Water-based Activities and Adventures

Water-based Activities & Adventures

Our water-based adventures and activities cater to everyone and include everything you ever thought possible in more places you had ever imagined

Bethells Boogie

An inspiring sea cave journey with a spin of ocean adventure as we boogie our way back catching waves to shore

Bioluminescent Night Tour

Experience lively waters in bright glowing hues known as ‘sea sparkle’ and imagine yourself in ‘Milky Seas’ like the Life of Pi

Sea Kayaking

See the sea from your kayak and take a slow journey to fasten your marine discoveries

Multi Sport Kayaking

Social Nature Movement has been kayaking as long as rivers have flowed

Stand up Paddle (SuP) Boarding

It’s not quite walking on water, but it’s close. And what a unique vantage point you get from up here

Packrafting Explorations

Expeditions and Education redefining tramping and paddling as inspiration to explore

Guided Snorkeling Tours Auckland

Safe, educational, guided snorkeling tours exploring marine life & treasures


Water-based sunrise, sunset, full moon, stargazing and cosmic experiences

Water-based Activities & Adventures

Thousands of kilometres of coastline, lakes and rivers herald New Zealand as a water sports mecca.

Sailing, surfing, diving, fishing – Kiwis love the water and we’re spoilt for wet choices when it comes to water activities. Indulging your aquatic passion for the water is easy to do here in New Zealand and limited only by your blue mind.

New Zealand is globally known as the ‘Adventure Capital’ of the world and one of the main reasons for this is its wide array of exhilarating water sports. Ranging from boogie boarding, paddle boarding, multisport kayaking, bioluminescence tours, packrafting and sea kayaking; there is a bounty of New Zealand water sports which allures every aquatic adventurer. So, next time, if a New Zealand holiday is in your mind; be prepared for a rush like a waterpark.

In Auckland, aptly known as the “city of sails’; this beautiful city of New Zealand offers sailing experiences in various types of wooden boats, yachts and water vessels throughout the city’s scenic harbours.

Beacuse of Aucklands seafaring roots, the twin harbours of Waitemata and Manukau provide a fantastic water playground for a huge array of water activities and aquatic adventures.

Scenic water cruises around the Auckland harbour provide a relaxing way to see the iconic waterscapes of Auckland and a number of the larger islands that dot the Hauraki Gulf. For those who prefer a little more speed, try bethells boogie. Or, discover fishing through Auckland sea kayaking with us. ‘Seanic’ sea kayaking, by human-power is more rewarding and brings you closer to the water.

Islands, including the Island of Wine, ‘Waiheke’, and its many vineyards and glorious beaches. With more time on your hands, let us help you explore the incredible setting of Auckland and beyond. A visit to Auckland is about getting on the water, so there’s no shortage of water activities to keep you entertained.

There is a Lot of Water in New Zealand; a Lot!

New Zealand has the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean surrounding our 15,000km’s of coastline, and 3,820 lakes. New Zealand has made the most out of these waters by hosting some incredible water sports. From a casual exploration trip by kayak to  packrafting and white water kayaking, there are plenty of ways to be entertained on the water in New Zealand. No wonder so many Kiwis love to get out on the ocean, whether it’s to sail to the many offshore islands or surf the pumping waves. Make like a New Zealander and tick off the eight epic water sports activities from your New Zealand adventure bucket list!

Surrounded by beautiful lakes, rivers and fiords, New Zealand is an ideal water destination for all your favourite water and lake activities, and some you may not have discovered yet.
You can embark on a leisurely river journey, a thrilling boogie board ride or sea kayak across the open waters of Lake Wakatipu.

Enjoy a relaxing canoeing or kayaking trip down a pristine river, across a sparkling lake or on a remote fiord. Kayaking excursions in Queenstown are great for the whole family and for travellers looking for a social group activity.

The ultimate in water adventures in Queenstown will take you back to the rivers, where you can go whitewater rafting or packrafting.


Water Sports Activities to Enjoy in New Zealand

One of the adventure capitals of the world, there are few places that has water flowing like New Zealand. Its array of national parks present so many water activities to do for all types of traveller.

When you want to keep cool this summer, there’s a lot of water-based activities, ocean sports and aquatic playgrounds to enjoy!

There are plenty of ways to get wet in New Zealand with ample opportunity for visitors and locals to enjoy numerous water sports.

Water sports are all about experiencing the magnificent ocean and water from above, on and below. Whether you’re looking for an exhilarating or relaxing experience on the water, we’ve got you covered.

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Water-based Activities and Adventures FAQ's

  • Why do I need to check my gear free of pests?

    The Hauraki Gulf is a nationally significant marine park. Many of the islands of the Gulf are pest free, or partially pest free. This means they are now home to some of New Zealand’s rarest and most endangered species – eg tuatara, takahe, shore plover and kiwi. The islands are also recovering naturally as birds reintroduce themselves to these safe havens.  It is important to keep them pest free – and we need your help!

    Pest animals and plants can invade our islands by stowing away on or in your footwear, gear or boat. Rats canm squeeze through a 12 mm gap andm mice can squeeze through a 7m mm gap. Insects could hide in your bag, and weeds, seeds and soil could cling to your clothing and shoes. Pests threaten New Zealand's native wildlife:

     Rats eat birds, eggs, reptiles and insects.
     Mice prey on insects and eat small birds and reptiles.
     Argentine ants can reach large numbers and have a big appetite killing our native insects, skinks, geckos and baby birds.
     Plague skinks compete with native lizards and other animals for food and habitat and have displaced our native skinks on the mainland.
     Soil can carry plant diseases such as kauri dieback.
     Weed seeds can become a weed forest and smother native plants

  • How do I best prepare for my pest-free trip?

     Make sure all food is packed and sealed in plastic containers with lid. Ensure cardboard boxes are closed and taped – there must be no nopportunity for an nunwanted pest to access the container/box in transit.
     Ensure all footwear and gear is clean and free of soil.
     Thoroughly check any camping or overnight gear for stowaways. Gear that has been stored away is high risk.
     Thoroughly check seedlings, potting mix or plant matter to ensure there are no hitch- hikers.
     Seal up your gear/food as soon as you have finished packing and leave it closed until you reach your destination.

Water-based Credentials

SNM are NZOIA qualified guides and members.

Promoting excellence in outdoor instruction and guiding through qualifications for professionals since 1987. Our instructors can organise, instruct and lead multisport kayaking on flat water and moving water up to and including class II. Our team have awards in both whitewater and multisport instruction.

SNM are KASK members.

KASK was initially set up to promote and encourage the sport of sea kayaking, promote safety standards, develop techniques and equipment, deal with issues of coastal access and protection, organize a biennial sea kayaking forum and publish the New Zealand Sea Kayaker Newsletter.

SNM are the only SUPKids school in New Zealand.

The SUPKids program is designed to teach kids SUP, water safety & environmental education. 

SNM are NZSUP members and Qualified SUP Instructors.

NZSUP inc. organises the national race championships and teams for international events, oversees SUP schools and instruction, and campaigns on behalf of all paddleboarders in New Zealand on matters of safety, legislation and all other aspects of negotiation and liaison with other governing bodies.

Adventure Mark
SNM are externally audited in Adventurous Activities.

AdventureMark™ is New Zealand’s largest adventure certification body. They work with over 200 operators here in New Zealand and in several countries worldwide providing our health and safety audit and adventure certification services across the globe.

SNM are approved Sea Kayaking (Open Water) operators through:

WorkSafe is New Zealand’s primary workplace health and safety regulator. Our audit is registered by WorkSafe New Zealand under the Adventure Activities Certification Scheme

Boating Education Coastguard
SNM are Day Skipper, Sea Kayak , VHF Marine Radio and Boastmaster trained.

Coastguard Boating Education courses for all members of the family or crew, including those new to boating. Particularly suited to those with responsibility of being a skipper on their own vessel.

Manukau Harbour Restoration Society
SNM are Manukau Harbour Restoration Society members.

The Manukau Harbour Restoration Society (MHRS) was formed in 2011 by Auckland residents living around the harbour committed to improving the condition of the harbour and its environs.

Hauraki Gulf Marine Park Vector Logo
SNM are proud protectors of the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park

The Hauraki Gulf Marine Park was established in 2000, and protects the natural and historic features of the Hauraki Gulf.

Pest Free Auckland
SNM are Pest-Free operators within the Hauraki Gulf

Helping keep Hauraki Gulf islands pest free by checking bags and gear for pests, cleaning shoes and gear, closing bags and containers. Read more here