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Duke of Edinburgh Training

Duration: 3 hours; usually after school 16:00-19:00

Delivering the Duke of Edinburgh syllabus in a way that ‘makes sense’, our DoE training sessions teach you the hands-on skills needed to succeed on your practice and qualifying journeys.
At Bronze and Silver levels, you can do your training stage online. But you can only do this for one of the levels. For example, if you choose to do online DofE training at Bronze level, you must do practical, hands-on Duke of Edinburgh training at Silver and Gold. This helps you survive and thrive in New Zealand's great outdoors.

Participants will need considerable practical and theoretical DoE training (5 hours training for every day away e.g. bronze qualifier 2 days = 10 hours DofE training). This enables them to undertake their journey safely. The Duke of Edinburgh training is given by a suitably qualified and/or experienced adult instructor who should be satisfied that the DoE training has enabled the team to carry out their Qualifying Journey in a safe and self-reliant manner.

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Duke of Edinburgh Award Training sessions

Taking place either at school or in a local park, our Bronze, Silver and Gold DofE training sessions consist of a small walk with a big focus on learning. In a fun and encouraging environment, you’ll train all parts of the syllabus.

Get outside, gain practical skills and do it with us for a cheaper price and better experience!

Our Duke of Edinburgh training provides good foundations in all fields of the Adventurous Journey awards. We focus on hands-on practical requirements before going on camp.

About Our Duke of Edinburgh Award Training

It is our philosophy that although you can learn facts from books, videos, and the internet about how to have a safe and enjoyable time in the New Zealand outdoors, that there is no substitute for DoE training personal skills by practical experience under the guidance of highly experienced outdoors people.

We offer that practical training experience to develop your skills in our high quality cost effective instruction courses. We achieve our low course costs because our Instructors are all highly motivated experienced volunteers who want to share their years of experience with you.

Where necessary, two levels can be on the same journey, provided each participant meets the minimum requirement for the higher Award level.

All practice and qualifying journeys at all levels should be on tracks that have not been used for a previous journey.

Pre-requisites:  Planning

Dates and locations: You choose

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Duration: 3 hours; usually after school 16:00-19:00


Training syllabus

First aid and emergency procedure
An awareness of risk and health and safety issues
Navigation and route planning
Campcraft, equipment and hygiene
Food and cooking
Country, highway and water safety (as appropriate)
Observation and recording
Team building
Proficiency in the mode of travel
Environmental impact and awareness.

Yes. We go over cirtical aspects that will help make your adventurous journey much more enjoyable.

We usually come to you at schools, sports fields, parks and other green spaces where we can do training outdoors and hands-on.

We find that everyone - including students- have busy lives and schedules, so doing it after school nearby suits everyone best. We have also covered most topics in our minimum time of three hours, anything extra is a bonus.

Only at Bronze level. For the other levels it is beneficial.

We select the best staff for the job based on their skills, knolwedge and experiences. They will be an SNM staff member or we will bring in support from equally competent contractors. Sometimes we also bring in (semi)celebrity guests!

This changes depending on what we do and where we go, but generic items are:


  • Thin merino shirt / thermal shirt x 2
  • Fleece jumper x1
  • Woolen jumper x1
  • Wind and Rain-proof Jacket


  • Closed-toe footwear
  • Personal medication
  • Water bottle

All of the above is available to rent / hire or buy


One staff

Staff carry:

First Aid Kit