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Mobile Backyard Glamping that comes to you!

No extra costs, no surprises, no GST, no travel charges. Everything is brought to you and done for you, so you do not need bring or do anything!

We make magical Auckland Backyard Glamping memories and provide a full setup and styling service by the SNM dream team.

Backyard Glamping is designed and offered for children and kids, husbands and wifes, friends and family on all sorts of occasions: Glamping Anniversaries , Romantic Glamping Nights , Glamping Birthdays , Study Nights with Glamping , Sleepovers/Slumber Parties , Sports Night with Glamping , Glamping Games Night , Clubs and Glamping , Cacao Ceremony Glamping and Groups and Celebrations Glamping .

Everything is included that you would expect from commercial accommodation, you simply need your own toiletries, clothes, etc. We try to be ‘off-grid’, so power comes from your house or we can arrange, as with toilets. The tents are 100% water, wind and mosquito proof. They also have excellent airflow should it get hot and humid.


Second night 50% discount.

All subsequent nights (3+) charged at 10% rate (90% discount).

All pricings are for fully-furnished, delivered, set-up glamping.

Empty tents, pick-up and self-erect are an additional 50% discount.


Pricing examples

- Click Book Now,
- Just click on any random date,
- Choose your duration,
- Then choose how many tents you want (keeping in mind the maximum pax.).
That will automate the prices for you as an indication.

No surprises, no bond, no deposit. Simply sign the hire T’s & C’s, pay the costs and it’s yours!

Please ensure your area is big enough (add two meters onto each tent size to allow for guy ropes) and that the area is flat-ish (a slight slope is OK; the flatter the better).

If you want heaps of space, you simply purchase a larger tent. Or, you can fit as many people in a tent to split costs. It's entirely up to you.

The tents will be pre-pitched and taken down for you, so there is nothing you need to do.


How do I book Backyard Glamping?

1) let us know what tent size you want,

2) tell us how many people will be inside (so we can provide the correct amount of furnishings),

3) state the number of nights you (or others) wish to stay for.


Auckland Bell Tent Backyard Glamping Glamping

Campsites and holiday parks are always busy and full with chaos. With Backyard Glamping in Auckland you can control the noise and naughtiness, deciding who camps and how many for how long.

We are fortunate to be in a glamping business where our bell tents are largely used in the noble pursuit of bringing people closer to inspiring places, people, and cultures. Every night, thousands of people settle in and around their tents and share ideas, stories, and intimate moments; enhanced by the ability to escape the walls we’ve built around us that separate us from the elements, the wild, and each other.

SNM is built on a camping community of individuals who understand and appreciate the power of getting outside and communing with nature, and sharing that experience with others. It is our mission, and our pleasure, to provide the canvas around which these ideas, emotions, and experiences are shared.

Social media is typically only a small glimpse of what any camper knows to be the larger story of what happens outside and how those experiences shape us.


Who is Backyard Bell Tent Glamping for?

We've created Backyard Glamping Hen's parties and Girls’ Nights In, A big Rugby game or Poker night; a novel place for the boys to crash instead of taking a taxi or sleeping on the sofa. Backyard Glamping might even be for kids birthdays, a mid-week sleepover or anything of the like. Take your child’s sleepover party to the next level of 'instagrammable' wow factor. So get the tribe together for a great night/day in for any occasion where you require that extra special accommodation experience.


How does backyard glamping work?

Easy. Let us know when you want our luxury accommodation and where you want us to set up the camping spot. We come around to your location, we provide all the glamping gear you need and want, set it up, tell you how to use it all, then when you are ready we take it all down again.


The Best Camping Games

Entertainment for the Bell Tent Glamping experience. Whether for keeping children entertained, rainy days, or entertaining nights, canopy camping games are a must. Since you already have enough to pack, we selected classic games that require little or no equipment to play.

Some games that you can organise - or we can help with - during your backyard glamping experience include:

Camping Scavenger Hunt

This timeless game is great fun for children but if adults want to play too you have to call it “Geocaching”. The basic premise is self-explanatory but interesting educational twists on the game can involve map & compass reading, GPS, phone app maps or very simple cardinal direction-finding. Playing at night with flashlights can make even a small playing area more interesting.

Camp Frisbee

The lowly frisbee is one of the most under-rated must-have items in your camping game-gear. The frisbee can be used in games for the young to the young-at-heart, many of which don't even require throwing the frisbee, such as water races. From tag, dodgeball, golf, full-contact keep away and basic target-throwing practice with a stack of cans, the frisbee is in many ways more versatile than a ball.

Camp Dice

The camp game kit must contain tabletop games. Insofar as simplicity & portability go, dice are hard to beat. Entire books can be found on dice-related games for the young an old from as simple as speed-counting exercises for toddlers to complex strategic games similar to chess.

Glow In The Dark Ring Toss

This simple & easy to pack DIY game works well whether around the campfire or stuck in the tent. Every dollar store carries the snap & shake type of glow in the dark bracelets such as those found at carnivals. Get a box & make them into rings. Similar to horseshoes, using bottles of any type, throw the ring from a short distance and make it land around the bottle.

Twig Castles

Not so much of a game as it is a passtime, Twig Castles is fun for the young or anyone with a creative mindset. Bring water soluble glue, tape and or rubber bands. Find twigs and try to make little sculptures out of them. Kids obviously love this one but don't be surprised if you find your inner artist along the way as well.

And so much more...

A bottle of glue, a bottle of water, and a frisbee. Camping is about enjoying the simple pleasures in life. Leisure time games among friends and family are also an-too-forgotten pleasure that is best when kept simple.


Why Backyard Glamping?

Nature creates the camp setting and backdrop for the Backyard Glamping story. Nature is where everything starts and where it still happens today. We provided more affordable and more accessible camping in peoples backyards. Some people dont have tents, the time, want to upgrade to luxury camping or simply want to do something new in New Zealand. Nature in NZ is where the needs were defined, the pegs were planted and ideas came to life. It is where good camping gear is important – equipment that suits your needs, ambition and economy. These are the glamping bell tent ways.

Our cotton cottages have been an invariable part of our business strategy to bring camp creativity, common sense and rationalism into luxury camping. Our accommodation aim has always been to provide high-quality camping products at affordable prices. We are proud of every glamping product because we know for a fact that our camping products will provide you the best possible accommodation experience, no matter how harsh the landscape and climate you choose to challenge when creating glamping memories and exploring the world – the SNM way.


Check out our booking tab, click the book now button or fill an enquiry here.


Delivery and set-up of glamping

Take-down, removal and basic cleaning

Beds, pillows, linen, duvets, lights, decorations, tables, heater, ear plugs, hand towels, water

A-frames tent or teepees

Bedside table

Communal table for larger tents

Fairy lights

Floral decorations

Lava lamps

Ear plugs

Water bottle


Excludes (but can be arranged):

Power / electricity



You need a FLAT area and a diameter of at least 5m for the smallest 3meter 1-2person tent or 8m for the largest 6m 6person tent.

Our record is 15mins, but it takes about 30mins or up to an hour with lavish luxuries and depending on each location.

No, but it can be arranged, because the idea is to disconnect and be with each other and nature

No, but this can be arranged. Usually people use their own house toilets, public toilets or we arrange.

No, our tents hold warmth that is generated from inside. We can arrange heaters, but with all the warm clothing, pillows and blankets, people find it OK.

180cm long, 75cm wide, 10cm thick. These can be double height, joint together etc. for various requests.

All but one; our 3 meter tents do not have centre poles.

Yes, they are wind, water and snow proof. Snow loading is not an issue either. Keeping warm is the obvious challenge, but we can help with that.

- more than 1 months’ notice; 50% charge,
- less than 30 days’; 60%
- less than 7 days’; 70%
- less than 24 hours’; 80%

*in the event of a forced cancellation outside of both parties powers’, a 10% cancellation fee of total contract note applies for administration compensation*

Travel, set-up and pack-down, fully-furnished tents with mattresses, duvet, pillow, sheets, fairy lights, plants, flags, lanterns, bedside tables, mats, outside lights, water, ear plugs and more…

A glamorous overnight camping experience delivered to your backyard.

9 Ideas to Glamp at Home
First things first, find your shelter for Glamping at home.
Create a lounge space.
Add some cozy lighting.
Create a dining room table.
Enjoy a gourmet meal while Glamping at home.
Bring the games.
Bring some Glamping at home entertainment.

“Glamping,” short for glamorous camping, has become a mainstay of outdoor recreation over the past decade. If your essentials list contains things such as a real mattress, running water or an actual toilet, you can still find numerous options that bridge the gap between traditional camping and the comforts of home.

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