February 6, 2021

Sea Kayaking in Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland Sea Kayaking Tours

Sea Kayaking in Auckland, New Zealand

The weather is perfect and your spirit of adventure has returned after a long hiatus! What should you consider for your next trip? Sea kayaking of course! It is a great way to combine that desire for exploration with a great workout at the same time. Why should you pick Auckland sea kayaking? It has such a great environment for active vacations and access to some of the best places to explore globally. It is a must-do experience that is fun for all ages!


I’ve never been on a kayak before

That’s ok. You might be wondering “How do I become good at sea kayaking?” We have all the answers as it’s something that we excel at. We offer extensive training on sea kayak safety to ensure that while you are in the boat with us, you know what to do in case of any emergency. 

You will also learn the essential skills and answers on day one to questions such as how do I paddle effectively in a sea kayak? We also offer a specialised course in Eskimo rolling (when you flip your sea kayak) for safety reasons and provide training in calm, safe waters. This will only enhance your experiences further when you are in Auckland, sea kayaking.

For those that are interested in becoming a guide or instructor themselves, we have a comprehensive training program. We help train up our tour guides to be the best safety and local experts, to provide the best touring sea kayak experience available in Auckland. They are trained to handle questions such as “where is the best place to go sea kayaking?” While at the same time being able to answer the question…


The best places to go Sea Kayaking

You’re all prepared, and ready to go explore but where should you go on your touring kayak? The most popular options we can recommend are Waiheke Island Circumnavigation, Te Ara Moana trail and our Auckland Central Circumnavigation. These are our top 3 choices as they are the most extensive packages that we offer lasting between three and four days. They are also our best selling options due to the price/time ratio that is offered.

It is the perfect choice to do a mix of sea kayaking exploration, and camping inland in the nighttime. You will be able to disconnect from the outside world and simply focus on what is in front of you. You will go down ancient watering trails or navigate around Waiheke island, which is known as New Zealand’s Island of wine. They have managed to merge ancient soils with the perfect weather to produce some of the most stunning wines available. 

One of our most popular and highest rated casual options is the  Riverhead Pub Paddle. This will offer you a great experience at the best possible price around, while including exploring a different type of theme. Instead of nature, we explore the local pub scene.


You cannot go wrong with this mix of adventure and nature exploration. We come highly rated from both individual and corporate references since we offer must-see experiences.  Do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions that you might have. We are also available to offer customised packages if they are within reason and always best to contact and discuss with us beforehand. We also cater to our local community in New Zealand as well as those that make the journey to visit us from afar. So how do you get started with your sea kayaking adventure?..

Don’t hesitate to contact us today for more details as our most popular options tend to fill up quickly!

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