Empowering Your Journeys: DoE Grants, Scholarships & Financial Assistance

The Duke of Edinburgh Award Adventurous Journey support.


1. Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award Participant Assistance Fund

Embarking on your Award journey is an adventure awaiting your discovery, and we understand that financial barriers shouldn’t stand in the way of your dreams.

That’s why we’re here to offer you a range of grants, scholarships, and financial assistance options tailored to support you every step of the way.

$50 training
Bronze practice ($150) and qualifier ($250)
Silver practice ($125) and qualifier ($200)
Gold practice ($100) and qualifier ($150)

Social Nature Movement Youth Award Grant

Beyond fees, we extend limited support for Adventurous Journeys and other pivotal areas of your Award journey.

With the generosity of the Social Nature Movement, we provide funds for travel, accommodations, meals, and gear hire, enabling you to focus solely on your expedition.

Journeys that are empowering

At every turn, we strive to ensure that financial considerations never dim the brilliance of your Award journey.

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