Mystery Adventures

Mystery Adventures


Go with a chance, get an adventure, and guarantee an unforgettable memory.

Take a Social Nature Movement Mystery Adventure and discover where you could go, what you might see and what you can do. Any one of our popular covert destinations or secret seclusions is sure to tantalize you, mixed with our amazing experiences and captivating tours.

Now is the time to think about that sunrise experience in Golden Bay, tasting locally made food and wine on a High Country Mackenzie Basin Station, or discovering penguins in the Catlins! Want a weekend away or simply can’t decide? Why not make it a mystery getaway, because Social Nature Movement Mystery Adventures are waiting for you!

We covertly plan everything for you; just turn up! Open the front door, we’ll secretively get you around, accommodate you, feed you, inspire you and take good care of you! It takes the admin out of booking an unknown holiday – you don’t have to research and plan all the separate elements – all you have to do is simply turn up.

A Mystery Adventure is your anonymous ticket to secret far-flung NZ journeys, helping scratch that travelling itch, ensure you support local and discover more of this beautiful countries unidentified destinations you may not have seen.

If you’re not sure when you can go or perhaps you want to secretively treat someone in need of a weekend away; then buy a mysterious voucher now with the date decided later.

We accept the inherent challenge with Mystery Adventures is subjectivity. But one must remember; subjectivity coupled with the unknown is in part essential to the true meaning of adventure. So what we guarantee is not waking up to concrete walls, an annoying alarm clock, surprise expenses, cutting costs through cheaper alternatives and any other anxious annoyances which we have avoided.

Just Imagine! It’s like winning the lottery only it’s mysterious, anonymous, curious, vigorous, fabulous, glorious, spacious, desirous, wondrous, delicious and marvelous. But don’t let our wordsmithery slow you down from booking your getaway. If this all seems like you, book your tickets here and expect the unexpected.

How to book
1) Pick a package: Three packages to choose from – Basic, Budget and Beyond.
2) Pick a date: Choose dates that suit you.
3) Pick your preferences: let us profile you just a little.