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Kayak Coaching and Training

Duration: 2 hrs

If you want to perfect your forward stroke, go faster for longer and all-round improve through our Kayak Coaching and Training, get in contact!

This is easy to attend and convenient, at a local and friendly flat water location.

We usually go out for 2hrs, with the first and last 30mins talking, analysing and discussing. There is a solid hour of drills, skills and video analysis

Everyone that has worked with us says that they have drastically improved in such short time and they usually sign up to a few of these Kayak Coaching and Training sessions until they are happy and proficient.

Locations we use are typically Judges bay, Wetshaven, Te Atatu Peninsula or Lake Pupuke.

Higher Performance Kayak Coaching and Training

This Kayak Coaching and Training service is available for confident and competent people. Do not doubt yourself, you are one, our job is in nurturing it but just remember to be humble…with fury!

We train you in smarter thinking; identifying challenges and performance gaps solved through logical solutions and measurable improvements.

We supplement your training program to peak higher efforts.

We provide you with physiological and psychological abilities to produce podium-worthy performance.

We find ways to reduce chances of injury and illness, put your gut on the right path to optimum intake and intervene before you make that consultation from yet another performance-related cause.

You will discover our industry-leading philosophy and modern teaching methods specifically designed to help you break barriers.

If you're doing the Coast to Coast or even just thinking about it, then use this Kayak Coaching and Training as your preparation and perfect starting point.

Get the fundamentals correct and build good habits.

If you've never kayaked before, learning everything you need to pass your certificate can be a big challenge. That's why we created this kayak coaching and training course. Get a head-start on your skills before you get on the rivers, so you have the confidence to perform at your best.

Learn at your pace, without the pressure.

The purpose of this Kayak Coaching and Training course is to help you gain confidence with kayaking, and provide some frameworks to progress with. There is no pressure of assessment, nor rush to prepare you for the river. Make your first paddling experience a positive one, and you'll enjoy kayaking so much more.

Receive advice from an experienced instructor.

Kayaking is a very gear intensive sport, and it can get technical, fast. As a novice, it's easy to make poor gear choices based on online marketing, or shop assistant advice. As part of your Kayak Coaching and Training course, we will will break down all the essential gear in a simple and easy to follow way. We'll provide advice specific to your needs, and you can even purchase gear from us if you wish.

Meet the SNM coaching team.

If you're thinking about taking our grade 2 course, but not sure if SNM is right for you, we'd love to have you along so you can get to know our style. Meet our coaches, and experience our teaching methods.

Guidance for first-time Kayakers

First: Attend our Kayak Coaching and Training; gain fundamental kayak skills and knowledge, helping you get started.

Then: Book our Multi Sport Kayak Course; get further into moving water and real rivers. Find a boat, paddle etc. you need to race with. Getting suitable gear that works for you is essential. Visit our shop for more clothing and equipment.

Later: Enter our Kayaking Grade Two Certificate; your grade 2 certificate is required for the Coast to Coast Kayak section. Build river experience by attending our river trips. Our weekends away continue improving your kayak training.

Check out our booking tab, click the book now button or fill an enquiry here.

Duration: 2 hrs

We select the best staff for the job based on their skills, knolwedge and experiences. They will be an SNM staff member or we will bring in support from equally competent contractors. Sometimes we also bring in (semi)celebrity guests!


  • Swimwear
  • Thin merino shirt / thermal shirt x 2
  • Fleece jumper x1
  • Wind and Rain-proof Jacket
  • Sunhat
  • Warm beanie


  • Closed-toe footwear
  • Sunglasses
  • Personal medication
  • Water bottle

All of the above is available to rent / hire / buy


One staff

Photo and video analysis

Staff carry:

First Aid Kit