July 19, 2022

Level Up With 5 Top Tips for Kayaking

Two kayakers practising tips for kayaking while adventuring in the Pacific Ocean

Level Up With 5 Top Tips for Kayaking

It’s never too early (or too late) for a few top tips for kayaking New Zealand’s waterways and beyond. Whether you’re a freshly minted beginner or a seasoned paddler looking for adventures in Auckland to pique your interest—there’s something new for everyone to learn! Here, we explore how to get stronger and level up your kayaking game with training in and out of the boat. No matter if you’re kayaking solo or in a team, we cover useful tips to help you become a better kayaker. Read on and enjoy adventures in Auckland and New Zealand to the fullest!

1. Paddle Different Kayaks

A kayak is not just a kayak. There are so many different boats for different folks, each with its own purpose, tribulations, and attributes. Taking your kayaking to the next level means knowing your strengths and weaknesses. Practising with different kayaks is the best way to determine what elements you enjoy, what you’re good at, and what might need a little work.

Try surf kayaks for fast fun in the waves, a sit-on kayak for a leisurely paddle, or go hardcore with a multisport fibreglass boat. Each boat is handled differently, so round out your kayaking skills by training in each. A great kayaker knows their boat as an extension of their body, so finding one to fit you is essential in your kayaking journey.

2. Join a Team of ‘Yakkers’ and Get Competing!

The best way to learn is from the best in the business and by keeping up a good paddle regime. A great way to stay accountable is to join a fun team of like-minded kayakers, or if you’re really getting serious, enter a multisport competition!

A team of kayakers of all levels will allow you to learn from veterans of the sport as well as help you improve by teaching others what you already know.

A kayaking group might even spur a competition entry! Teams are a great entry point to multisport competitions. Convince your paddle pals to start training for the 3D Rotorua Multisport Festival or head south with the Motu Challenge to tip your race tastes. If inspiration strikes, perhaps the infamous Coast to Coast could be on the horizon!

3. Tackle Different Water Terrains

A top tip for kayaking is embracing water at every level. Step up your kayaking game by taking on all the water mother nature tosses at you. Training for surf kayaking is incredibly different to white waterways (though you’ll encounter waves in both). Likewise, open water or sea kayaking needs steady stamina compared to the short bursts of intensity required for the former.

Tackling different water terrains is a kind of kayaking cross-training and will help you improve your kayaking game no matter where your boat takes you.

4. Take a Course

It seems obvious, but a good kayaking course will set you up with all the above and more. Instructors are paid to impart tips for kayaking and have a wealth of knowledge on paddling watery pathways. Kayaking is a sport that lends itself to the amateur, but if you want to speed up the process or tackle the rapids, a course is an excellent option to up your game.

Choose from a range of kayaking courses, from sea or multisport kayaking to courses on how to roll your boat safely and efficiently.

5. Get Training!

Contrary to what you might think, training out of the boat is a great way to strengthen your kayaking skills.

Paddling starts from the core, so building and maintaining a strong core is central to powerful kayaking. Planking exercises and incorporating functional movements like weighted woodchops or lateral lunge exercises are great ways to target your core muscles.

Another good practice is to pop your boat onto a marshy riverbank and paddle your way out. This may sound silly at first but being stuck in the mud and getting yourself out of sticky situations is key to becoming a stronger kayaker! Not only will this strengthen your upper body, but it will also help to engage your core for faster, stronger strokes.

Paddle your way to pro and explore the great outdoors!

Our tips for kayaking are a great way to ramp up your kayaking skills so you can enjoy more of everything nature has to offer. Kayaking offers experiences, sights, and sounds from a unique perspective. Glow up your paddling (literally) with this beautiful bioluminescent kayaking tour, or go on a river journey down the mighty Waikato, travelling from city to sea.

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