourselves and the activity: we do something each time for the environment and the community. A true experience and journey you’ll never forget.

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School camps and Holiday Programmes, Auckland New Zealand

Why us: value-over-volume

✓ Feel the “good-to-great” SNM Experience ✓ Safety ✓ Cancellation flexibility ✓ Covid Clean practices ✓ Small ‘bubbles’ ✓ Meet authentic locals ✓ Contactless technology experiences ✓ Find out about our ‘Regenerative Tourism’ ✓ Cultural Stories ranging from National, Regional and Local ✓ The best “Transformative Travel” (4-dimensional tours) with SNM


We offer a range of gear and equipment for most of our actvities.

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