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On your own garden; a novel night sleepover party hire in nature under the stars with friends, family and loved ones

Weddings & Private Parties

Lodging packed with personality, this is accommodation with soul; breathtaking views straight from your pillow

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Adventure racing, multisport, triathlons and running. Rowing regattas, sports team events and more…

Glamping tent hire & marquee rental

Glamping bell tents, teepees, marquees, camping tent rentals and more.

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Edward Service
Edward Service
Google Review
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These guys are fantastic. They set up 9 tents to sleep about 40 people at my wedding, (driving down to Wellington from Auckland) all set up with all the amenities, plus many cute little extras that made our guests feel right at home and snug in some pretty bad weather. Made our wedding a real magical time. Thanks to Chris and the team. Highly recommended.
Claire Galloway
Claire Galloway
Google Review
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Excellent A+ service. I had a 14yo birthday party to organise in very short notice as the weather had ruined all our plans. In 2 days we had the most amazing tent fully decorated on our property by Chris. It was one of the most enjoyable, hassle free birthdays I’ve ever done. This tent is perfect for all ages. Teenagers can be hard to please but they absolutely raved about this! Thank you so much Chris. Will definitely be getting you back.
Andrew Park
Andrew Park
Google Review
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These guys are awesome - prompt communicators, friendly and flexible service. Gear hired was high quality and fit for purpose.
Meg McKenna
Meg McKenna
Google Review
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Can't recommend these guys enough!! We had our wedding in Mangawhai this March and had around 30 people sleep over in glamping tents set up by Social Nature Movement. The tents were gorgeous and they added so many little touches that went above and beyond my expectations. If you're on the fence about hiring glamping tents for your wedding, it is SO worth it! And here, the value for money is second to none. Thanks so much team for making our wedding day that much more special!
Gregory Clark
Gregory Clark
Google Review
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Amazing service. Organising glamping accommodation for the extended family. James was helpful, patient and provided all the options. Pricing was excellent and cannot say enough good things about this company. Well done team

Top 5 Reasons to go Luxury Camping in Summer

New Zealand camping gives many reasons to get outside and go luxury camping. Not everyone thinks about glamping when the seasons change and the leaves start to change color. Schools are in and out of holidays and in Winter we start nesting indoors. However, SNM thinks anytime of year is the best time to get outside camping and enjoy the changes of the season. 

Here’s our top 5 reasons to go luxury camping.

Cool days. During the summer it can be too hot to get out and explore, you just want to laze around in the shade or go swimming to cool off. Cool days are perfect for hiking and biking. Exploring the desert in the summer can be unbearable under the sun. Now you can take a hike without melting on the trail.

Camping campfires

Cooler days bring chilly evenings, and curling up by the campfire is even cozier. Check out our blog on how to build a campfire for all the tips! Sleeping in a tent is more comfortable without hot and sticky summer nights.

Beautiful changing autumn colors. Watching the fall leaves change color is one of nature’s magical moments. It’s breathtaking. The sound of crunching leaves under your feet feels whimsical. Since the foliage is less dense, you’ll have a better chance to see the wildlife. Explore the best places to see fall foliage in the United States and Europe.

Less crowded. The campgrounds are quieter. There’s more space for yourself to unwind and enjoy the outdoors, without overcrowded campgrounds. It’s a perfect time to visit some of the more popular national parks like Yosemite or Yellowstone. Less bugs. Hardly any bugs to bug you while on your campout. Cooler weather slows bugs movements or stops them entirely, so all those mosquitos, no-see-ums, horseflies, gnats, won’t be making you itch. The Price is Right! Many campgrounds lower their prices once the peak, high season is over. Summertime is high season for most campgrounds in national and regional parks. You can enjoy more camping possibilities at more affordable rates.

Take advantage of fall camping when autumn leaves start to fall and the crowds are gone! Pack an extra sweater and enjoy a good meal of fall camping cooking with good friends.

SNM Glamping tent hire NZ portfolio

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What is the benefit of cotton camping tents?

Cotton Canvas vs Synthetic Plastic Camping Tents. What is the best material for a camping tent?
Comparing cotton canvas tents vs. synthetic plastic tents across eight categories helps you consider when deciding what kind of camping tent is best for you:

Tent Breathability

Cotton Wins!
Cotton: Humidity is the most critical factor in environmental comfort. Unlike synthetics, canvas allows small moisture particles from breath, sweat, and cooking to escape.

Tent Heat

Cotton Wins! Cotton: Canvas tents can be safely used with wood burning camp stoves keeping you camping in comfort through all four seasons. Plastic: Plastic melts and burns easily making them incompatible with stoves and unsafe to heat.

Tent Waterproofing

Cotton Wins! Cotton: Rain causes the fibers of the canvas to swell. The surface tension of a rain drop prevents the water from passing through the tight weave of quality canvas, keeping you dry, naturally. Plastic: Plastics do not absorb water well. Initially rain will shed, but after the fabric has been saturated it can hold moisture and further limit breathability, increasing humidity, making the inside feel damp.

Tent UV Resistance

Cotton Wins! Cotton: Quality canvas has a protective treatment to withstand sun damage and can be easily retreated to maintain that protection for years to come. Plastic: Damaging UV rays degrade synthetic fabric quickly while canvas endures. Once weakened, plastic fibers are prone to breakage and aftermarket treatments can do little to prolong the life of the tent.

Tent Strength

Cotton Wins!

Cotton: A rounded design, robust canvas, and burly steel stakes and poles stands up to high winds, driving rain, and blowing snow.

Plastic: Poles with a smaller diameter than a Slurpee straw, a thin plastic tent membrane, and miniature aluminum stakes simply don’t do the job when you need them most.

Nature experiences that move you


Our Auckland canopy camping escapes are distinctly New Zealand, you will find your escape nestled in rich scenery surrounded by flora and fauna.

Overarching everything we do is the full-circle Bell Tent Glamping experience. So we can help with wedding accommodation and honeymoon suites in New Zealand. Our professional staff and genuine interactions take care of you from booking to goodbye, the transport, service, Auckland’s luxury camping accommodation and even food is part of our complete concierge.

Let us show you down-to-earth sleeping experiences in NZ, with the trees and canopy camping escapes in sophisticated and elegant style. We welcome everyone with open arms and take pride in a quality, valuable and long-lasting experience.

However you spell or say it, you need a luxury camping kiwi experience or organised wedding accommodation and honeymoon suite in NZ. Take time before and after your adventures to slow down, reconnect, indulge by just enjoying luxury camping in some of New Zealand’s most picturesque surroundings.

We make magical Backyard Bell Tent Glamping in Auckland memorable and provide a full tipi setup and styling service by the SNM dream team.

You can be sure that Social Nature Movement will provide an abundance of joy, laughter and slumber party sleepover memories for years to come.

Take away the hassle of your next sleepover by hiring your very own private glamping retreat in Auckland and beyond.

Enhance you garden with our comfy canopy camping escapes and luxury camping bell tents.

Your backyard glamping locations are distinctly kiwi, you will find your NZ bell tent glamping escape nestled in rich scenery surrounded by flora and fauna.

A complete gift list for camping savvy moms. Our sibley tent are easy to set up over all 4-seasons, waterproof, durable and elegant. We have all sizes, from 3 meters to 6 meters making for spacious and comfortable experiences like an average bedroom, fitting all the gear mum wants, it’s perfect for car camping or festivals. On warm days, you can roll the sides up to let the breeze in. It’s the ultimate Mother’s Day gift for a camping mom.

Is mom feeling dusty after a day of hiking? Give her a warm shower in the woods. With its 5 gallon (19 liter) capacity, you don’t need to refill it everytime. Advanced Elements is rugged, easy to use and packs up small at 1.25lbs (.5kg) when rolled up.

Conical, or “cone-shaped” bell tents are not unique to the Native Americans. Conical camping tents have been in use by Native peoples around the Northern Hemisphere in varying teepee designs for thousands of years. Whether you call it a Tipi, Chum, Goahti, Lavvu, Kohte, Nentsi, Lotus Belle or any other number of names, a conical shape is the most aerodynamic and weight-bearing in terms of shedding rain, snow, and wind. These concial bell tent shapes are also the most heat, space, and weight efficient camping designs, offering the highest margin of tensile strength with the smallest amount of structural support for camping tents.

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