Water-based Activities and Adventures

Our water-based adventures and activities cater to everyone and include everything you ever thought possible in more places you had ever imagined
Water-based Activities and Adventures

Bethells Boogie

An inspiring sea cave journey with a spin of ocean adventure as we boogie our way back catching waves to shore

Bioluminescent Night Tour

Experience waters come alive in bright glowing hues known as ‘sea sparkle’
From $89

Kayak Rolling Courses

Rolling your kayak upright is an essential skill learnt through structured kayak courses
From $89

Sea Kayaking

See the sea from your kayak and take a slow journey to fasten your marine discoveries
From $89

Multi Sport Kayaking

Social Nature Movement has been kayaking as long as rivers have flowed
From $89

Stand up Paddle (SuP) Boarding

It’s not quite walking on water, but it’s close. And what a unique vantage point you get from up here
From $89

Whangamarino Journey

Join us on this trip that less than 1% of the population has experienced
From $899

Waikato River Journey

Experience a local 143km uninterrupted river journey that is accessible to most
From $1,799

Packrafting Explorations

Expeditions and Education redefining tramping and paddling as inspiration to explore
From $299

Guide and Instructor Training

Get knowledge, skills and experience becoming an NZOIA Kayak instructor
From $199

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Water-based Activities and Adventures

Thousands of kilometres of coastline, lakes and rivers herald New Zealand as a water sports mecca.

Sailing, surfing, diving, fishing – Kiwis love the water and we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to water activities. Indulging your passion for the water is easy to do here in New Zealand and limited only by your imagination.

New Zealand is globally known as the ‘Adventure Capital’ of the world and one of the main reasons for this is its wide array of exhilarating water sports. Ranging from surfing, paddle boarding to diving, and bodyboarding; there is a bounty of New Zealand water sports which allures every adventure enthusiast to check them out. So, next time, if New Zealand holiday is in your mind; be prepared for an electrifying adrenaline rush.

In Auckland, aptly known as the “city of sails’; this beautiful city of New Zealand offers sailing experience in various types of wooden boats, yachts and water vessels throughout the city’s scenic harbours. If you still wish to instigate the adventure-freak in you and experience some electrifying water sports in New Zealand; try surfing, paddle boarding and sea kayaking along the pristine beaches of Auckland.

Beacuse of it’s seafaring roots, the twin harbours of Waitemata and Manukau provide a fantastic water playground for a huge array of water activities and adventures.

Scenic cruises around the harbour provide a relaxing way to see the iconic sights of Auckland and a number of the larger islands that dot the Hauraki Gulf. For those who prefer a little more speed, there is the chance to race in an America’s Cup yacht, or hop in a jet boat for a whistle stop tour of Waitemata Harbour. Fishing trips that double up as scenic cruises are a popular activity while the ferry service from the terminal on Quay Street, gives visitors access to many of the nearby Islands, including the Island of Wine, ‘Waiheke’, and its many vineyards and glorious beaches. With more time on your hands, chartering your own luxury yacht gives you the freedom to explore the incredible setting of Auckland and beyond. A visit to Auckland is about getting on the water, so there’s no shortage of water activities to keep you entertained.

There is a Lot of Water in New Zealand; a Lot!

If it isn’t in the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean surrounding the 15,000km of coastline, it’s the obscene amount of lakes (3,820 of them to be exact). New Zealand has made the most out of these waters by hosting some incredible water sports. From a casual exploration trip by kayak to fighting to keep inside your raft in white water rafting, there are plenty of ways to be entertained on the water in New Zealand.No wonder so many Kiwis love to get out on the ocean, whether it’s to sail to the many offshore islands or surf the pumping waves. Make like a New Zealander and tick off the eight epic water sports activities from your New Zealand adventure bucket list!

Surrounded by beautiful lakes, rivers and fiords, New Zealand is an ideal destination for all your favourite water and lake activities, and some you may not have discovered yet.
You can embark on a leisurely boat cruise, a thrilling jet boat ride through steep ravines or across the open waters of Lake Wakatipu, or explore deep canyons around the region on a canyoning escapade.

Meanwhile, parasailing lifts you high above the lake as you sail along behind a boat, enjoying the thrill of the ride and the beautiful scenery from above.

Enjoy a relaxing canoeing or kayaking trip down a pristine river, across a sparkling lake or on a remote fiord. Kayaking excursions in Queenstown are great for the whole family and for travellers looking for a social group activity.

The ultimate in water adventures in Queenstown will take you back to the rivers, where you can go whitewater rafting or river surfing. Take your pick from heli-rafting, family rafting, river boarding, river surfing – Queenstown offers a grade of rapids for everyone, from beginners to advanced whitewater enthusiasts.


Water Sports Activities To Enjoy in New Zealand

One of the adventure capitals of the world, there are few places that get the adrenaline flowing like New Zealand. Its array of national parks present so many things to do for all types of traveller. Tough and challenging hikes, mountain biking, and epic road trips are all on the cards. And that’s before we talk about the beaches. New Zealand has more than 15,000 kilometres of epic coastline, so it’s perfect for a range of water sports!

In this post, I’ll take a look at some of the best water sports you can enjoy on New Zealand’s beaches. Hopefully, it’ll give you a better idea of where to go in New Zealand and what to do while you’re there.

When you want to keep cool this summer, you’ve got loads of options. Of course, you can sit in the shade, lick an ice cream and enjoy your favourite long, cold drink but there’s a lot of water-based activities, sports and playgrounds to enjoy too! So grab your sunscreen, your hat and your sunnies to enjoy the New Zealand summer safely and get out there!

Water Sports and Wet Adventures
Kayaking with seals, New Zealand
There are plenty of ways to get wet in New Zealand with ample opportunity for visitors and locals to enjoy numerous water sports. Local tourism operators can provide you with all the safety equipment you need to enjoy these water sports and tuition is generally available for beginners. Whilst you’re on holiday and the sun is hot, there’s no better time to throw a bit of caution to the wind and have fun in the water.

Water sports are all about experiencing the magnificent ocean and water from above, on and below. Pop on a breathing tank and embark on a scuba diving adventure, or stay above the waves on a fishing charter. Whether you’re looking for an exhilarating or relaxing experience on the water, we’ve got you covered. With options like jet boat rides, yacht cruises and white water rafting, they make the perfect gifts for those ready to bring out their inner explorer or hit the open water!


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