Swap your suit for a Swanndri and your briefcase for a backpack and come and experience an inspiring corporate adventure with us
Corporate Challenge Office Bonding Events Auckland NZ

Naturally inspire your team

When the world changes, business changes too.

2022 and beyond will not be as we remember and a return will only be back to a ‘new’ normal, which isn’t normal at all. Keeping up with changes, trends, sustainability and being a down-to-earth person will propel anyone and any business into the future on good stead.

Our aim? Cultivating positive work cultures through new and innovative Team Building Workplace Wellness opportunities. We create business experiences that offer life lessons through adventure. Our customizable company adventures are designed for employees to foster a deep connection to the natural world – while helping develop stronger existing relationships with colleagues through diverse team experiences and office bonding.

Team Building Workplace Wellness

Will your company culture avoid the impending ‘Great Resignation’?

An ominous make-or-break employee retention will hurt, if the ‘Great Resignation’ becomes reality.

Warnings of this workforce blowback are circulating in New Zealand after data suggests 40% of the global workforce intend to look for new employers between now and the end of 2022!

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Health is becoming the new wealth

There are four types of wealth employers should offer their staff:

1. Physical Wealth (health)
2. Time Wealth (freedom)
3. Social Wealth (status)
4. Financial Wealth (money)

96% of employees believe showing empathy is an important way to advance employee retention. Get them active, let them take leave, be an employer of choice, and pay them.

Benefit from a $4.5 trillion market!

You won’t be alone investing in Team Building: the wellness industry grew to $4.5 trillion in 2018. Workplace wellness is expected to grow to $97 billion by 2027 and continue growing at a compounding annual growth rate of 7%.

There is increasing competition to recruit and retain staff, sustainable, getting positive media attention etc. Often Team Building involves collaboration, which collectively can pave the way into 21st century employment and work.

Corporate Challenge Office Bonding Events Auckland NZ
Corporate Challenge Office Bonding Events Auckland NZ

SNM works with...

How we can help your team

83% of employees agree that they have made healthier lifestyle choices because of their company’s wellness program.

People love what we do, and what we do together is amazing…

  • New Staff Inductions: new and/or junior staff, graduate development programmes,
  • Meetings & Connections: distant working employees, lines of command and certain teams,
  • Milestone Celebrations: setting up end-of-year business events and celebrations outdoors at a fraction of the price of commercial convention centers…and in nature!,
  • Frequent Effects: weekly, monthly, seasonal and annual trips.
  • Diversity: Try everything SNM has to offer, engage as much of your team as you can.

Try our ‘Nature Now’ concept: if your workers are stressed, fatigued and struggling at work – they can call us and go on a quick nature fix (at your discretion).

Corporate Challenge Office Bonding Events Auckland NZ

How it works like ABC

Arrange a meeting

Start with email, find a time and place, then make a 30min face-to-face consultation

Exchange the details

We'll put all the options on the table. SNM models their business around your adventure your way, as to not inconvenience anyone's work and break down barriers of participation
Arrange meeting >


Brainstorm your needs...

We work together with you in finding a theme or core proposition that can be tweaked to your organisational values

...to get your wants

Sometimes an ultimate goal / mission is requested, setting the foundation for letting us choose the suitable activities that put staff through scenarios
Start brainstorming >


Collaborate and engage

We usually start with a 'big three' taster of our smaller, local offerings: kayaking, climbing and hiking, getting to know everyone involved

See, hear, feel, smell and taste the results!

Your staff will be energised for work, increase productivity and feel valued. Together, we’ll have the resources and experience to elevate your company culture
Let's collaborate >
Better Corporate Futures Auckland

Check out some of our Corporate Challenges...

Workplace Training

If your organisation is involved in height safety, working around waterways or using equipment and gear in risky and hazardous places, we can help. Participants on our workplace training courses are trainined by qualified and experienced instructors signing off on a certifciate of completion. If something is not listed here and you require other health and saefty approaches, contact our consultants for bespoke experiences.

Ropes and Rescues

From rope access, co-worker rescues, safe work at heights, tower safety and wind turbine operators, learn the ropes with SNM. Stay in the loop with best industry practices when working at heights, around cliffs and with ropes and rigging.

Wader Safety

Workplaces looking to keep their staff safer and meet health and safety obligations find our Wader Safety training indispensable. Discover water safety, river rescue and other wader safety, skills and knowledge.

River Crossings

Stay safe in the bush and backcountry while working around rivers and waterways. Upskill your self and your team, ensure they know what they are doing and coming home safe.

Corporate Challenge Office Bonding Events Auckland NZ

Fostering positive workplaces

Look at the below graph; as the work week goes on, people get more stressed until they have a weekend break. What do they usually then do? Hang out with friends (social), go exploring (nature) and get active (movement).

Employees who feel their voice is heard are 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered and perform their best work. Team Building Workplace Wellness is the solution.

Corporate Challenge Office Bonding Events Auckland NZ

How is your company performing as a steward of nature?

Every SNM outing is bigger than ourselves and the activity: we do something each time for the environment and the community.

Are you managing corporate relationships between employees, customers and communities? Is your companies leadership, audits and internal controls in-check? Those are criteria’s of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG’s).

Future enterprise value exists within ESG’s; a form of corporate social credit score related to intangible assets within the enterprise. It is what socially conscious investors use to screen potential investments. Strong partnerships lead to mutual success.

Science and Solidarity....


Motivation chemical

Dopamine deficiency: reduced alertness, difficulty concentrating, less motivation and enthusiasm, poor coordination, movement difficulties.

Dopamine solution and effects: celebrating wins, self-care activities, exercise, gratitude, better memory, more focus

Contentment hormone

Oxytocin deficiency: poor communication, irritability, anxiety, fear, appetite for sugar-rich foods, feeling little joy from life, disturbed sleep, muscles aches.

Oxytocin solutions and effects: healthy relationships, interacting with people, helping others, playing with animals, lowers anxiety, builds trust, improves mood, builds human connections


Endorphins / Pain killer

Adrenaline deficiency: depression, fatigue, anxiety, moodiness, aches and pains, addiction, trouble sleeping, impulsive behavior.

Adrenaline solution and effects: laughter, meditation, nature scents, alleviating depression, reducing stress and anxiety, boosting self-esteem, reducing weight


Mood stabilizer

Serotonin deficiency: anxiety, depression, aggression, impulsivity, insomnia, dementia, cognitive decline, OCD, panic disorder, PTSD, memory and learning issues.

Serotonin solution and effects: movement, exercise, deep breathing, sun exposure, healthy food, reduces depression, regulates anxiety, heals wounds, decreases nausea, maintains bone health




Unity or agreement of feeling or action, especially among individuals with a common interest; mutual support within a group.

Promote the sharing of ideas, interests, and emotions by recruiting compatible people—people who naturally seem likely to become friends.

Increase social interaction among employees by arranging casual gatherings inside and outside the office, such as excursions.

Reduce formality between employees.

Limit hierarchical differences.

Act like a friend yourself, and set the example for geniality and kindness by caring for those in trouble.

Group members benefit from networking and getting to know other group members with similar interests.

Group members enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that they have contributed to a cause that they value through purposive benefits.

= Solutions

Business events, celebrations and meetings

Social Nature Movement also has large Marquess and many ‘glamping’ tents. We can host your next office bonding Christmas party and accommodate your staff without the worry of how to get home.

Set up your business events and celebrations outdoors at a fraction of the price of commercial convention centers…and in nature!

Why work with SNM

Our approach to business collaborations works on the ‘ecosystem’ model

The most advanced type of collaboration whereby various organizations – and even end customers – form long-term interdependencies.

Many influential businesses regard them as a tool for gaining competitive advantage and enter into formal long-term workplace wellness agreements.

Whatever corporate group partnership you’re looking for, getting together with SNM can help you scale up your business, or add value and new skills.

Worried about time away from work? Don’t, we negotiate times with you to suit, with many pre and post-work local excursions, some even during the lunch break as with weekend and public holidays. We work with you when you know times are quiet and people can take time off and on the contrary; when times are tough, busy and people need breathing space to come back fresh.

The Three ‘P’s’ – People, Place and Practice

Because our business itself is a concept for the places, people and practices in which we engage, SNM events are tailored to promote the three P’s.

People – are at the core of your business, and ours – so we help you look after them. But we want to do more than simply take care, we aim to connect all levels of workers to strengthen their bonds with each other, and themselves. We value getting to know your people, and hope our trust in you is displayed through our experiences

Place – the ultimate resource of all, mother nature. We are proud that our place really isn’t ours, but all of ours – and our job to remind you of its vitality. Your staff will work alongside SNM on environmentally sustainable and community initiatives; designing their own branded environment days (e.g. showing guardianship and kaitiakitanga).

Practice – We all know that a healthy body equals a healthy mind. We want you to maximize the potential of your workforce living to this moto; for your productivity, and their wellbeing. We sustain fitness, physical skills, bodily movements, balance and locomotion.

With great powers

come great foundations:

  • A common goal,
  • Shared values,
  • Complementary skills,
  • Mutual trust,
  • A similar business culture,
  • The right tools,
  • Ways to overcome distance,

B2B collaborations are a key way to add value to your services, extend your client base, and rely on others’ reputations to boost your own in your community.

Business collaboration is a powerful tool, regardless of size or industry. Together, we achieve goals that seem to be out of reach when working alone. By combining efforts and expertise of different organisations, all partners in the network are better able to innovate and grow, and increase their competitiveness.

Corporate Challenge Office Bonding Events Auckland NZ
Nature experiences that move you

What makes SNM unique

Quality and Value

With over 17 years of experience working in education outdoors, team SNM have professional knowledge, confidence and competence to deliver valuable and quality team-building events. Over time, our relationships with people and the natural world has evolved and nurtured: as we learn more, we see more and offer personalised natural experiences for businesses. Our value is evident in our central mission; connecting participants in nature with a social environment through movement.


These corporate challenge events leave a long-lasting legacy and long-term benefits for your staff. Longer engagements with SNM means longer impacts and longer-lasting habit-forming for staff to adopt positive changes in their work and lives. Our smaller and more personalised business model means staff can develop strong connections to our team and our methods.

Human / social capital – for example, the ability to develop employees’ skills and capabilities, safeguard jobs / retention rates, increase employment and encourage staff motivation. Getting workers out into nature and putting them in novel situations gains insightful behavioural observations.

Physical capital – the ability to share facilities, resources, equipment and raw materials.

Intellectual capital – tapping into combined expertise, knowledge and capabilities.

Reasons collaboration can help grow your business:

Finding work-life balance, read more >

The future of workplace wellness, read more >

Employee Wellbeing Programs, read more >

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Put out your hand and get back in spades…

Investing as little as 1% ($700) of the average Auckland salary ($70,000) sees returns of 21% ($14,700) (proof here), which is the profitable margin of highly-engaged teams. And that $700 is typically 100% tax-deductible with us, as with GST, (depending on businesses circumstances); lowering the cash-cost to you by 43% or more!

Corporate Challenge Office Bonding Events Auckland NZ
Corporate Challenge Office Bonding Events Auckland NZ

Sustainable business models

Beyond profitability; every dollar employers spend on wellness programs, medical costs fall about $3.27 (327%). So on a $70k salary; 10 sick days p.a. ($2,692) in theory would only cost you three-ish ($823)!

In fact, the NZ Human Resources Director shows employers spending on average $18,982 to hire one employee in HR, recruitment, training and more…

61% of employees are burned out on the job and 17% is the average employee turnover rate. If you have 100 employees, that is $322,694p.a.

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