Legend Pareta

General Manager

An accomplished outdoor professional having led over 500 outdoor adventures in various disciplines. Legend is a confident and adaptable leader who has been part of a team that won the Westpac Business Award for community contribution.

Core skills include health and safety management, leadership, liaising, management, outdoor education, and tech-proficiency. With strong public speaking abilities, and expertise in time and event management, Legend brings confidence and competence to his roles.

At previous roles he managed projects, developed new programs, oversaw operations, responsible for health and safety management, event planning, and guiding diverse outdoor groups. Legend also has experience as a contractor, manufacturing kayaks and experience in heavy machinery operation.

His educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Sport and Recreation with a double major in Sports Management and Outdoor Education from the Auckland University of Technology. Legend holds industry awards in Bush Leadership, Bike Leadership, and Wilderness First Aid. He has received a perfect Net Promoter Score (NPS) and has a strong background in sports, coaching, and outdoor activities, making him a versatile and skilled professional.

Legend Pareta