February 6, 2021

Mystery Adventures

Mystery Breaks in Auckland

Mystery Adventures

The best trip you can have is not knowing what will happen! How is that possible on this Mystery Adventures trip? You already decided on a trip that is a mix of workout and exploration, and you are from or find yourself in the Auckland, New Zealand area. Leave the decisions to us and let the adventure begin!

This is where we established our Auckland mystery adventures. The whole focus is for you to not know what will happen and take the control and the planning away from your hands.

Top ten reasons to pick a mystery adventure with us:

  • You are guaranteed to be pleasantly surprised
  • You will never have to ask “what type of mystery adventures trip will I take?”
  • You already selected a tour with us that will include one of our highest rated options
  • You selected sea kayaking so you know that it will be a great healthy adventure
  • You are prepared to journey into the unknown and come out happy
  • It is something different from the normal
  • It’s even better with friends and loved ones to share these types of experiences
  • We promise to include places that are must-see
  • In this digital age, you can finally ask “where will I be going on the mystery adventures?” without immediately answering
  • It builds courage and confidence when you can make a decision like this!

Who are Mystery Adventures designed for?

This is for those that feel like they want to be able to explore the unknown. Sometimes we can get decision fatigue and spend half our time just making decisions. We promise to make this an adventure for you and it will be either a combination of our best selling options or something completely unique. Does it change every time?

When is the best time for me to do the Mystery Adventures?

This is a great question, and the answer is, as long as you’re in the Auckland, New Zealand area, and you are ready to go exploring,  we are always accommodating our mystery adventure package.

If you’re asking specifically when will we have the best weather for these mystery adventures? It depends, for our water-based activities consider the summertime. Our land-based activities are great all year round, and of course, if you are looking for something colder, then we always recommended that obviously during our winter season.

What are some of the benefits of our mystery adventures?

Our top three reasons we always recommend Auckland mystery adventures:

  • It’s a fantastic and energising workout whether we go by land or sea
  • It helps us explore places that aren’t easily accessible by foot or hiking only and we will usually combine aquatics with land-based activities (depending on the length of your journey);
  • It can help form everlasting bonds with strangers or loved ones, or even work colleagues for our corporate outings!



Who will be taking the mystery adventures trip with me?

Our mystery adventures are up to 10 people, and that’s part of the unknown as well! Of course, you can come with friends and family and they could remove a certain element of who your fellow mystery adventurers are. But rest assured, you will not know what the trip will be until you are with us in Auckland, New Zealand.

So prepare your swimwear, hiking boots, or cold weather outfits,  while we provide the rest, and make sure you’re ready to explore mysteries you didn’t even know existed.

This seems too mysterious? Why should I even book this Mystery Adventures trip?

How can you consider making more decisions on the Mystery Adventures trip when you are going on holiday? That’s where the power of our trip comes in. We remove the question of where should we go this weekend? Or How can I escape from the world without thinking about it on this Mystery Adventures trip?

The only question that you will consider is not why book it, but why haven’t I booked this Mystery Adventures trip sooner?

What type of specifics can you give us about the Mystery Adventures?

We will of course let you pick the length of the trip you want, and we will provide some outlines of some possibilities. Where will you go on the mystery adventures exactly?

We try to always factor in our top five locations in and around Auckland when we plan our mystery adventures.

  • Mahurangi Harbour
  • Gulf Harbour Whangaparaoa Peninsula
  • Te Ara moana Kayak Trail
  • Meola Reef Te Tokoroa
  • Whangamarino region

Who will be guiding you through the Mystery Adventures? For our mystery adventures we always like to provide our most seasoned guides who know the Auckland, New Zealand area the best.

They are also experts in multiple disciplines that we offer, from our hiking options to sea kayaking to even handling our alpine expeditions. They cover both aspects of having localised knowledge and experience.

When do I need to decide on the Mystery Adventures trip?

That’s the beauty of our Auckland based mystery adventures. We have so many diverse options, you simply need to book with us and confirm your date. It all depends on what time of the year it is that will determine what mystery adventure you will most likely get.

Who knows exactly what type of mystery adventures we have planned for you? Be prepared to book accordingly, and we will let you know the essentials. Since we are available all year round with our packages, and since we want to make sure that we have as full a group and itinerary as possible, these are more about customised packages that we cater to versus being concerned if they book out.

The best idea you ever made?

Why overthink your decision to join us on the Mystery Adventures trip? We are sure you are already overthinking on a daily basis. It’s our turn to cater to your vacation and adventure needs.

We know all the activities you must do, and all the places you must see. We will always ensure that our mystery adventure packages will be one of the most popular topics of discussion amongst your friends for years to come, as they turn green with jealousy. Of course, you can always recommend us back to your friends, so they can experience our highest rated option and package for themselves.

Is this for anyone? Are there any restrictions?

We will always ask a certain set of questions and help build a quick profile based on your activity ability and make sure that you are having an enjoyable time with the right amount of exercise and activity possible. We want you to be able to enjoy your holiday and vacation with us when you are in Auckland, New Zealand.

We also cater to both our local community and those that have travelled from overseas to come and experience the beauty that is Auckland. We cater to small groups, solo travellers and corporate events, so we can always adjust the adventure to the specific needs of the group.

Sometimes it is about finding a quiet place of solitude amongst the stars, where others it is about pushing yourself physically in an enjoyable yet safety-first environment.

Have a question? We’re here to help.

email support@snm.nz or call us on 0800 76 62 66