February 6, 2021

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Stand up Paddle (SuP) Boarding

Stand up Paddle (SuP) Boarding in Auckland (New Zealand)

For those that are craving a different way of enjoying nature and adventure, you should consider Stand up Paddle (SuP) Boarding. But where to begin? Where to go for a SUP tour? Is it expensive? What type of Stand Up Paddle equipment do I need? We’ll investigate and help answer a lot of these questions. People that want the best of both worlds of adventure and a workout, should consider SuP boarding. It is a fantastic workout that really focuses on posture and your core and enables you to explore areas that might not always be accessible by walking.


What is Stand up Paddle Boarding?

How can one have an adventure in Auckland while still working out? One way is through SUP Boarding! The benefit of doing this is having you learn a new sport. You have a great workout on your core, while you can comfortably enjoy beautiful and scenic areas. It is best to always consider taking some SUP lessons to get yourself acquainted with the best techniques and tactics for the most enjoyable experience.

Who can benefit from doing Stand up Paddleboarding? SUP can be enjoyed by those of all ages and sizes as it provides a mild workout that is suitable for most people. It is a great way to get to specialised locations that would require swimming or a boat, but also enjoying the beautiful weather while you paddle.


Who is SNM?

We are your premier SUP tours offering in the Auckland, New Zealand area. We are highly rated in the region and have some of the best-selling options for all types of budgets. We offer a variety of services from tours, to lessons. The benefits to taking the tours are taking your new sport and knowledge and exploring the beauty Auckland, New Zealand has to offer.

We also cater to specialised events and have launched an enticing program with the local schools in the area, to promote this healthy lifestyle. When is the best time to visit SNM for your SUP experience? Now as we are just beginning our beautiful summer season!


Where are the best places to go paddleboarding?

Auckland, New Zealand has a lot of amazing locations that are just perfect for Stand up Paddle Boarding. If you are really looking for an amazing location to try a mix of workout and exploration, then look no further than the Hauraki Gulf Coastlines. Anywhere in Auckland you can enjoy a truly wonderful experience and see all that nature has to offer. The benefit of using a Stand-up Paddleboard besides the fantastic workout is we will be able to show you some places only accessible this way.


Most popular area

If you have decided to pick Auckland, New Zealand as your SuP adventure destination, you might also ask where is the most popular spot to go there for SUP? We offer some options that are considered our best-selling ones, such as our journey-focused tours, going beyond the beach. We always ensure that every option we offer is a five-star experience as we want to always provide the highest-rated service possible. We always recommend a complete package to explore all the areas around the Hauraki Gulf. We promise you won’t be disappointed.


Must see in Auckland

We believe that the best way to experience and see all the natural beauty in Auckland, New Zealand is to consider taking one of our tours. We will show you what nature is supposed to look like, with beautiful sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and natural rock formations. These areas are rarely touched by humans and are a great idea to escape from the rest of the world, in our safe guided tour.


The best option for Paddle Boat lovers with time.

You already made out the trip to us. You might want to consider making a retreat of everything. Take a long weekend to really end up exploring all the beautiful spots and locations that we have to offer in Auckland. Get reconnected with nature. This is for the explorer inside of you that is seeking that adventure to discover new views, push yourself to your limits and truly feel alive in this age when we are consumed by anything digital.


Why join SNM for Stand Up Paddle Boarding?

There are several reasons to pick us. First of all, paddleboarding is our passion and we do our best to offer best in class, highly rated SUP tours and SUP lessons. We work with a variety of levels so not an issue if this will be your first time, or you want some expert tips. In addition, we provide the latest paddleboards for rent so you can enjoy all that Stand Up Paddleboarding has to offer in a safe environment. We also expand our programs to help support the local community.


A beginner? No worries

How do you get better at Stand up Paddle boarding? The easy answer is through Social Nature Movement! What type of SUP lessons do we offer you might ask? If you are just starting out, we also offer numerous SUP lessons to get you on your paddleboard in no time. We show you all the best techniques that are there to hold and maintain your balance and stamina so you can actually enjoy the journey, instead of constantly falling off and feeling like you are just trying to stay on the board.

We also include a lot of safety information in our lessons to prepare you in case of emergency, so that you can always have that comfortable mindset. SuP Boarding can be a great workout that keeps you in a proper posture while you work out your arms and legs, as well as your core. With that in mind take a look at some of our offers here! Who better to train you up on paddleboarding than our passionate staff?


No Paddle Board? No Problem!

If you decided on not getting one of your own Paddleboards and want to try SuP boarding without investing in your own equipment, you can use ours! Why consider using our SUP equipment? We offer the latest paddleboards and relevant equipment available to get you out on the open waters and Stand up Paddle boarding in no time.

We have a consistent maintenance check on all of our equipment, not just our boards, so you can rest assured that you are always using top-quality equipment, and can feel confident when you are braving those open waters.


How do we stay focused on the local Auckland community?

We don’t just cater to those adventurers and out of towners that are looking for an amazing holiday option that is fitness related. We also make sure to expand our offerings and services to the local schools around Auckland, New Zealand.

We believe that this mix of fun and fitness is the perfect combination for those that are just growing up. It builds up not only their bodies but their mind as we also include them in our exploration and combine an educational element. Where do we take them on our SUP tours? All across the Hauraki Gulf and all its beautiful harbours and beaches. When do we do partake in this SUP with them? All year long, as permitted.


When is the best time for SUP?

The best time is now! We have reopened for the summer season on October 1st, 2021. We are ready and fully staffed to support all your needs, through SUP lessons, SUP tours, and any SUP related events that you may need.

This is the beginning of summer for us here in Auckland, New Zealand, so it is the best time to enjoy those pristine waters and clear sunny skies. Why is this the best time for stand up paddle? It is when the weather will be the calmest and the beaches will be the most pristine.


How can I begin with Stand up Paddle Boarding?

So if you were ever curious or interested in Stand up Paddle Boarding, or are part of the growing SUP movement, now is the best time for you to contact SNM for the latest offering here! Get yourself over to Social Nature Movement and we will get you ready with the best available package.

Feel free to contact us beforehand and let us know if you have any specialised needs or requirements. It is also best to check with us for our current schedule for SUP tours and SUP lessons. This is a must-do activity!


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