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Meola Reef Te Tokoroa
Value contrasting wonders in New Zealand’s biggest city; get away without going away. Auckland’s longest lava flow (11km) from Te Kōpuke / Mt St. John volcano since 28,500-years covers 14 hectares with its two kilometer long tidal tongue basalt reef in the Waitematā Harbour

Year 5+, age 8+


Preservation of Meola Reef Te Tokaroa

Auckland is one of many cities worldwide reassessing use of public land in an era of sustainability. Social Nature Movement embraces this sustainability for Meola Reef Te Tokaroa. The easiest and most engaging way to do this is in the Maori proverb: “He Tangata, He Tangata, He Tangata” (it is the people, the people, the people). Without people, change doesn't happen. The more people we can take to and engage with Meola Reef, the more value the reef has then the more protected it becomes. Because we live in such an urban environment and modern age, we should be protecting and preserving as much nature as we can. Open space in Albert Eden should remain as open space for future generations, not as impervious car parks and paths, concrete swimming pool or other buildings.


Meola Reef Te Tokoroa

Let us reconnect you with ancient ancestral wisdom using Meola Reef Te Tokoroa. We retune you with your environment and each other serving common goals. Everyone is enriched through our te reo Māori exposure and exploration of the compelling Tāmaki Makaurau history. We preserve the intrinsic balance of life for all living beings and kaupapa making reference to both deities Ranginui when you breathe his air and Papatuanuku when you walk her soils.


Share with us. Explore with us. Move with us.

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This changes depending on what we do and where we go, but generic items are:


  • Thermal bottom leggings,
  • Underwear,
  • Shorts
  • Pants
  • Swimwear
  • Socks
  • Thin merino shirt / thermal shirt x 2
  • Fleece jumper x1
  • Woolen jumper x1
  • Wind and Rain-proof Jacket
  • Sunhat
  • Warm beanie
  • Neck warmer / scarf
  • Warm gloves


  • Jandals
  • Closed-toe footwear
  • Sunglasses
  • Personal medication
  • Water bottle,
  • Head torch,
  • Toiletries.
  • Waterproof pack liner
  • Backpack to put all of the above in

All of the above is available to rent / hire / buy

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    Group (Min-Max)
  • Pricing Name Price
    1 - 20 Pax
    Available Seats: 20

    Adult ( 1 - 20 Pax ) $99.00 $0.00 /Person

    - +

    Child ( 1 - 20 Pax ) $89.00 $0.00 /Person

    - +