April 6, 2022

Inside scoop of what to do in Auckland

Activities to see in Auckland

Inside scoop of what to do in Auckland

An adventure before and after work

Do you feel like working 9-5 Monday-Friday there’s no time left for outdoor activities? There’s always time for an outdoor adventure in Auckland both before and after work. This nature guide to Auckland adventures will tell you about a variety of outdoor experiences that can be done either side of a busy workday and get you outside experiencing what your own backyard has to offer.

If you’re an early bird and like to get your day started right before work, sea kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding (SuP) or hiking while watching the sun rise may just be for you. Social Nature Movement can provide you with just the venture while only having to commit an hour or two before you start work. No paddling experience is needed for these activities, just turn up and enjoy your time with an awesome Instructor. Auckland is surrounded by picturesque stand-up paddle boarding waters and stunning tramping tracks, so why not get out into the Hauraki Gulf and explore these before a hard day’s work.
Not only will you have the time of your life on these nature experiences, but you’ll also get in a morning workout before you get to work. Ever heard of the athletes high? It’s that feeling you get after exercising that lingers to and past midday.

Not quite an early morning person but more of a night owl? Don’t worry, we still have the adventure activity just for you after work right in your neighbourhood, Auckland. Bioluminescent tours are the perfect experience for an afterwork nocturnal adventure when the sunset occurs. The natural phenomenon experience also known as ‘sea sparkle’ is sure to light up your night. Dip your paddle or hand in the water and watch the sea illuminate and glisten as you paddle your way around Karepiro Bay. We also describe our Bioluminescent tours as a night cruise, because it doesn’t require much effort after work to see this algae bloom. So, what’s there not to love about natures lightshow, go ahead and book a tour now.Auckland activities to do before work

Something for the whole family

Do you feel like life gets in the way and there’s not always time to spend with your whole family? Not overly impressed with before and after school activities that are same old same old? Whether you want to escape on the weekend, a public holiday turned into a long weekend or after work and school, continue reading and we will have an adventure that will suit you and your family.

Bethells Boogie is a water activity that suits most ages and skill abilities. We all learned how to boogie board when we were young, right? So, let’s get into the water and take you on a body boarding tour around Bethells Beach with the whole family. Explore the worlds’ second longest sea caves, then boogie back catching waves to shore, all while discovering the archaeological history of Te Henga. The four hour journey is the perfect way to explore Auckland’s west coast beach all while spending time with the family.

Have you heard of the Whangamarino wetlands? About 20,000 people drive by daily without noticing it and less than 1% of the population have experienced the wetlands. The Whangamarino Journey is a 3-day water-based nature experience where you can kayak with your family along the ‘Mighty Waikato’; New Zealand’s longest river and voyage through waterways that once created New Zealand’s first “Navy”. You get to encounter the Rangiriri Paa and discover where the Waikato War took place many years ago. This local expedition is a very short distance from Auckland so does not require a lot of travel time nor deplete your resources. We also throw in a bit of camping under the stars just to ice the cake! Seems like the perfect adventure for the whole family to get involved in.

After all these outdoor activities, why not come home and relax in a luxurious glamping tent set up in your own backyard with your family or friends. Everything is done and bought for you, all you have to do is come home from an adventurous day and unwind in your glamourous tent. You can even go to work or school the next day without any disruptions. Play some board games or watch a movie with the kids and enjoy the night out of your boring old bedroom.

Bethells Beach Boogie Boarding


Activities no matter the season, no matter the weather

Raining, windy and wet outside often has us locked indoors at risk of cabin fever. You want to get away from that feeling and all you want to do is go adventure but you’re not sure what to do or what to see! Keep on reading and we will provide you with some awesome ideas no matter the season.

How about a mystery adventure? Social Nature Movement will sort everything for you and surprise you with an experience of a lifetime, no matter the seasonal sensitivities. All you have to do is show up and enjoy what we have to offer. It could be anything from a sunrise experience in Golden Bay to discovering penguins in the moonlit Catlins but you sure are going to love every minute of whatever comes your way all year round. Choose your days from one to seven, get packing and get ready to explore a part of New Zealand you may have never been.

Tramping can be done all year, right? Whether it’s scorching hot or trickling down with rain, the experience could be entirely different and that’s a positive thing. You may want to do a day walk, an overnight hike or a multi-day tramp, Social Nature Movement can provide you with any hike you’d like no matter the time of year or what the weather wants to do. Tramping with us will allow you to get the most out of your wilderness experience and explore another wild side of what New Zealand has to offer. Join us on a great hike with our experienced guides and spend time out and about with nature in whatever season you like.

While the above people might are trampling overland, let’s go underground and explore curious caverns. Did you know that caves stay relatively the same temperature all year round? Even if it is 30 degrees warm outside or 0 degrees in the winter. You won’t even know what season it is once you enter, you’ll just be overwhelmed by its beauty. Stalactites dripping from the ceiling and stalagmites growing up from the ground, there are many wonderful characteristics to look forward to whatever the time of year. But, you’ll have to book and see for yourself. Never seen a glow worm? Well, this is the perfect opportunity in winter, summer, spring or autumn. While on our thrilling caving experience, we’ll switch off our torches and start to see the roof of the caves light up. The next test is to use these glow worms as light to continue through the cave. Up for the challenge? Check it out on our website.

Auckland west coast caves

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