Cancellation policy

Cancellation, change, refund and withdrawal policy

Cancellations, changes and withdrawals must be verified and recorded to and by Social Nature Movement. We will not accept non-recorded non-verified notifications. Once Social Nature Movement receives your notice, it will take effect subject to the following:

Change of dates policy:
> 1 month 10%
< 1 month 20%
< 7 days 30%
< 24 hrs 40%
Cancellation policy:
> 1 month 25%
< 1 month 50%
< 7 days 75%
< 24 hrs 100%

*in the event of a forced cancellation outside of both parties powers’, a 10% cancellation fee of total contract note applies for administration compensation*


You will not be entitled to claim any additional amounts or seek any compensation for any injury, loss, expenses, damage (either direct or consequential) or for any loss of time or inconvenience which may result from such cancellation or withdrawal. No partial refunds will be given for services not used. Not showing up or being late might result in no refund. Any amount forfeited, which has not then been paid to Social Nature Movement by you, may be recovered from you by Social Nature Movement as a debt due and payable.


Where the Client has paid for Services in advance and such Services are unable to be provided and/or completed by SNM:
A. due to events outside the reasonable control of SNM or the client, SNM will issue a credit note to the Client for the value of the uncompleted Services. Such credit note must be used by the Client within 12 months of its issue.
B. due to events relating to or caused by the Client not doing there part as agreed upon or actioning any reasonable request of Social Nature Movement required in order for Social Nature Movement to provide the Services to the Client, no refund or credit will be paid or issued by Social Nature Movement.


Cancellation and Refund Polices
A full refund or credit towards payment for another service(s) will be offered for a participants’ medical emergency (as defined by hospitalisation of self, spouse/partner or child), bereavement of immediate family (parent, spouse/partner or child), or serious injury requiring hospitalisation and a medical certificate, doctors letter or hospital note is provided.


Changes and transfers
If you wish to make changes to your service arrangements, you must notify, verify, record and acknowledge to and by Social Nature Movement. Once Social Nature Movement receives your notice, the transfer will take effect subject to the following:
-Payment of cancellation notice, if any, must be received in full.
-If there are reasonable supervision and ratios available.
-If there is space available.
-Transfers may only be made to another similar service.