May 16, 2022

The Most Beautiful Wilderness Adventures in New Zealand

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The Most Beautiful Wilderness Adventures in New Zealand

New Zealand has extraordinarily stunning locations that one must not just see but experience. Like an outdoor playground, New Zealand is a place you can explore to your heart’s contentment. And while the number of locations seems overwhelming, we’re here to help. If you’re looking for great adventures in New Zealand, we’re giving you excellent locations to start. Whether by land or sea, the island nation is an incredible destination that has to be seen to be understood. Whether you want to tackle rugged mountain peaks, explore native forests, or paddle the most beautiful rivers, the possibilities for adventure are endless. We cover some of the most beautiful locations that take you to the vast wilderness and beautiful landscapes of New Zealand.

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The Great Walks of NZ

New Zealand is known for its fantastic walking tracks that take you to some of the most awe-inspiring scenery through navigating coastal trails, native forests, and mountain passes. Hikers will have a fantastic time walking the beautiful tracks that take on the very best scenery of New Zealand. Here are some of NZ’s great walks.

Stewart Island Rakiura Track

Stewart Island is an excellent location for intermediate hikers. Located just off the coast at the bottom of the South Island, you will find a peaceful spot with landscapes that remain largely untouched. You’ll be amazed by the Rakiura Track, which follows the beautiful coastlines and meanders inland through native forests, home to native birds.

Ruahine Ranges Traverse

The Ruanhine Traverse takes you to majestic views of the rugged mountain range on the North Island of New Zealand. If you’re travelling with family and kids, the Sunrise Track is one of the most popular and well-graded tracks for beginners, boasting excellent sunrise views.

Kaimai Mamaku Ranges

Te Aroha is the highest point on the Kaimai Mamaku Range and offers views of Mt Taranaki from the top. The track is well-maintained and well-formed, ideal for beginner to intermediated hikers. It takes 45 minutes before you can reach the Whakapipip Lookout, which will treat you with beautiful views of Te Aroha and the farmland of Hauraki Plains.

Tararua Ranges

There are plenty of walks in the Tararua Ranges. You can choose a day walk or spend a few nights exploring the trails. For intermediate or experienced hikers, the Kapakapanui Track is your best bet. The track takes you through the stunning forest on a steep climb of the western edge of the ranges until you reach the treeline. With perfect weather, you’ll get impressive views of the ranges, Kapiti Island, and the South Island.

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Meola Reef Te Tokaroa

The Meola Reef is a lava flow-forming a reef peninsula across Waitemata Harbour. You can witness the astonishing tidal phenomenon on a half-day tour where you can explore the whole of Auckland’s longest lava flow. Social Nature Movement will guide you on an easy walk that will enable you to see and navigate abundant mangroves and hear wonderful stories about the reef, all while witnessing the 28,500 years of nature in the making!

Meola Reef Te Tokoroa


Waikato River Journey

Moving from land to sea, experiencing New Zealand’s longest river is a must when adventuring the best locations in New Zealand. The river starts its journey to the sea from high in the central North Island Volcanic Zone and then flows into Lake Taupo. The river cuts through the volcanic plateau, passing through hydroelectric dams and onto the lowlands. The river finally flows into the Tasman Sea at Port Waikato. For the best Waikato experience, join Social Nature Movement’s four-day Waikato River Journey. An exhilarating city-to-sea river journey, you will see and feel the Waikato river’s flowing force on a paddling adventure. Together with a team of experts, you will know more about the history of the 425km river and the impact of hydroelectric schemes on rivers and communities.

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Whangamarino Journey

The Whangamarino Wetland is the second largest wetland complex in the North Island. It encompasses an area of 7200 hectares with open water and river systems. See beautiful lakes, rivers, causeways, and wetlands on a kayak tour. Social Nature Movement offers a one-of-a-kind trip that less than 1% of the population has experienced. Learn about the history as you experience paddling the Whangamarino Wetlands, which is larger than the greater Auckland CBD!

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The best land and sea experiences start with SNM

At Social Nature Movement, we’ve compiled the best land and sea experiences and have made a way for you to experience them first-hand without intimidation, only excitement and joy. As a small company in Aotearoa, our goal is to help you connect with New Zealand through our people and our place while respecting our surroundings.

Let us help you get to know New Zealand on a deeper level. Our team of passionate instructors will guide you through rivers and mountains while telling you stories that make these locations all the more special. We can take you to unimaginable places through great walks, kayaking and water rafting, and everything in between! Immerse yourself in our natural surroundings with outdoor land and sea adventures. For our full range of activities, enquire today!

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