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This 2 hour workshop based in Auckland takes you from whatever level you are at (beginner-intermediate) and advances toward mastery of moving waters before embarking on a river trip with more serious consequences.

Let SNM introduce you to the moving water environment if you have never paddled on swift moving water before. You will advance flatwater kayaking skills onto moving waters. Your SNM kayak coach will introduce new concepts enabling you to competently manage tidal streams, currents and moving waters.

We will practice the ferry glide, eddyline features and paddle strokes.

Double kayaks welcome too!

Are you an adventure racer? Why not cover many components of the Coast to Coast Grade 2 certificate BEFORE going on the river:

1.1 Identifies and responds appropriately to moving water features: eddylines.

1.3 Demonstrates efficient and effective forward paddling.

1.4 Demonstrates efficient and effective forward and reverse sweep strokes. Remains balanced.

1.5 Demonstrates effective low brace. Can right self from tipping point.

1.6 Demonstrates breaking in and out of eddies. Can hold desired line. Remains balanced.

1.7 Demonstrates ferry gliding. Can hold desired line. Remains balanced.

2.1 Understands correct use of personal kayaking and safety equipment. Can identify appropriate and inappropriate equipment. Including kayak, PFD, helmet, thermals, paddle, spraydeck.

2.8 Can describe and identify, prevention, symptoms and treatment of hypothermia.

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