June 28, 2022

White-water Kayaking & Rafting for the True NZ Adventurer

Man kayaking during sunset in New Zealand

White-water Kayaking & Rafting for the True NZ Adventurer

If you love fun water adventures, you’re in for a treat! New Zealand houses some of the most beautiful, peaceful spots to enjoy heart-pumping activities on the water. We’re talking about kayaking and white-water rafting! White-water kayaking and rafting offer the opportunity to access parts of the country that cannot be seen in any other way. From seeing remote canyons, forest wilderness, and stunning gorges to majestic waterfalls, these water activities cover the full adventure spectrum.

Don’t have an idea where to start? Let us help you! Whether you’re looking for the best white-water rafting locations or options on where to do multisport kayaking, we’ve got you covered! Here are some of the best white-water kayaking and rafting locations to satisfy your thirst for a water adventure!

Mohaka River George

Located in the east-central region of Hawke’s Bay is one of the best places to experience white-water rafting and multisport kayaking. Mohaka, roughly translated as a “place of dancing,” perfectly describes its beautiful moving waters, perfect for skilled kayakers. If you’re looking to improve your confidence levels, Social Nature Movement offers multisport grade 2 river training so you can extend your ability in the sport. See spectacular views of canyons and gorges while you’re at it!

Multisport Kayak Taupo Course


Waioeka River

Beginner paddlers will have a swell time on the Waioeka River paddling through its beautiful wilderness scenery. It’s located in the south of Ōpōtiki with grades 1 and 2 paddling and kayaking. Every October, hundreds of competitors can join a multisport race where they paddle a section of the Waioeka. The 27km of paddling is one of New Zealand’s best-loved stretches of river. So if you’re an experienced paddler, the race is definitely worth taking part in!

Multi Sport kayaking


Rangitikei River

While small rivers in the North Island remain rain-dependent, larger rivers such as Rangitikei maintain flows throughout the summer, making it one of the best places to go in full gear for a white-water rafting adventure. Whether you’re up for a thrill or a more casual experience, our friendly guides at Social Nature Movement will show you the ropes of water, kayaking from start to finish.

Rangitikei River Grade 2


Kaituna River

Another hotspot for white-water and kayaking activities is the Kaituna River, located just outside Rotorua. The river features a 50-km stretch of fast-flowing white-water set amongst native bush. It’s also a highly rated location to spot Tutea Falls, the world’s highest commercially rated waterfall that’s seven metres high!

Grade 2 certificate Auckland


Whanganui River

Located on the western South Island of New Zealand is Whanganui river. It’s an excellent place for white-water rafting and an exhilarating water adventure you need to experience at least once! Our team at Social Nature Movement can help you navigate the river’s white-water rapids of different levels, including grade 4 rapids that will make you sway! Aside from the racing currents, you will also enjoy the beautiful scenery by the riverside. See the enchanting gorges, fantastic waves, and the pristine beauty of nature while on this exhilarating adventure. If you love the thrill of racing waters, wonderful natural sceneries, and white-water rafting, Whanganui river is the best place to be.

Auckland Grade 2 certificate North Island


No better place than New Zealand to go kayaking and rafting

New Zealand is truly a paradise for white-water kayakers and hardcore paddlers. The country has world-class rivers that give the bold and the brave the opportunity to experience an exhilarating and memorable experience on the water.

Social Nature Movement can help you experience an exciting water adventure starting today! We will take you to some of the best locations in New Zealand alongside our well-trained white-water guides. Our expert instructors will look after you as we river-raft our way to stunning locations in New Zealand.

We can take you on an inspiring sea cave journey, long and gorgeous rivers to kayak, and bioluminescent night tours where you’ll see the waters come alive. Wherever you go, we guarantee you’ll be in good hands. Check out our water-based adventures and explore stunning New Zealand with much thrill and confidence! Ready for a true NZ adventure? Get in touch with us today to learn more!

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