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Duke of Edinburgh Planning

Duration:  3 hours; usually after school 16:00-19:00

Delivering the Duke of Edinburgh syllabus in a way that ‘makes sense’, our planning sessions teach you the knowledge needed to succeed on your practice and qualifying journeys. This helps you survive and thrive in New Zealand's great outdoors.

DoE planning sessions

Once you’ve got the knowledge and skills relevant to your level, it’s time to plan and prepare for your practice journey. Putting pen to paper, you and your teammates will plan every aspect of your Bronze, Silver or Gold expedition – from gear lists to routes and more. At the end of the DoE planning session, you’ll be ready to embark on your DofE practice journey.

It is essential that the group meets their Assessor/Supervisor team before embarking on their Adventurous Journey and in this case “before” means a matter of days or weeks, preferably during the planning stages.

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Pre-requisites:  None

Dates and locations: You choose

Duration:  3 hours; usually after school 16:00-19:00

Things to know about DoE Planning

Great Walks are permitted at all levels of The DoE Award.

Motorised transport between any adventurous journey sections of the route is not usually permitted. A maximum of 5% of the total distance is permissible on tarmac roads, provided the distance is covered on foot.

Social Nature Movement provides Adventurous Journeys by Tramping, Sea Kayaking, Stand up Paddle (SuP) boarding and Packrafting.

If tramping, journeys must be on formed tracks and those tracks should be in-line with the Department of Conservations (DoC) Walking track categories: Bronze = ‘easy’, Silver = ‘ intermediate’, Gold = ‘advanced’. ‘expert’ at SNM's and DoE's discretion.

Planning for proper aims of the DoE Adventurous Journey

The Aim of the adventurous journey should be considered in the early planning stages and should relate to the interests and abilities of those taking part. The DofE Aim will form the basis of the group’s report or presentation.
Participants may wish to focus on:
• The environment.
• Practical first-hand observations, investigation or study.
• Aesthetic appreciation.
• Literary or historic journeys.
• The completion of a physically demanding challenge.

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Duration:  3 hours; usually after school 16:00-19:00


DoE Planning schedule

Terrain and route maps
Food and drink
Gear lists and packing
Distances and times
Camping locations and facilities
Risks and hazards

It helps! DoE planning helps you better understand where you are going and what you are doing, especially for the qualifying component. Our planning sessions are affordable and highly recommended.

At home, it is easier for everyone to simply connect online, have internet access to many resources like maps, weather and other information.

Your DoE planning session might change, depending on how far out we do it from that actual adventurous journey and depending on what the weather holds.

  • Pen / Pencil
  • Paper
  • Internet
  • Laptop / Tablet / Smartphone (all with video capability)



One staff


Staff carry:

First Aid Kit