Half-day Hikes

Half-day Hikes

Walking throughout New Zealand is the best way to see beautiful tramping landscapes and explore vast wilderness hiking areas
Duder Regional Park Walks

Duder Regional Park

Immersive Duder Park tours exploring Auckland landscapes, wildlife & heritage

Meola Reef

A half-day tour, experience the 2km-long tidal tongue lava reef

Astronomical Adventures

Half-day Hikes during sunrise, sunset, full moon, stargazing and cosmic experiences

Half-day Hikes

Short walks and day hikes

If there’s a special place to visit or something remarkable to see, you can be sure that there’s a short walk or day hike that’ll take you there. A great way to get to know New Zealand when you’re short on time, fitness, or don’t want to carry a heavy pack, these trails are well formed and signposted, and usually easy to reach from major highways. Day Walks are a fantastic way to explore New Zealand’s outdoors within a few hours. They are perfect for beginners and young families to feel a sense of adventure within a short time. From a simple boardwalk loop in the native forest just off the main highway to the challenging Tongariro Alpine Crossing, New Zealand is overflowing with great day walk options.

Take a step on the wild side and experience a day walk on one of our many adventure touring trips. Though these aren’t compulsory, they are a fantastic way to get out and explore a region, town or city. Our day walks are guided and take in some of the local highlights, without too much exertion.

Perfect for those who want a little time to explore and to get active, our day walks range from 1-6 hours, and can include a city tour, exploration of ancient ruins, a jungle boardwalk or on certain trips, a more demanding day hike into a mountainous area.

Trips vary between the numbers of day walks they offer, with some offering more day walks than others. Depending on how active you want to be on the trip, we recommend you refer to the trip notes to assess whether this is the trip for you.

Day hike inspiration and ideas:

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