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Swap your suit for a Swanndri and your briefcase for a backpack and come and experience an inspiring corporate adventure with us.

Naturally inspire your team

Looking for a new and exciting opportunity to engage your workforce? Social Nature Movement believes in the importance of aligning business with nature and indeed all hierarchies within the business.

Our aim? To cultivate positive work cultures by creating experiences that offer life lessons through adventure. Our customizable company adventures are designed for employees to foster a deep connection to the natural world – while helping develop stronger existing relationships with colleagues through diverse team experiences. Open to all ages and fitness levels, we tailor fun and thrilling programmes across an array of outdoor pursuits.

Collaboration is a powerful business tool for companies, regardless of their size or industry. Together, we achieve goals that seem to be out of reach when working alone.

By combining the effort and expertise of different organisations, all partners in the network are better able to innovate and grow, and increase their competitiveness on many levels.

Corporate Groups

Every dollar employers spend on wellness programs sees medical costs fall about $3.27.

Workplace wellness grew from $3.7 trillion in 2015 to $4.5 trillion in 2018.

This wellness market is expected to grow to $72 billion by 2023, $97 billion by 2027 and continue growing at a compounding annual growth rate of 7%.

We’re on a mission for engaging more societies with more nature and more movement. Everyone will appreciate why in modern times health is becoming the new wealth! Real success in the real world. When the world changes, business changes too. When people love what we do, what we do together is amazing…

Some ways we help our collaborative clients:

  • inducting new and/or junior staff through ice breaker initiatives,
  • connecting remote working employees, 
  • setting up end-of-year business events and celebrations,
  • getting workers out into nature and putting them in novel situations to gain insightful behavioural observations.

Try our ‘Nature Now’ concept: If your workers are stressed, fatigued and struggling at work – they can call us up and go on a quick nature fix (at your discretion).

How it works:

We work together with you in finding a theme or core proposition that can be tweaked to your organisational values e.g. leadership or company culture. Sometimes an ultimate goal/mission is requested e.g. build up to participating in the iconic Kathmandu Coast to Coast race. That sets the foundation for letting us choose the suitable activities that then put staff through those scenarios. In any case, we start with a pre-engagement service getting to everyone involved.

To see us in action, click here 

Your adventure, your way

We also offer an extensive range of high-level coaching across multiple disciplines. So if your staff want to start easy then develop specific skills and techniques for specialist outdoor sporting events, like Coast To Coast, we can help.

SNM engage with workers through before, during and after work engagements as to not inconvenience anyone’s work and break down barriers of participation. So a 1-2hr pre, during or post work session is convenient and captivating for anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Those sessions will leave your staff feeling energised for work, increase productivity and have them feeling valued. Together, we’ve got the resources and experience to create corporate packages that will elevate your company culture.

Business collaboration benefits
Key benefits of business collaboration fall under several categories:

Human / social capital – for example, the ability to develop employees’ skills and capabilities, safeguard jobs, increase employment and encourage staff motivation.
Physical capital – for example, the ability to share facilities, resources, equipment and raw materials.
Intellectual capital – for example, the ability to tap into combined expertise, knowledge and capabilities.

Reasons collaboration can help you grow your business:

Collaboration will inspire you,

Collaboration helps grow your network,

Collaboration is educational,

Collaboration solves problems,

Collaboration in action is win-win.

Our approach to a collaboration is based on the ‘ecosystem’ model.

The most advanced type of collaboration whereby various organizations – and even end customers – form long-term interdependencies.

Business collaborations and partnerships are increasingly important. Many influential organizations regard them as a tool for gaining competitive advantage and are entering into formal long-term agreements or collaborating on specific one-off projects.

Whatever partnership you’re looking for, getting together with another company can help you scale up your business, or add value and new skills.

Several fundamental aspects when collaborating with us include:

  • A common goal
  • Shared values
  • Complementary skills
  • Mutual trust
  • A similar business culture
  • The right tools
  • Ways to overcome distance

B2B collaborations are a key way to add value to your services, extend your client base, and rely on others’ reputations to boost your own in your community.

Digital Marketing and Social Media Benefits. Businesses have everything to gain by partnering with other small businesses. From the ability to encounter people with other skills and information to the chance of boosting your digital marketing strategy, there are so many ways you can learn from other teams. Simply working together will also strengthen your position in your local community, especially if both teams also work on projects that can improve the lives of those in the area.

Sunrise Tours

What makes us unique


With over 17 years of experience working in outdoor education, our team have expert professional knowledge and competency to deliver safe and quality team-building events. Over this time, our relationships with people and the natural world has evolved and nurtured: as we learn more, we see more and more the need to offer personalised natural experiences for individuals and groups. Our value is evident in our central mission– to connect those who partake in our events to engage in nature in a social environment through movement.


Our philosophy is that these events leave a long lasting legacy and a long-term benefit for your staff. Longer engagements with SNM means longer impacts and longer-lasting habit-forming for staff to adopt positive changes in their work and lives. Our smaller and more personalised business model means staff can develop strong connections to our team and our practices as they come on more trips with us over time.

The Three ‘P’s’ – People, Place and Practice

Because our business itself is a concept for the places, people and practices in which we engage, SNM events are tailored to promote the three P’s.
– People – are at the core of your business, and ours – so we help you look after them. But we want to do more than simply take care, we aim to connect all levels of workers to strengthen their bonds with each other, and themselves. We value getting to know your people, and hope our trust in you is displayed through our experiences
– Place – the ultimate resource of all, mother nature. We are proud that our place really isn’t ours, but all of ours – it is just our job to remind you of its vitality. Your staff will work alongside SNM on environmentally sustainable initiatives, and design their own themed and branded environment days (e.g. planting, learning to love their surroundings, show guardianship and kaitiaktanga).
– Practice – We all know that a healthy body equals a healthy mind. We want you to maximize the potential of your workforce living to this moto, for your productivity, and their wellbeing. We sustain fitness, physical skills, bodily movements, balance and locomotion.

Corporate Groups

The pace of our modern times seems to leave us with less and less time to do the things we love. Now more than ever, Social Nature Movement understands the need to adapt the way we work and live to create balance within our busy lives. It is our mission to reconnect society with the essence of natural living, and through movement and exploration, show that health really is the new wealth! 

Social Nature Movement believes there are mutual benefits in forming a business partnership or strategic alliance and pooling resources in order to pursue common objectives.

Our adventures cater for everyone regardless of their dispositions. Activities are healthy and safe, covering wide ranges of interests.

Everyone gains new skills, knowledge and experiences enabling them to safely undertake their own – or more advanced – pursuits.

We work around your specific needs to create the best experience for your workforce.

Being with others while outdoors doing exercise forms much of life and makes living far better:
– Increased support capacity
– Increased social connectivity
– Improve bottom lines
– Help your staff live happier and healthier
– Combat a sedentary work environment.
– Reducing absenteeism because of stress.
– Reducing financial stress.
– Setting up team-based initiatives.
– Combating lack of senior involvement.
– Show you care about your people; actively prioritising health, safety and mental wellbeing.
– Become part of a growing family of like-minded organisations.
– Promote your business as a responsible and engaged partner in your people’s lives.
– Goes beyond the workplace and into our every-day lives.

We create cultures of:
– Energy,
– Atmosphere
– Team development
– Initiative
– High performance
– Healthy habits

We interact with your staff and interview them; getting their insights on tips and tricks to be social in nature while moving, e.g.:
– How are you managing daily routines?
– What do you do when needing help?
– What do you do when feeling stressed?
– What do you do when feeling lonely?

The future of workplace wellness:

The health and wellness industry is expanding rapidly. You can’t walk down the work halls without overhearing conversations about fitness trackers, on-demand workouts, business-sponsored activities and plant-based diets.

As the industry grows, so does its influence on businesses. Companies are looking into holistic health benefits — of the mind, body, soul and beyond. 
You will increasingly compete with others to attract talent based on your health and wellness benefits. More organizations are offering employees a wellness menu. As trends continue to accelerate, it’s clear that organizations lacking these offerings could be left behind while others will excel in offering unique benefits. So, get ahead of the curve as a company leader and keep this business wellness trend on your radar in the years ahead!

Some say we’re only as healthy as our communities. Everything we do has a purpose by connecting our events back to your business and creating a positive culture. In creating business cultures, we start learning about your company, team and goals. Whether that’s injecting a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) component, or simply bringing our fresh and fun ideas to the table – we’ve got you covered.
Get ahead of the curve: the feathers of the status quo need to be ruffled from time to time. You may think you are doing everything correctly, but that is exactly what habits tell you. Let us help you prevent any declining rates of antisocialism, nature deficit disorder and immobility before it is too late and you need to spend more time and money curing it.

All your workers together make you successful. Likewise, collectively expressing Social Nature Movement in one idea would mean in Greek “Hendiatris” (one through three). We liken that to the Latin phrase “omne trium perfectum” (everything that comes in threes is perfect) emphasising what we do; engaging more people with more places and more movement.

Employee Wellbeing Programs
Never have healthy minds been more important in business. Organisations thrive with clear, creative thinking and people who collaborate. That’s kinda difficult with a strung out brain. Combine healthy exercise with being on the water for a workout or wind down that benefits mind and body.

We offer
Group fitness and leisure classes
Tailored fitness and wellbeing programs
Workplace challenges
Team and Club Events
Connect, learn and explore! Our events bring together workshops with fun, adventure and team building, all within minutes of Auckland’s main business districts. Connecting with nature has proven cognitive, emotional and social benefits. The perfect idea for a team event.
Our tailored events can include
Workshops to build specific activity skills,
Pure Fun,
Fun with Purpose – e.g. beach clean ups, planting,
Team dynamics – amazing races, team challenges or relays,
Wellbeing – tailored explorations
Our activities help define leadership roles within teams, providing creative new ways to approach collaboration.
Choose nature for a unique way to get your team outdoors doing something active together, its what we do, its in our name! Take your staff off-site and involve them in newness and novelties to create a positive work culture. It helps networking, socializing, and getting to know each other better. Socializing and making friends in the workplace is one of the best ways to increase productivity in the office.
Team bonding activities improve workplace projects and boosting team performance. Learning to understand each other better and work together is vital to team success.
All our engagements allow for motivation and something to look forward to, fun, team spirit and celebration.
Because people have a larger imagination when around people they are comfortable with, we see increases in collaboration and the fostering of innovation and creativity. Successful team building brings people closer together and leads to more successful and creative workplace ideas. More so, communication improves and is the top reason why people choose team building.
Our adventure techniques result in high levels of involvement, insight and finally the opportunity for change and improvement. The activities require participants to focus on using skills such as planning, analysing, organising and communicating.

SNM engage with workers through before and after work training and providing those identified as at risk with case management support that connects them to suitable professional support. SNM Field Workers are trained in nature deficit disorders and have social experience with creating cultures in Building and Construction Industries. This allows them to engage easily with the workers on site.]


What an experience! Chris took a corporate group of my colleagues and I out – we had no idea what we were doing nor what to expect (it was rock climbing!). It was an awesome day, great for improving team culture and communication. His approach couldn’t be faulted, we felt we were in very capable hands. Strongly recommend for any work place.


Life is full of challenges and doubts. By working together and get each others back, we can overcome that and go beyond! Good work yesterday guys! It was a most memorable day to me and to all of us.


Thanks for all of you my Team Mates, and Organisers. Specially to X and X who did outstanding to be a good and Role Model and Inspiration for all of the Team Members to climb to the top. And for all the Team members who was holding the life line ropes. Which will always reminds us that my team mates will never let me fall.


Corporate Groups