June 27, 2024

Boulder Mat Hire Auckland

Large Black Diamond Mondo $30/day

Boulder mat hire services in Auckland

Mat rentals have become popular as the bouldering community grows and more climbers seek to explore the diverse and challenging bouldering spots in and around the Auckland region. Offering convenience and safety, SNM provide climbers with essential gear, making climbing adventures accessible and enjoyable. Among our top-rated gear, medium mats are available for $20 per day, while large mats can be hired for $30 per day. This affordability and ease of access make bouldering more attainable for both seasoned climbers and beginners.


Popular Bouldering Locations from Auckland

Wairere Boulders in Northland

Wairere Boulders, located in Northland, is a premier bouldering destination known for its unique geological formations. The boulders here offer a range of difficulties, catering to all skill levels. The lush surroundings add to the experience, making it a favorite among climbers seeking both challenge and beauty.

Stony Batter Boulders on Waiheke Island

Stony Batter, situated on Waiheke Island, combines historical intrigue with excellent bouldering opportunities. The large, scattered boulders provide diverse climbing routes, from beginner to advanced levels. The scenic ferry ride to Waiheke Island adds an element of adventure, making it a must-visit spot for bouldering enthusiasts. Check out the Waiheke Bouldering Guide Here

Waipari Bouldering in Wharepapa South

Waipari, located in Wharepapa South, is renowned for its ignimbrite pocket climbing. This volcanic rock offers unique holds and challenging routes. The area’s rugged beauty and the variety of climbing problems make it a top choice for climbers looking for a distinctive and rewarding bouldering experience. Check out the Waipari Bouldering Guide here.

The Air Strip Bouldering in Waitomo

The Air Strip in Waitomo is a hidden gem for bouldering, featuring a variety of boulders scattered across a picturesque landscape. The location’s relative seclusion and the quality of the climbs attract bouldering enthusiasts seeking a peaceful yet challenging environment. The natural beauty of Waitomo, with its famous caves and lush greenery, provides an excellent backdrop for a day of climbing.

Benefits, Features, and Functionality of a Boulder Mat

A boulder mat, also known as a crash pad, is a crucial piece of equipment for any boulderer. These mats are designed to provide safety and comfort during falls, making outdoor climbing and bouldering safer and more enjoyable.


  1. Safety: Boulder mats cushion falls, reducing the risk of injury. This is particularly important when climbing on uneven or hard surfaces.
  2. Portability: Most boulder mats are designed to be easily transported. They usually fold in half and come with shoulder straps, allowing climbers to carry them like a backpack.
  3. Versatility: Boulder mats can be used in various terrains and conditions. Whether climbing on rocky surfaces, grassy areas, or forest floors, a boulder mat ensures a safer landing.


  1. Durable Material: Boulder mats are made from high-density foam encased in a robust fabric cover. This ensures longevity and effective shock absorption.
  2. Folding Design: Most mats feature a bi-fold or tri-fold design for easy transport and storage.
  3. Velcro or Buckle Closures: These secure the mat when folded and can sometimes be used to attach multiple mats together for a larger landing area.
  4. Backpack Straps: Adjustable straps make carrying the mat comfortable, even on long approaches.


A boulder mat functions by absorbing the impact of a fall, spreading the force across the mat’s surface. This reduces the stress on the climber’s body and minimizes the risk of injury. High-quality mats maintain their cushioning ability even after repeated use.

How to Use a Boulder Mat

Using a boulder mat is straightforward, but proper placement is key to ensuring safety. Here are some tips:

  1. Placement: Position the mat directly beneath the climbing route. Ensure it’s flat and stable to avoid tripping or slipping.
  2. Coverage: For more extensive problems or traverses, multiple mats may be needed. Place them side by side, overlapping slightly if necessary, to cover a larger area.
  3. Movement: As the climber ascends, the spotter should adjust the mat’s position to stay directly below the climber. This requires coordination and attention to the climber’s movements.

The Role of a Spotter

A spotter plays a vital role in bouldering, ensuring the climber lands on the mat correctly and safely. Here’s how to spot effectively:

  1. Positioning: Stand close to the climber, but not directly underneath. Be ready to move with the climber as they ascend.
  2. Hands Ready: Keep your hands up and slightly bent, ready to guide the climber towards the mat if they fall. Your goal is not to catch the climber but to direct their fall.
  3. Communication: Maintain clear communication with the climber. Let them know if you’re adjusting the mat or if they need to be aware of any hazards.


Boulder mat hire services in Auckland provide climbers with the necessary gear to enjoy bouldering safely and conveniently. With affordable rates of $20 per day for medium mats and $30 per day for large mats, these services make bouldering accessible to everyone. Popular bouldering spots like Wairere Boulders, Stony Batter, Waipari, and The Air Strip offer diverse challenges and beautiful settings for climbers of all levels.

In summary, whether you’re an experienced climber or a beginner, boulder mat hire services in Auckland provide the equipment and support needed to explore the region’s fantastic bouldering spots safely and enjoyably.

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