Informed Consent

Informed Consent


This document applies during work to everyone (people), everywhere (places) and everyway (practices). In this document, ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ refer to Social Nature Movement Limited (hereafter and trading as Social Nature Movement) and as many staff so far as is reasonably able. ‘You’, ‘your’ and ‘yours’ refer to the service participant or the parent/custodian/guardian of them. All data, documentation and procedures are temporal (of time) once approved and made ‘live’. Improving usability, we use ‘active’ gerunds (‘ing’ words) that infer action managed through our actions. Avoiding potentially confusing terms of subjective weighting, we simply state that what must be done “will” be done.

Signed consent does not release Social Nature Movement or its staff from their legal responsibilities for preventing harm.

1) Consent to practices

You consent and release for you or someone else on their behalf (e.g. your child) participating in Social Nature Movement services and practices.

The types of services and practices involve Non-locomotion (bodily movements), Locomotion (moving ones position) and Manipulation (of objects).


2) Privacy Statement:

Under the Privacy Act 1993, the private information collected on this confidential form is for our business and services in keeping records held by Social Nature Movement. Private information will only be released or made available to another person if they are a professional working with Social Nature Movement for the best interests of the participant. You have the right to access and correct any of your information.


3) Incident and Emergency

Incident and emergency plans will be communicated and made available to you.

In an incident or emergency, Social Nature Movement may act on your behalf.


4) Medical

You consent to Social Nature Movement staff – who are skilled, knowledgeable and experienced in first aid – to give first aid and medication.

You will ensure that prescribed medication is clearly labelled, has instructions, is securely fastened and handed to staff.

You agree to receive any emergency medical procedures as considered by medical authorities present.

Any medical costs not covered by the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) will be paid by you.

You allow us to disclose medical information to our consultant doctor.

You will take necessary precautions in seeking medical advice for the places, people and practices involved.


5) Photos, videos and social media

You give consent to Social Nature Movement in recording and documenting your participation.

You understand that your name and image may appear in multimedia used for Social Nature Movement digital platforms, social media, promotional, marketing, advertising and publicity purposes.

Changing one’s mind and withdrawing can occur anytime.

6) Transport

You give consent to be transported by driving-licensed and passenger-endorsed staff.

7) Personal effects

You give consent to using personal effects while on service with and at Social Nature Movement. You understand that we will not accept responsibility for loss or damage to personal property (or damage to other’s property caused by you) and that it is your responsibility to check your own insurance policy. 


8) Risk and Hazards

You recognise that participation in such activities is voluntary and not compulsory.

You know that risks and hazards cannot be completely eliminated.

You trust Social Nature Movement in identifying any foreseeing risks or hazards and applying correct management procedures.

You accept geological events like landslides and cave-ins are unpredictable and thus unmanageable.

You understand you will be fully informed of specific risks and hazards and the necessary behaviours to ensure safety before and during service.

You will be instructed on practices if staff are incapacitated, this is also documented should either fail.

Participation is voluntary and comes with choice-in-challenge to opt out (sit aside) or fully participate in the full range of services and/or practices.

You have the right and informed opportunity to refuse participation or withdraw anytime and we will help you transition out of service and back to your desires.

You acknowledge and agree that the nature of the natural world and people has many unique challenges and demanding peculiarities with a commensurately higher level of risks and hazards.

You understand the typical variables in risks and hazards associated with the natural world and people are cold, wet, windy, skills, knowledge and experiences.

You are participating after giving due consideration of relevant information including – without limit to – any relevant information or advice given by the governments and that it is your responsibility to seek their advice.

If you act outside instructions, then you do so at your own risk. You will be encouraged to conform but may be instructed to leave the practice or service.

9) Behaviour and well-being                     

Boundaries, safety guidelines and safety expectations are made clear before any service takes place. Participants, parents and/or caregivers will be notified immediately if participants arrive unprepared and arrangements will be made to return with the necessary items.

If your behaviour compromises your health and safety or that of others, we will remove you from service.

NO SMOKING anytime and anywhere on Auckland Council or Department of Conservation land.

10) Isolation / primitive

Services can take place in remote areas where there is little or no access to ‘normal’ facilities or resources. Standards of accommodation, food, drinks, transport, health care, hygiene, safety and service provisions will differ to your ‘usual’ home and habits which requires flexibility, adaptation and tolerance.


11) Duty-of-care

Duty-of-care for the participant begins and finishes once they have officially been noted in and out. Participants may leave services unaccompanied if agreed on, otherwise Social Nature Movement will try keep them after which to no success we will begin the missing or unclaimed person process.

We do not have a duty of care in protecting people from all possible risks and hazards.  Unstructured and liberal play introduces the possibility of risky behaviours and possible harm, but does not mean letting people freely play is, in itself, careless. However, suitable supervision is always enforced.

12) Vulnerable Children Act 2014

Social Nature Movement follows necessary procedures as outlined in page six of the Vulnerable Children Act 2014 ensuring all staff are suitable and that no child will be in a vulnerable position.

During public proximity or interactions in public spaces, Social Nature Movement will not accept any responsibility of public persons coming and going from our operational places, though we will manage this so far as is reasonably able.

13) Itineraries and brochures

Itineraries and other details are published in good faith as statements of intention and are to the best of our belief, correct at the date of publishing. Reasonable changes may be made where thought necessary or advisable by us.


14) Invitation to ask questions, request information or raise concerns

You acknowledge that to gain a better understanding of anything, you are supported and able to ask any questions at any point.

Confirmed and paying clients have the right to view our relevant data.

If during your participation you have a complaint, please bring this to the attention of your staff. If your complaint is not satisfactorily resolved, contact your service manager.

We may keep literal and/or audible records of all complaints, actions taken and any improvements made to service delivery in response to complaints.

You may at any point contact anyone at Social Nature Movement or the Police.

0800 76 62 66

15) Religion and culture

With all due respect, we will always put health and safety as a higher priority over ones religious or cultural needs and routines. E.g. if a turban is customary, we may have it removed for a protective helmet to be worn and work properly.

End notes

Failure to comply with duty of disclosure in these conditions will not have us liable – except to the minimum extent required by law – for personal injury, loss or damages incurred by you.

No claimed variation of these conditions will be effective unless in writing and signed by a person approved by Social Nature Movement.

You will notify us immediately of any changes.

You are satisficed in receiving information on which to base a decision.

You have read or heard and understood the information in this form which you are bound by and accept fully.

Ultimately, you give consent to taking part in our services.

You will provide true, honest and reliable information.

Dishonesty or omitting information gives Social Nature Movement the reserved right to refuse service for you with no refund.