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The most successful corporate gatherings are the ones which allow teams to step back from routine and daily stress.

Wanting to achieve this while catching your staff’s full attention? Simply take everyone out in nature for your function.

With a wide range of marquees and glamping tents available, that we deliver fully-furnished to the site of your choice, and set up on your behalf, we help you customise the gathering in nature that your company needs.

From putting up a speaker’s stage for a couple of hours to accommodating up to 100 staff for a few days, we’re here to host your next annual conference, christmas party, regional sales meeting and so much more…

Is this for my company?

If you are looking at gathering your teams in a stronger and more unique way while needing to feed your company’s positive culture: Yes. This corporate function experience is for you and your teams!

What can I expect?

The right environment to convey your company’s critical messages. Immersed in nature, away from daily tasks and stress, your team will give you full attention while living a memorable bonding experience in an original and comfortable atmosphere. 


Working hand in hand with your company

Socialise easily

“Annual conference in the forest?
That’s a yes!”

Conferences, events, fairs… are all identified corporate moments dedicated to socialisation.

Although planned ahead, they can carry stress for the teams, worrying about workload or social interactions.

Glamping accommodation or nature immersive conferences helps re-create excitement around the function thanks to the uniqueness of the place and equipment, easing commitment and connections.


“River sounds backing CEO speech.
Couldn’t feel more “real”!”

Natural environment tends to soothe relationships, increase mutual listening and drive creativity.

When walking together in the forest or simply sitting in front of a lake, people slow down and open up to healthier socialisation.

Long term

“A great moment and a great memory”

Our focus is on facilitating the immersion in nature during the time of the event to make it memorable and effective for your corporate messages to pass.

This can include surroundings exploration, enriching team activities or physical challenges.

We find that it participates in renewing motivation and engagement that lasts even beyond the day.

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Nature immersed conferences and events

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